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The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Feb 21, 2011

VICTORY -  RESISTANCE CAMPAIGN - Its gone global.  (focus on the international bankers, forget the gov for now, deal with those that control it)   ***** Sorry this  is late, they blocked me all morning.  Lunch time, it appears I can get it out. 

Vatic Note:  Well, its that time of the month again.   This is the part of this I hate doing, but unfortunately, its the part I have no control over or I would not do it.  We are asking for donations again this month.   We now need to try and obtain a website instead of the blog since its gotten too difficult to fight them all the time and do the blog and for us to make a living as well, so something has to give.  We are going to try and fund raise to meet that $175.  monthly expenses with just running the blog, but also ask for additional to try and start a website, so if you are able we would ask for everyone to try and give $10 this time if possible so that we can raise the extra we need to do both, meet our expense and try to expand the blog and obtain better security for it and reduce the harassment.   Thanks for anything you can contribute.  THE DONATION BUTTON IS ON THE BLOG TO THE TOP RIGHT HAND SIDE.  If you prefer to mail it, the address is there as well.   Thanks and have a great day. 

Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Feb 21, 2011

I.  Post:    Interior Dept. documents detail Obama admin plotting to seize Western lands without congressional approval   
Vatic Note: 
Remember, they are land grabbing all over the world right now using our bailout money,  the rips offs from the stock and bond markets,  and the raping and pillaging of pension and retirement funds.  They also now are hoarding all the gold and silver in a large facility owned by Rothschild.   Big Games at a Big Level,  and really BIG TREASON ALL OVER THE GLOBE.  I would not want to be these people if and when the entire globe has had enough.  Truly,  Underground won't even be safe for them.... they have to have venting.....hehehe.  This appears like another test on us to see how we react.   From there, will it be land grabbing of those they did not forclose on?   Does anyone know anyone who has bought a foreclosure ?
If not, then why are they holding onto the foreclosed properties???  I found that its impossible to get loans now for anyone to buy a foreclosed property.... YUP,  I think this is the BIG LAND GRAB here in the US for Rothschild and his KHAZAR ZIONIST BILLIONAIRES.   That is what the Gulf was really all about, starvation, no fish brain food, and land grabbing along the coast line as they did in Haiti and NEW ORLEANS.   Why are we sitting around taking all this???  

......  Click above link to read more.

II.  Post:   The Significance of the Bosnian Pyramid Discovery


Vatic Note:  This is another one of those issues where the Illum zionist Rothschild Khazars had written that they would fabricate bogus archeological finds in order to support the so called bogus alien invasion of earth by bad aliens, thus pushing us toward agreeing to globalize.  By the same token there is hard evidence that Aliens were here at one time,  but not in europe.  So,  all of this is simply a case of where we have to view the evidence presented, use discernment and decide for ourselves.   I am still on the fence on all of this part of the game.   Remember Bosnia was handed to the Rothschilds by Clinton back in the late 90's, and they have had a lot of time between their satanic practices,  the feeding of their perverse addictions and the raping, pillaging and poisoning of Bosnia,  to build such discoveries.   I simply can't imagine such vampire squids running this planet..... can any of you???? 

Well, the point here is to keep an open mind about all this because many times their games  have much of the truth as the foundation for justifying the bogus final results they are seeking.   Its tough times right now since we are on our own for determining truth, so stick with it since deep down inside of us, we know the truth and we just have to listen.   But ask your questions and seek the answers.  For instance,  Bosnia is not an out post somewhere in south east Africa, its right in the heart of Europe, so my question is "how come no one found such a huge massive structure before now?"  I really need an answer to that one that is digestible, before I buy that pig in the poke.   Click on title above to read more

III.  Post:
   Lioness Trusts Man With Her Newborn Cubs


Vatic Note: Something light and happy for a change. I try to do this every sunday or sooner if it presents itself as this one did. So enjoy. This is up to show what we have been trying to say..... "THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN'T DO IF WE DECIDE." This proves it since there is no way this would or could happen if we were in the same space we have always been, but look at this man and FEEL THE LOVE HE HAS FOR THOSE CATS AND THEY FEEL FOR HIM TOO AND RESPOND. There is tons of proof of this condition in this universe and we know it too but on a subconscious level. WE MUST BRING THAT POWER UP TO THE CONSCIOUS LEVEL and be in that state as a way of life. Now because it works on Lions, is there anything it wont' work on??? Yes, psychopaths. However, when we are in our power they can't hurt us, but because we stepped out of our power they were able to hurt us, but we know this now and can "stop" any additional harm, and maybe have to fight to reverse harm already done. But you watch and decide if the analogy is appropriate.    Click on link above for more.

IV.  Post:    The Secret Powers Of Our Mind 1/8 (9-16 in next blog)


 Vatic Note:  (Because they continue to take them down, please notify me if you are unable to view them and I will put them up again, thanks, its worth all this effort, this is exactly why I want to do a website where we can protect against this kind of thing).    I have been saying that we are "powerful" in many of our blogs and that is what the dark evil ones are afraid of, is that we would discover and use that power.  Why do you think the teaching system has devolved to strickly left brain system?  The Right brain is where most of the energy in children is converted into creativity, whole systems viewing and critical thinking skills; its needed  to be able to "see" the truth of a matter.  Its as simple as imaging what we want and doing so in deep belief and it will come true and if 8,000 of us did that daily, it would change the world.   That is why the bad guys want to keep us busy in fear and anger and hate to keep our vibrational levels low.   That is where they rule, and we do not, but if we raise them with imaging the world as we want it with them gone,  then that will happen.  Its a solution we can use.  Just their attempt to kill this blog more than once,  proves we are onto something.  They only do this when they DO NOT WANT INFO OUT THERE THAT IS TRUE "AND" AGAINST THEIR BEST INTERESTS

Our solutions lie somewhere in these videos and may not appear as we would think they would, so its best if we pay very careful attention so as not to miss the path out of this mess we have allowed to happen. There are 16 of these videos (8 contained in each of two blogs one after the other, so watch for the second one right after this one) and I ask that you put aside time and watch these maybe a few at a time until you view them all. Click on link above to read more.

I AM AMERICA - Kristan Branch  -  Click on link and scroll down to the first video.  ITS WELL WORTH IT.  Music tells us who we are.

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The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Feb 21, 2011
The Secret Powers of our mind
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