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Count Me Out! *LINK*

Don't you just hate laws being passed without your input! Isn't that what democcracy is all about? Or are we incorrect in that assumption.....


Received in an email today......




Empowering every Canadian to oppose Lockheed Martin and deep integration with the USA
through minimum cooperation with the May 2011 Canada Census.
The success of the CountMeOut project rests with effective communication and networking,
All groups and organizations in Canada who share our interests and concerns,
and who wish to undertake some local project to oppose the May 10, 2011 Census of Canada
are encouraged to contact us at CountMeOut.
Let us know what your are doing.
Give our project your personal or your organization's endorsement.
Let us know your ideas and your strategies.
Send us any press clippings.
We will post some of your responses for others to see.

Here's how to contact us


Our phone contact is (613) 542-8386.
We generally do not use an answering machine,
so if no answer, please try again later.

We are operating out of Kingston, Ontario, at this address:

Don Rogers, CountMeOut Project, 92 Bagot Street Kingston Ontario K7L 3E5

Some CountMeOut.ca visitors have asked for a bit more information about us.
So here's a brief biography of Don Rogers,
originator of the CountMeOut.ca project:
I am a retired federal public servant;
worked 14 years for the National Film Board of Canada,
and 11 years as head of audio-visual at Royal Military College in Kingston.

Am also a retired Kingston City Councillor--served 5 terms, 15 years

While a civil servant and while a City Councillor,
I did not hold any party card.
After my retirement, I joined the Canadian Action Party.
Have been a member of the Council of Canadians and its predecessor,
the Committee for an Independent Canada, for 35 years.
I am profoundly concerned that Canada may eventually be swallowed up by the United States.
Then, what will become of our Medicare,
our Canada Pension Plan, our education system, etc?
The CountMeOut.ca project is my own initiative.
In the old days, to disseminate opinion,
you had to be wealthy enough to own a printing press;
now the internet makes it possible for individuals of ordinary means to speak up.
Speaking up is essential in a democracy; that is what I am doing.
I welcome broad support from supporters of several political parties.
Statistics Canada website http://www12.statcan.gc.ca/census-recensement/2011/gen/private-sect-prive-eng.cfm Private Sector Involvement What work is being contracted out for the 2011 Census? "Activities involving access to or handling of confidential census data are out of scope for contracting,
and only undertaken by Statistics Canada employees.   "Which contracts have been awarded in support of the 2011 Census? "To date, the following major contracts have been awarded in support of the 2011 Census: Following an open, transparent and competitive procurement process, on July 21, 2008,
Public Works and Government Services Canada awarded Lockheed Martin Canada a contract to provide
Statistics Canada software for its employees to process questionnaires in preparation for and during the 2011 Census.
The contract is for $19.7 million and is essentially an upgraded version of the software used by Statistics Canada in 2006." TB Comment:   Is this really a credible reassurance?
Lockheed Martin is a leading player in the global warfare/surveillance/espionage state.
o have a look at what they do.   http://www.lockheedmartin.com/products/census-systems/index.html http://www.lockheedmartin.com/news/   It is in reality an agent of a foreign power operating deep inside our own government.
Can we really believe that software "provided" by them will be totally secure
to allow only Statistics Canada employees to access and handle confidential personal citizen data?
Even computer novices have heard of trojans and back doors.
For our government to have awarded this highly sensitive contract to a corporate agent of another government is beyond inappropriate.
With such an easily breached setup like this,
how can Canadians have any real confidence that their personal data will remain only in the trust of employees of their oiwn government?
Statistics Canada makes much that their employees have been sworn to secrecy.
So they should be, but that is not the issue. Has Lockheed Martin?
There is no mention of a confidentiality agreement with the software supplier as a condition of the contract.
Nor is there mention that as an American corporation
Lockheed Martin is obliged by the US Patriot Act to divulge all information it has or acquires
to the US government for its "war on terror."   The UK government has also contracted Lockheed Martin
 to "provide" similarly for their upcoming 2011 Census.
 Brits and Canucks beware.
Bear all this in mind as you contemplate how you will respond to the 2011 Census.
But let's have some fun with this ......

Minimum Cooperation with the May 2011 Canada Census

Minimum cooperation with the Census is the foundation of the CountMeOut project. If we are to be successful, Canadians must buy into and use, the MINIMUM COOPERATION strategy.

First, it must be stated that CountMeOut.ca is not advocating outright refusal to provide census data for the short form. The Statistics Act, rightly or wrongly, makes it an offence to refuse to provide the information. Refusal or not to answer the short-form 2011 census that everone will receive, is a personal decision that each Canadian can make.

However the long, 40-page census form that 1 in 3 Canadians will receive about a month after receiving the short-form census,is no longer mandatory. You are under no obligation to complete and return the long form, now called the National Household Survey (NHS). You will, however, probably be nagged and pestered by StatsCan reps to complete and return the NHS.

