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Verification of Giants from Iranian Source -- Validates Pilot's Story from Afghanistan *PIC*

Verification of Giants from Iranian Source -- Validates Pilot's Story from Afghanistan


February 21, 2011

Dear Mr. Quayle:

Hello, I hope things find you well. I am writing regarding your appearance on Coast to Coast AM. I have waited a few days to let the post-show e-mail "flurry" die down so there is a chance you may read this. I have always wanted to write you but, I have never wanted to bother you, as you probably have more important things going on. I believe now based on some things that you mentioned on the show, I finally have a legitimate reason. Call it the Holy Spirit or the Lord, but I feel now is the right time. I am under no illusion that my material is somehow earth shattering, only that you might find it interesting.

I am a second generation Iranian man, born in Iran but raised in the States.  Before finally settling down here, me and my parents and as well as many members of my extended family have lived all over the world. When you mentioned Iran on the show, I thought it was appropriate to send an "info-dump" your way...

1. Giants...

2. "Greys"...

3. Underground Cities and Modern Projects...

For Details & Descriptions on the above Topics, please go to...



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