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Any personal doubts I may have had as to who or what the U.S. military IS or on WHOSE BEHALF it fights its wars, this article seems to draw a very logical conclusion.  Mr. Carnicom does not cite a biblical application, but the Documents & Evidence he puts forward as a possible, even obvious, connection to "Morgellons", could certainly lead one to conclude that we may already be dealing with a catastrophe of biblical proportions that could possibly lead to yet another extinction level event for mankind.  These "people" can talk about their twitch-brain theories on 'enhancement', 'life extension', 'transformation' and all that, but what they're aiming for is anything but human...


Clifford E Carnicom
Feb 03 2010
Edit Feb 11 2010


As such, it appears that we are dealing with an "organism" that transcends the structural existence that has been defined for life itself.  The Morgellons condition appears, by the best information and analysis to date, to be an orchestrated synthesis that crosses the lines of the three established Domains of life on this planet.  It is very difficult to envision, at this state of knowledge, that this "organism" (for the sake of discussion) is the result of any "natural" or "evolutionary" process.  This hypothesis, if accepted, forces us to consider the very real prospect of deliberate and willful indulgence in the arena of genetic engineering.  This could certainly explain, at least in part, the deliberate and willful lack of disclosure and honesty on the issue to the public.   We may also ask what was the motivation for the "ordained" misdiagnosis of 'delusional parasitosis' that was promoted so negligently and that has now failed so prominently?  What is at the heart of the strong coincidence between biological and certain environmental samples?  Disclosure and full honesty will reclaim their rightful positions in the end, regardless of the machinations of our own species.

The more appropriate "term" for this condition may evolve in like order to that which has been described for science in general; I will not confuse the issue with additional nomenclature at this time.  What has happened here is that the term "Morgellons" now encompasses a broader context than that which has been previously understood.  I shall always correct my ways if a straightforward address of the issues reveals that everything after all is amazingly simple, and that we can get on with our ordinary business of taking yet another pill to alleviate the symptoms.  The evidence and history thus far does not project such an innocent and gleeful outcome, and in the meantime we must prepare ourselves for the heinousness that has been unleashed, by whatever means, upon us.

Clifford E Carnicom

Additional Note Feb 11 2010:

For those that consider the extent of this article to be implausible, please refer to the public disclosure on February 05, 2010 of the project by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop immortal "synthetic organisms", as outlined in the unclassified version of the 2011 budget. 7 From a recent article8 on the budget that has been published, it declares that,

"As part of its budget for the next year, Darpa is investing $6 million into a project called BioDesign, with the goal of eliminating “the randomness of natural evolutionary advancement."

It may be of interest to compare this phrase with that which has been declared within this report:

"It is very difficult to envision, at this state of knowledge, that this "organism" (for the sake of discussion) is the result of any "natural" or "evolutionary" process."

There are many that believe that the accomplishments from classified projects and budgets precede the disclosure of similar goal-oriented unclassified projects by a factor of many years to decades.  My appreciation is extended to the individual that brought this disclosure to my attention.

Clifford E Carnicom
Feb 11, 2010



They do what they do...because they can.  Morals & Ethics are not impediments to twitch-brains...

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Wouldn't audio resonance or something wipe these from the body? I wonder what frequencies Morgellons encompasses. Rife technology might work best on this. *NM*
VERY INTERESTING! Thanks for the Information...
Re: VERY INTERESTING! Thanks for the Information...
Interesting about the frequencies, but frustrating how advanced the technology! At least it appears there's Hope for the victims. *NM*
Re: Interesting about the frequencies, but frustrating how advanced the technology! At least it appears there's Hope for the victims.
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