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The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Feb 22, 2011

VICTORY -  RESISTANCE CAMPAIGN - Its gone global.  (focus on the international bankers, forget the gov for now, deal with those that control it) 
Vatic Note: 
Thank you so much, those of you who responded so quickly this time around,  we deeply appreciate it.   Our new total today for meeting our first of the month excesses that we can't meet is now down to $120.   If we can continue this we may raise enough to get a website that is more secure and thus solve many of our problems, so thank you so much and please IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT,  please use the donation button on the site or the mailing address to contribute to our bills and hopefully to our securing a better site for our work.   If we raise enough,  is there someone who can act as a webmaster and help us build the site, since we haven't got a clue how to do that, LOL ???  That is our next request should we make enough in this fund raising period to pay for a website and domain.   Let us know at vatic2010@gmail.com.  Thanks again. 

Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Feb 22, 2011

I.  Post:    A Philadelphia resident foreclosed on Wells Fargo's local lending office and won.

Vatic Note:  I had a hard time deciding whether to put this up or not.  I do not like helping the evil ones advance their agenda.   But this was just a bit too much and I felt it needed to be exposed possibly for what it was or the coincidence it may turn out to be.  He just might be a satanist who is exhibiting his trade on TV.  But then that doesn't makes sense either.  One look at him and they would have done the story without his presence, unless they were told to show him as is.    Please watch and keep a few things in mind when you do.
1.  Wells Fargo is one of the Big boys, so why did the MSM press cover all this and bring it up into the light of day risking other Americans doing the same thing to all the other banks???
2.  Notice this man was completely dressed in all black,  his hair was dyed black,  and he had a satanic type oval stone on his tie.   Further he had vampire teeth,  and they were not his nor natural since it did affect his ability to move his mouth with ease. 
3.  Remember, we did a blog where the top level official of the Synogogue of Satan said they were going to be coming out of the closet,  not hiding anymore and exhibit their power for all to see.  
Am I am just dreaming or did I really see all this???  Did anyone else think this guy and the whole interview was strange??? surrealistic???  Or is it just me and do I need a vacation?  LOL    
......  Click above link to read more.

II.  Post:     Keiser Report: Welcome to Fakeville


Vatic Note:  Greg Palast, in the second half of the video, makes the point and the articles below confirm that the whole problem in Egypt were the workers of the oil and gas companies going on strike which is inhibiting the profits of the global oil companies and driving up the prices of oil.... But also inhibiting their globalizing energy under the control of the energy companies, so this is a very interesting video piece about this by Greg who said we had to get rid of the oil dictators since they were costing us our nation and we needed to get off oil altogether, then read this very interesting article below. I strongly recommend you check out both. Who owns the oil companies??? HINT: Remember BP? Remember major share holder of BP was Goldman Sachs???? Check out these directors of Chevron who only showed up on the scene in 2002, after Exxon had garnered control of the White House. Watch the video and then check out the sample of the board of Chevron and the article following below that.
This is a genuine HOOT!  I love Keiser....
     Click on title above to read more

III.  Post:
   Encounters with The Unexplained – The Mystery of Oak Island


Vatic Note: This is an interesting side journey from our normal coverage. It was a fascinating exposure of a legend and the famous people who got caught up in the legand. A young FDR and Errol Flynn. It begin in 1785 when a pit was discovered and floors were found in the pit. This really was an intriguing mystery. This was a nice change of pace so enjoy it.      Click on link above for more.

IV.  Post:    The Secret Powers Of Our Mind  (9-16)

***Now I understand why these blogs have had so much trouble from the PTB in putting them up.  You will understand it too when you hear and see this all.   I am still in awe.  This is the second half of the powers of our mind.... powerful stuff and don't forget to read the link in the first series about the heart as brain.  Its something we are just discovering.  Powerful brain, the heart.  No wonder the PTB are scared to death we will discover all this and use it.  You will see why when you finish these.  I fully understood it after watching it all.

Vatic Note:  (Because they continue to take them down, please notify me if you are unable to view them and I will put them up again, thanks, its worth all this effort, this is exactly why I want to do a website where we can protect against this kind of thing).    I have been saying that we are "powerful" in many of our blogs and that is what the dark evil ones are afraid of, is that we would discover and use that power.  Why do you think the teaching system has devolved to strickly left brain system?  The Right brain is where most of the energy in children is converted into creativity, whole systems viewing and critical thinking skills; its needed  to be able to "see" the truth of a matter.  Its as simple as imaging what we want and doing so in deep belief and it will come true and if 8,000 of us did that daily, it would change the world.   That is why the bad guys want to keep us busy in fear and anger and hate to keep our vibrational levels low.   That is where they rule, and we do not, but if we raise them with imaging the world as we want it with them gone,  then that will happen.  Its a solution we can use.  Just their attempt to kill this blog more than once,  proves we are onto something.  They only do this when they DO NOT WANT INFO OUT THERE THAT IS TRUE "AND" AGAINST THEIR BEST INTERESTS

Our solutions lie somewhere in these videos and may not appear as we would think they would, so its best if we pay very careful attention so as not to miss the path out of this mess we have allowed to happen. There are 16 of these videos (8 contained in each of two blogs one after the other, so watch for the second one right after this one) and I ask that you put aside time and watch these maybe a few at a time until you view them all. Click on link above to read more.

I AM AMERICA - Kristan Branch  -  Click on link and scroll down to the first video.  ITS WELL WORTH IT.  Music tells us who we are.

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