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Aliens? Time-travel? Abductions? Learn the truth now!

What is important to understand about 2012 vs. Ascension and free will?


What is Timeline Crashing?

Ron Amitron discusses present Extraterrestrial involvement in shaping our lives. What happens when you become involved with Time Travel, OBE, Vortexes, and Star Gates?

Understand the effects of: Planetary-Zodiac influences, Mind Control Transmissions, Multiple Body Cloning, and the relationship of Future/Past/Parallel Lives to your current lifetime.


Ron Amitron, Master Healer/Teacher presents new cutting edge Extraterrestrial information. 

Ron is the conduit for CLS specialized, in-depth clearings and healings. He brings to light the root cause of disease.







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Many people are using the healings such as politicians, musicians, athletes,

actors and actresses, the military, and folks like you and I!

This energy only comes once every 2000 years!

Don't let it slip away this 2000 year cycle!


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Active Clearings online 24/7! The Lightbeings that Jesus used will connect with

you and heal you!



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Blessings to you

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