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List of TNT's User Profiles could need some 'defragmentation' also :D

As far as I can see I realized an increase in fragmentation so-to-say which is confusing, some parts belong together for better orientation and understanding of personal insight if this is the intention of a 'User Profile'.

I could have said this in less twisted, simple words but do not want to offend anybody.
God forbid to use terms like 'cleansing' or 'broomstick' or similar.

When the clouds of confusion have traveled beyond the horizon I consider to renew my own profile in a real sense of the term 'profile'.

Funny, like pro, file, profile and profiler can be related.

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Estonia (cleans up entire country) - WOW! *NM* *LINK*
5 hours it took - and with 5% of population volunteering - INSPIRING - to say the least! *NM*
List of TNT's User Profiles could need some 'defragmentation' also :D
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