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First Mitch Battros then Fred Bell and even Dr. Len Horowitz on Coast to Coast tonight...... Feb 22nd

First Mitch Battros then Fred Bell on Coast to Coast tonight (( and Dr. Len Horowitz ))...... Feb 22nd 

Mitch Battros on Coast to Coast Tonight (Feb.22) 1st Full Hour


by Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media


Join me tonight (Feb. 22nd) from 10 - 11 PM (Pacific) as I will be discussing yesterday's deadly New Zealand quake along with several earth changing events now taking place. (see radio list below).

I will be George Noory's guest for the first full hour of tonight's show. For those who following the Earth Changes Media newsletter, you already know many of the topics happening now. For those who may be new or less familiar, I will list the topics below.


For some of you, the following statement might seem unrelated or perhaps insensitive. "I would say the events we are witnessing unfold in this very time, suggest it signals we are right on time".

What do you mean by 'right-on-time'? For those of you who have any religious or spiritual association - I really do mean 'of any form', you already of a basic understanding of what of ancient ancestors have been telling us about over thousands of years.

From the Christian Bible to the Mayan sacred books of Popol Vuh and Chilam Balam to the Jewish Torah (Five Books of Moses) to the Sacred Hopi Rock, to the Dead Sea Scrolls, to the Egyptian Hieroglyphs, to even the most current Mormon sacred books of Joseph Smith - every one of them speak with one voice.

"Great change and challenge will come - and you will be different." But when?

I would suggest "right now." Everything I have researched - from hard empirical scientific fact, to most every ancient text doctrine zeros in on the very time we are living now.

Should I be scared? No, you should be aware and prepared. There is a great difference. Numerous studies have shown, those who have a general awareness and preparedness for dramatic and sometimes sudden change, have a far better result than those who are unaware unprepared and susceptible to shock and bewilderment.

**I will have more on this subject in coming newsletter articles.

- Tonight's Topics Will Be -

- New Zealand Quake

- Eruption and Evacuation of Philippines Bulusan Volcano

- Cyclone Yasi ... The Most Violent Storm of This Century

- Latest Research of Earth's Core

- Update on Sun's Activity

- Ancient Text vs Modern Science

**National and International Radio Station List: http://www.coasttocoastam.com/stations 

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