Fortunately, Canadians can easily and effectively register their opposition to Lockheed Martin, free trade and the jeopardizing of personal privacy, through MINIMUM COOPERATION with the Census. In this way, StatsCan does eventually obtain its data, but the efficiencies which were supposedly to be achieved by contracting out part of the Canada Census to Lockheed Martin (Canada) will be more than nullified.Surprised

At the end of the minimum cooperation process, you will have met the legal requirement to provide your short-form Census information, but you will have exercised several of the options offered you by Statistics Canada, or otherwise available to you. By doing this you have the empowerment to impress on Statistics Canada and the Government of Canada that Canadians will not tolerate the sellout of their sovereignty and the compromising of their personal privacy

This sort of opportunity to very easily, yet effectively register opposition to Lockheed Martin, NAFTA, and loss of privacy does not happen every day.

Let's all use this opportunity!



Other options - the fun part


There are several other options and events that may apply in connection with the 10 May 2011 Canada Census

  • You may like to have a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, while you are completing your census form. Careful not to spill! But if you do, don't worry--your form can still be processed manually instead of by the Lockheed Martin scanning software system.
  • You may like to add a sticker or two on your census form, perhaps a sticker with your name and address, or a sticker to promote your favourite charity. Try not to completely cover over the bar-code on your census form, especially the large bar-code on the first page. But again, if you do happen to cover the barcode, your return can still be processed manually instead of with the Lockheed Martin designed scanning/tracking system.
  • Maybe you like light blue pencils for filling in forms. Maybe you generally write very lightly, and very small. While this may be unreadable by the Lockheed Martin designed scanning equipment, you will be helping Canadian data-entry StatsCan employees keep their jobs and not join the ranks of the unemployed.
  • When writing words or numbers within the census form boxes, you could turn the page upside down and then enter your letters or digits.
  • On multiple choice answers, you could "X" several options, then handwrite "this one" beside your actual answer. Here's an example.
  • Perhaps there is an artist hidden within you. You could take a pair of scissors and make one-half inch cuts into the census form all around the edge, making a most attractive fringe that not only enhances the appearance of your census form, but also makes it difficult to feed into the Lockheed Martin-developed scanning system.
  • You may have a preferred way of folding correspondence that you revert to absent mindedly, by habit.
  • You may have lost the mailing envelope that the Census provided, but not the forms themselves. You might opt to use your own envelope to mail in your form. Perhaps the envelope is a different size and shape than the standard census reply one.[suggested by a viewer] When you mail in your form in your own odd-sized envelope, it won't be postage-prepaid. No problem. Simply address your envelope to the Hon. Tony Clement, Minister of Industy, House of Commons, Ottawa Ont., K1A 0A6. Now it can be sent postage-free! Clement is the minister responsible for Statistics Canada.
  • [suggested by a viewer] Numbers can be written as simple arithmetic expressions. Example: (3+2) persons in household; (25-6 September, 1839+100); (89+4) Sunshine Street, Apartment (1207+2) This is understandable to humans, but probably not to the Lockheed Martin developed scanners. Stupid scanners!
  • Another way, for variety, to handle multiple choice answers, is not to mark an "X" in any of the circles, but instead simply write beside the question "Choice number three", if your answer is the third option of those presented..
  • [suggested by a viewer] Perhaps you are a traditionalist, and prefer to state dates in Roman Numerals. In case your were wondering, Census Day is: X V MMXI
  • You may get part way through filling in the replacement census form that you got after losing the original, before you realize that it is hard on your eyes and you would like the large-print census form instead that is offered by the Census. .
  • [suggested by a viewer] You might place your completed census in the envelope and set it aside. A few days later, you see it, and forgetfully mistake it for junk mail. You crumple it up into a small ball and stomp on it a few times before you realize that it's the census. Oh well, straighten it out and mail it in. If the Lockheed Martin developed software can't handle it, real live Canadian data-entry employees can.
  • [suggested by a viewer] Your non-dominant hand could use a little extra practice. If you are right-handed, fill out your census form using your left hand. And vice-versa
  • [suggested by a viewer] Wait for a day when it is pouring rain, and take a nice leisurely walk to the post office to mail in your census return, soaking wet but intact. As a helpful service to our viewers, CountMeOut presents for your convenience a link to Environment Canada, where you can obtain a 5-day weather forecast for your region, to assist in planning your census outing.
  • [suggested by a viewer] Some of your answers may be written on little post-it notes which are affixed to your census return.
  • [suggested by a viewer] Part E Question 3, Date of Birth, says if exact date unknown, enter best estimate. Since you have no first-hand recollection of you exact birth date, you can print the words "best estimate" in the date box, as per instructions---get it?.
  • [suggested by a viewer] In Step B: Leave Person 2 column blank. Skip to Person 3 column. Include dog; relation: Other--Pet.
  • [suggested by a viewer] Change the order of the persons you enter in the columns of Step E from the order of persons you entered in Step B
  • [suggested by a viewer] For Step A, Question 2 --Phone Number: You can unplug your phone(s), and then truthfully write in the phone number boxes "NONE FUNCTIONING RIGHT NOW"
  • [suggested by cat-owning viewer] Get your cats involved in completing your census form. Click here for all the details
  • [suggested by a viewer] What could be more Canadian than maple syrup! Substitute 100% pure maple syrup for coffee or hot chocolate as previously described. Sweet!

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