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Re: He is an ANARCHIST - not a Gandhi!

Wow, are you confused by the fact that he doesn't need a teleprompter?
Wow, like a lot of poor people (you know those scum you probably pass daily with little hope and no 'change'...they might even ask you for some!) he joined the military so he's no good? Perhaps I should bow to the 'wisdom' of a fellow (namely you) whose intricate knowledge of American History is far better than mine. Perhaps there was no American Revolution? Maybe America didn't become the most free country in the world through violent civil disobedience?
Maybe the Brits were never Imperialist? Maybe the Natives who 'supposedly' got poisoned blankets were lying (not enough of them left to really, really, really know!), they really, really, really....deep down inside...loved their poison blankets and the Brits.

Defiance, Rebellion and Resistance...what a horrible message. Go meditate on your navel if you so wish. That's pretty much ALL I expect from that servile, narcissistic generation known as 'The Boomers'. What a crock. 'Peace, peace'...Using an inverted peace sign and too dumb to notice.
Thanks for the shiite world you've left me and mine and I hope the doorknob sticks in your arse as you walk out of the next room you are in. We will NOT be silenced, We Will NOT Obey, WE (not you, go back to your teevee clicker) Will NOT give up our power...GO TO 9:27 and reread your gibberish. You allowed this to happen, if your generation wasn't asleep at the wheel of Marxism I and MINE wouldn't need to fight for a damn thing. It would have been done by the wallowing elephants we know, and slightly frickin' hate, the Boomers.

Meditate on that as your culture collapses, your dollar collapses, your SS collapses and your idea of what is right is thrown into upheaval. Whose got time to meditate when the wolf is at the door, the cupboard is bare the currencies no good and some stinking dude with H5N1 (an illegal) is at your door with an uzi. Are you really that unaware of what has been done to you. I suggest you listen to GCN and RBN more so you can come out of your la-la land and see what's really up in the world. Knowing a half dozen people whom have left rotten scenarios, South Africa Post Apartheid...betcha championed that to! Great...what a bleeding, bloodied mess that hell hole is. Former Yugoslavia, thanks for the DU America! Rhodesia...wow, hey buddy can you spare a quadrillion? I have an inkling about what collapse looks like from the stories of brilliant minds.

If you are NOT angry at the state of your empire, and you choose to do nothing but contemplate, you are part of the problem. When they come for you, will you sit all starry eyed and say "don't interrupt, I'm navel gazing", go silently to the camps, or squirm like a simpering wuss...probably all 3. Good night and good luck. I've got knives to hones, guns to clean and veggies to grow.

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Ron Paul asks: Please Support Adam Kokesh WATCH VIDEO! *LINK*
He is an ANARCHIST - not a Gandhi!
Re: He is an ANARCHIST - not a Gandhi!
Re: He is an ANARCHIST - not a Gandhi!
Re: (smile)
Re: (smile)
Re: He is an ANARCHIST - not a Gandhi!
Re: He is an ANARCHIST - not a Gandhi!
Re: He is an ANARCHIST - not a Gandhi!
Who said, did what, when and where?? ..... Re: He is an ANARCHIST - not a Gandhi! *LINK*
I LOVE YOU LANCIFER.... you are ... of course.... ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *NM*
Damn It! We'll just throw you in the kettle as well...... It is never ending with all this dribble! Do I give you a smiley happy or sad frustrated? :) or :( or how about this :\
I like you and think of you more often than you admit to yourself. Ha? *PIC*
Re: He is an ANARCHIST - not a Gandhi!
Hey Leslie! Greatest Nation on Earth? For whom? Why? Supremacism? World-Dominance?
my two cent
Removed .............
Re: Removed .............Wuss
Hew! What a thread! Must be the resumed sun spot activity... or moon swirls of Nibiru? :D *PIC*
You said unit! *PIC*
uniity *PIC*
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