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Is Germany’s Super-Volcano Awakening? (...more Shake 'N' Bake?) :O *PIC*

A little karmic blowback for all those whole burnt offerings to the Teutonic gods?  Undecided


Is Germany’s Super-Volcano Awakening?


KOBLENZ, Germany- The Extinction Protocol - The scene of Germany’s famous Laacher See lake looks picturesque and serene but underneath the calm surface of the waters lies a potential killer that could devastate a good portion of Europe. The last time the Laacher See super-volcano erupted 12,000 years ago, it deposited ash across much of Europe. On July 30, 2010, an earthquake struck near the region and that likely signaled a potential awakening of the giant sleeping caldera...



But BEWARE the Nazi Phoenix that arises from the ashes!!  Undecided

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