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Ahmadinejad: Anti-Government Upheaval Will Reach Europe, America *PIC*

Please Note...increasingly these people keep saying "North America" -- NOT just the U.S.

And when the Ahwannajihad speaks, I sit up and take Notice...he's real quick to criticize other Islamic nations' leaders, urging them to step down and "give in to the demands of the people" -- but if the Iranian people should rise up and start making similar demands -- would the Ahwannajihad himself be so quick to accommodate??? ...


Ahmadinejad: Anti-Government Upheaval Will Reach Europe, America

Iranian president condemned Libya's use of force against anti-government protesters and urged Libya's leaders to give in to the protesters' demands...


Iran's president warned on Wednesday that the wave of protests sweeping the Middle East will spread to Europe and North America.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says popular demands for change will put an end to the oppression of what he called arrogant powers. Without signaling out nations by name, he says similar uprisings will strike Europe and North America.

Speaking on state TV Wednesday, the president also condemned Libya's use of force against demonstrators and urged Libyan leaders to give in to the demands of their people. Iran's hard-line leaders have sought to claim some credit for the uprisings in Arab nations, saying the 1979 Islamic Revolution provided inspiration...


"My people LOVE me!...(and thanks be to Allah and the UN, the WEST believes it!") ...

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