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Daily Summary - Vatic Project - February 19, 2011

VICTORY -  RESISTANCE CAMPAIGN - Its gone global.  (focus on the international bankers, forget the gov for now, deal with those that control it)

Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Feb 19, 2011

I.  Post:                                 David Icke ☼ They Dare Not Speak Its Name ... ROTHSCHILD ZIONISM

Vatic Note: 
Oh, wow, this is great. What a courageous man. He holds back NOT AT ALL. He hits them full force everywhere. Someone made him mad and he is striking out like you would not believe, THIS IS WORTH THE WATCH AND DOES NOT REQUIRE ONE WORD FROM ME BECAUSE HE SAYS IT ALL THAT WE HAVE BEEN SAYING FOR THE ENTIRE TIME VATIC PROJECT HAS BEEN UP. He even covers 9-11 AND THE ROTHSCHILD MINIONS WHO DID IT.  Rothschild is the OWNER of Israel.   You must listen to this,  he provides info even we didn't know and we spend a lot of time researching.  AND HE DAMN SURE BETTER NOT HAVE ANY ACCIDENTS.......  Click above link to read more.

II.  Post                                            Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail?

Vatic Note:  This is in two parts;  the first one is from Brasscheck's TV which is a summary of Matts massive and great deeply researched article for Rolling Stone's magazine and the second part is the actual article for those truly interested in how intentional and criminal this all is.  My bigger vatic note is down below by the article itself.  I  love the young Turks who did this interview.   Its a great interview of Matt.  Its also nice to see what he looks like after reading him for so long.   This is more proof that the MSM, ALL OF THEM are complicit in the high treason being committed against the nation.  They should be in the docket when all this comes crashing down and serve jail time right along with their masters.   Nothing less, than the full sentence that is handed out to the criminals should also be handed out to the publisher, press editors and boards of directors.  Click on title above to read more

III.  Post:                               Michael Tsarion - Origins of Evil (1 through 5 of 13 parts)

Update:  2/20/11 I just discovered that the powers that be moved these videos back into the very first blog we had done so no one could find them, so I decided there are things on here they do not want us to know, so its worth revisiting this series again.   What did he expose that we must now seriously consider?  If a commenter had not asked the question about the evil we are experiencing, I would never have discovered this.  Further, because I could not find it from when I had done it,  I googled the series and the link to the second section from 7 to 13 was gutted.   Then I checked out the videos and they were also gutted but not on the videos from 1-5.  So I will put this back up and go refind those videos again for the second half and put them back up as well.  Good luck and down load these now since they are getting more overt in their playing with these videos.  Thanks for your patience.

Vatic Note:  As you read this, and watch the videos,  keep in  mind the blog which was about OUR DNA and how important it seems to be for these evil ones to seriously destroy, mutate or otherwise lessen its importance for some reason possibly to do with our "Consciousness and humanity"..   This is beyond fascinating..... this is downright mind blowing in that he actually has the documents to show these facts all exist based on those writings of ancient cultures. He said even with purging there are thousands and thousands of documents still available to support what he is saying. This is up to provide us with a different perspective about the evil we are seeing in this current paradigm. It leads to the same conclusions, but through a much different perspective that has a lot to do with our DNA and mind control.

He has done a great deal of research in this particular area and after all we have published on here about the work being done to destroy or change our DNA by the evil ones, this became much more relevant than it has in the past. He fully believes the history of this evil is critical to dealing with it in present day terms. I found this extremely insightful. Like you, we must all listen with an open mind and be prepared to view it objectively and match it to what we already know, then we can begin to build the big puzzle picture and at the end of all this, we can decide for ourselves. He does do a good job regardless where you come down on this issue. He says "WE ARE EXTRAORDINARY BEINGS LIVING ORDINARY LIVES". and given my perpetual mantra that we "ARE POWERFUL", it fits with my perceptions about the human condition.. He talks about symbolism and asks many good questions. Please leave your mind open for this.... its very interesting. We are doing this in 2 posts to allow you to move between them and save them. He even does full historical treatment of how the free masonry got infiltrated and taken over.     Click on link above for more.

IV.  Post:                                 Michael Tsarion, Origins of Evil (6 of 13)

Update:  2/20/11  Here we are again,  gutted videos, this is the forth time.  PLEASE DOWNLOAD THESE VIDEOS,  apparently major truth resides in this set even more so than the first five videos.  Those are still in tact but these are all gutted.  I think its in Video 8 where the connections are made to modern corporate America.  Its spooky, frankly, but so perfectly connected.  Watch that one first.  I am saving these, but you should to and watch them several times.   What you see in here may or may not be true, but what is more important is that the SATANISTS BELIEVE ITS TRUE as evidenced by all the symbols found on corporate logos and buildings, and other satanic possessions, including our currency that is riddled with it..   Watching the 13th video again, truly brings home why we are in the condition we are in and how to correct it which is an internal journey.  After watching all these I understand why they  continually gut them.  

Vatic Note:   Just a note to ask you when listening to video #10 to remember the movie "STARGATE" and remember who runs hollywood.  That is all I had to say on that.  Now to the series: "When fear unites with knowledge you have terrible things happen", is an example of some of the insights & wisdom he gives and all of it through the mythology, religions and philosophies of the planet over thousands of years. This is very fascinating. I am still relistening to some of these to grasp it better. Each of us has to listen to these and decide for ourselves whether this fits and makes any sense.  "Open mind" is the key phrase here. For me, it explained a lot.... the commitment, the time investment over generations, the focus, determination, etc.  

He has done an inordinate amount of research and compilations to come up with these conclusions. If he is right, we will be ridding ourselves by 2012 of that which is plaguing the planet. So much new information, its almost hard to digest it all even for those of us who seek it and pursue it. I can't imagine how hard this would be for those simply exposed to it. But here it is non the less. Good luck, its certainly a thinking trigger. Of that I can assure you since I have listened to some of these more than once. Good luck with it. He is a genius though, his work is excellent no matter where the truth lies.    Click on link above to read more.

I AM AMERICA - Kristan Branch  -  Click on link and scroll down to the first video.  ITS WELL WORTH IT.  Music tells us who we are.

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