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America is Broke *PIC*

America is Broke


Saturday, the House of Representatives passed legislation with more than $60 billion of budget cuts.  It is the proverbial “drop in the bucket” when compared to the $14.1 trillion (and counting) outstanding federal debt.  Soon, this ever increasing national debt will eclipse the Gross Domestic Product (GDP.)   That means America will owe more than all the goods and services it produces in one year.  When you owe more than you make, isn’t that a sign you need to change course?  The new Speaker of the House, John Boehner, said this just after the budget cut vote, “We will not stop here in our efforts to cut spending, not when we’re broke and Washington’s spending binge is making it harder to create jobs.” I think it is ironic Congress wants to cut $60 billion today and then turn around and consider raising the debt ceiling $1 trillion tomorrow.  This is crazy, but that is exactly what’s going to happen because if we don’t, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner says it could cause, “catastrophic damage to the economy.”

I don’t think most people grasp just how serious America’s budget problem really is. When Mr. Boehner says, “we’re broke,” he’s not kidding.  America is broke...


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America is Broke *PIC*
Ship Double-Citizens to Israel, throw other disloyal parasites into FEMA work camps, call US Poppy Troops back home and rebuild in 'Splendid Isolation' (FDR) and problem is fixed soon! :D *NM*
We should start with shipping out Vatican Ratline German Nazis & their families -- that ALONE would Shut-Down the U.S. Government. :D *NM*
You mean, start with Germoney NaZis like Silbersteins, Goldsteins, Edelsteins, Bernsteins, Hamburgers, Bambergers, Breslauers, Kissingers, Boehners et al 4 resettlement in NEGEV - Dimona City? :O *PIC*
Forbid all pseudo-religions based on racial grouping by mother-lines. Cut all tax exemptions for Hollywood movie-makers, show-biz and offshore companies. Close Wallstreet Gambling & all Usury Temples. *NM*
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