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Russian Healing Methods by Arcady Petrov (7 part video)

This you-tube, Light of Eternity, introduces Arcady Petrov and his Russian Healing Methods that are leading to cases of miraculous healings and regeneration of organs and teeth using Light and consciousness. He is head of the Svet Centre in Russia. His Centre and colleagues want to lead the world's medical system in a new direction....the direction of Light and consciousness. I salute the work they are doing. We all know how consciousness works...the more people who know about this work, the quicker the collective consciousness will Wake Up and remember our full potential and who we really are.

YouTube - Arcady Petrov "Light of eternity" part1


YouTube - Arcady Petrov "Light of eternity" part2


YouTube - Arcady Petrov "Light of eternity" part3


YouTube - Arcady Petrov "Light of eternity" part4


YouTube - Arcady Petrov "Light of eternity" part5


YouTube - Arcady Petrov "Light of eternity" part6


YouTube - light of eternity part7


Thanks to poster Mr. Ed of RMN for posting this beautiful amazing truth!

Posted By: Mr.Ed [Send E-Mail];
Date: Sunday, 20-Feb-2011 22:52:01

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