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Civil War in Libya: Jets Bomb Civilians. Pilots, High Officials Flee to MALTA

Well now, isn't that Interesting, not surprising, but Interesting.  Qaddafi MAY still be in Libya as he claims, but his high officials have hightailed it into the arms and safety of the Pope's Malta boys...birds of a feather do flock together.  Those shining Knights may want Islam destroyed, but not before Jerusalem has been safely secured for the Vatican and the Israelis subdued or destroyed...

Civil War in Libya: Jets Bomb Civilians. Pilots, High Officials Flee to Malta


Qaddafi's 42-year rule of Libya appeared to have begun disintegrating Monday, Feb. 21, as civil war swept the country with no signs of him quitting. Instead, he ordered the army to redouble its brutal assaults on the opposition. The Air Force began bombing crowds at random while army tanks and armored vehicles blasted them with live ammunition - not just in the insurgent eastern provinces of Cyrenaica, but the capital of Tripoli and its environs too. There, helicopter gunships aimed heavy machine fire into the main market, the Souk al Jumma, while the first tribal militias loyal to Qaddafi to arrive in the capital from the Sahara fought alongside the army. Casualties soared to an estimated 600, with 250 in Tripoli alone as Qaddafi rallied for a bloody civil war that could linger for years.

High officials of his regime and businessmen began fleeing Tripoli aboard Libyan Air Force fighter jets and helicopters which landed Monday at Malta's MIA international airport.  Government officials in Valetta said the pilots had defected rather than bomb demonstrators, while all the Libyan arrivals asked for political asylum and more flights were on the way...


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