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Why nobody trusts the mainstream media *LINK* *PIC*



it a problem that the top six media corporations dominate the information flow to most of the developed world?

I think so.

Multi-billion SDR (Have the globalists imploded it yet? Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself). Multi-billion DOLLAR conglomerates, to use John Perkins‘ visualisation; “float around the globe like clouds”, with no loyalty to any particular nation, regardless if they have a head office in the very land mass in to which they pump warmongering patriotism and mainstream fear. Oh, and abdominal exerciser infomercials.

One of the issues is commercially driven, mass media serves a profit-hungry loyal to sponsors; meaning advertisers and government, not the public interest. There are bigger trends to consider too. Can history provide us any teachings?

Six Points

Six company names; Bertelsmann, NBC (Comcast / GE), Disney, News Corporation, Time Warner, and CBS (/ Viacom) summarise the biggest controllers of media and information flowing through our eyes and ears today.

It really is overwhelming to witness the power of a few men over all manner of worldwide media outlets, whether cinema, TV, DVD’s, print newspapers, magazines, cable TV, radio networks, or book publishing.

Wherever you look, editors are paid by their seniors make sure that certain topics are given attention, and other topics are not given attention. Do you think that a media mogul is ever going to run a devastating hit-piece about himself, should the truth make his position untenable? Of course not. Is it so hard to imagine that just as the wealthy and connected chiefs of these Orwellian empires would never act to hurt their personal interests, just as similarly they would never act to hurt their commercial interests? How about the commercial interests of their friends?

There is a Russian proverb:

“Where money talks, the truth is silent.”

Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds You

So-called journalists and reporters have mortgages to pay and mouths to feed, just like the rest of us. When confronted with heart-wrenching choices between intuition-approved honesty, versus the grinding war machine of profit and power, it is easy to understand the how and why corporate slaves roll over and capitulate to even questionable ambitions of their paymasters.

Their paymasters too, are subject to the rules, policy, laws and pressured from their superiors and executives above them. With the influence of money, the few at the top dictate to an organisation marching in lock-step to serve the superior beneficiaries in the boardroom.

Stepping back to gain some perspective, it seems that the charted direction of these corporate owned media warehouses of BS, endlessly continues to consolidate both wealth and more importantly; power. Disregarding any ethics or morals along the way, the obvious trajectory from 50 major companies sharing the US media market in 1983, down to 14 in 1992, and 6 today, alarmingly points out the looming next phase clearly sought by the owners, which is a de-facto monopolistic integration in to a centrally controlled communist propaganda machine. As Mark Crispin Miller remarked in the excellent documentary; Orwell Rolls in His Grave (2003) -

“Ostensible diversity that conceals an actual uniformity.”

Very few media employees have the courage to bite the hand that feeds them. Fewer still, have the balls to branch out independently and free themselves from this command and control information system in the hands of a few, which will only report selected truths, if it suits their agenda and business interests.

It seems that the masses are currently duped in the tsunami of apparent choice and synthetic diversity which allows us to flick and click through regulated, edited and censored information, akin to Pravda in Communist Russia, except that today the media manipulators are WAY more sophisticated.

Concepts like “engineering consent” as highlighted eloquently in Adam Curtis’ The Century of the Self Documentary would leave Edward Bernays and his manipulative schemers with wet trousers if they could see the modern magnitude of today’s sophisticated propaganda machines and monopoly of information control.

With no fair competition, reporters can say whatever they like, even make up straight lies in the presence of mainstream immunity, because there ARE no opposing mainstream channels which could distribute any counteracting truths on the scale of these corporate media giants. (see the Murdoch owned Sky News example in the video).


As Charles Lewis, former producer for “60 Minutes” remarks; the coverage of interrogative political news is halving year on year, whilst funding (should we say; bribing?) of the media comes increasingly from government. Government itself has long ago been in the hands of those criminal banking elite who control the money supply through the central Federal Reserve bank, which is as we all know, is not a public organisation acting in the public interest, but a PRIVATE organisation acting in the interests of the supremacist elites.

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes her laws.”
Mayer Amschel Rothschild

This replicates the idiom “don’t bite the hand that feeds you” not only on a personal level, but on a corporate ownership level, where funding for political ads and presidential campaigns does not circumvent the monetary forces of cause and effect.

Cause: I give you a bunch of “donations” to fund your political success.
Effect: You listen to what I say, pass the laws I want, and invade the countries I suggest.

Despite trying to hide these donations through individuals, employees, and family members rather than declare the corporate backers openly, the hijacked principles of democracy have been trampled in the race for corporate governance OF the governors, including the President, as demonstrated by the plethora of banks, media conglomerates and educational businesses (formally known as Universities), vying for influence to pull the strings of whichever puppet President is (s)elected at the time.

Barack Obama (D) 2008 Election – Top Contributors

At a national level, where single-point-of-failure institutions like the Whitehouse, and the Fed are also ruled by these wealthy elites, many of whom have ties to Israel, the same idiom applies.

If you want to find where the hidden hand leads, and wonder how a small cabal of supremacist elites can shape foreign policy in so many nations, start wars and literally rule the world; investigate fiat currency: The paper money printed by private central banks is THE single most powerful control mechanism in the world. Period.

With such control, it is possible to generate money out of nothing, to buy up corporations as if they were penny sweets, for example the media companies which serve the interests of the elite, and to buy out any competition which might pose a threat to the supremacist elite’s hegemony.

Today we review the state of one aspect of this control grid; mass media, and find that our generation and those before it have all been asleep at the wheel as we let corrupt regulators enjoy their rides on revolving doors as they succumbed to the corporate gang-bang hosted by the globalist elites.

We are now left with a handful of corporations and conglomerates who between them, pump out uninformative tat to entertain, amuse, confuse, titillate, divide, and broadcast as Chalmers Johnson put it; “the line”, just like Pravda did. The mechanics of a one party state broadcast is here, as usual, cloaked in deception to hide the real intentions and protect the stolen wealth of those at the top.

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Six Pointed Domination of Media:

Below lists the current state of six huge media corporations and conglomerates and what TV networks, channels, film distributors, book publishers, radio networks and print media they control.

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