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Why don't you go play with your hedgehog? -- if the poor thing is still alive. *NM*

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Obama’s Anti-Israel Agenda...(Same as the U.S. Shadow Government's HIDDEN Agenda?) *PIC*
Please tell us more about the Zionist Agenda for World Domination and the International Zionist Crime Network! Drugs, Weapons Smuggling, Sex Trafficking, Buying & Blackmailing Politicians! *NM*
Zionist Obama-Slave as been seen at WRH today. LOL but true! :D
Why don't you go play with your hedgehog? -- if the poor thing is still alive. *NM*
Thanks for your concern. Hedgie is still doing fine in hibernation after two full moon cycles. Stay tuned, be informed, next full moon coming in March, springtime awakening! *NM*
Can 'just-in-time' misleading propaganda be more stupid and insulting to readers' minds than the never-ending loads of twisted moon shat?
You must LOVE my moon shat since you eagerly devour all of it, so what does that say about YOUR twisted little mind? Shat for Brains? I think I at least got THAT right. :D *NM*
Two false premises of yours to boost your false conclusions? Logical Fallacy? Shattered Brain? Who? - Better take care before it's too late.
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