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Obama’s Anti-Israel Agenda...(Same as the U.S. Shadow Government's HIDDEN Agenda?) *PIC*

While I disagree with the statements made in the following article regarding Iraq, I think the writer's comments regarding Israel and Obama are right on target.  Something I found equally interesting was one of the Comments sent in by a Reader of the article who is very critical of Israel showing even more hypocrisy and a blatant ignorance of the facts...I'll give Obama credit for one very important thing: It appears he is finally exposing the fact that the U.S. Government has never been a real ally to Israel. Does the U.S. or the E.U. accept foreign aid from Israel?  Not that I've ever heard, but Israel does accept foreign aid from the U.S. and the E.U. which means the Israelis do what they're told or else they get punished by the Islamic extremists funded by the U.S. and the E.U.  The Israelis can "lobby" all they want for whatever they want, but WANTIN' AIN'T GETTIN'...

Obama’s Anti-Israel Agenda

*  COMMENT by a Reader:

[You actually want Israel to sell US technology to China. Look at the tanker deal, look at the PROVEN presence of AIA lobbyists at the Chinese test plant. Your references reveal you know EXACTLY what US Technology was stolen by Israel, and the false claim that Israel developed this technology themselves. You KNOW that this is false, and you lie. Why do you lie? What do you want to cover up? There is irrefutable proof Israel is engaged in espionage, which is why Israel is consistently on counter-espionage WARNING TO OUR DEFENSE PLANTS. IN FACT, AS YOU KNOW, no ISRAELI IS ALLOWED TO BE UNACCOMPANIED IN A SENSITIVE US defense plant. BY LAW!]

Of course Israel is engaged in espionage -- OUR OWN CIA CREATED MOSSAD.  It's a well-known FACT that the Israelis AND the Americans have been Spying ON EACH OTHER FOR YEARS.  And WHY NOT -- you can just bet Israel has NO SECRETS the U.S. DOESN'T KNOW ABOUT.  As for Israel selling U.S. technology to China -- where is the proof that Israel has sold ANYTHING to China that wasn't already given to them (as well as to Russia) during the Clinton Administration?  And why would the Chinese want to buy something from Israel that they'd already been given by the Clintons?  If the Chinese are wanting to do business with Israel, it's because they want to use Israel's technological expertise and because of Israel's strategic location in the Middle East AND because the Chinese know the U.S. is going DOWN and they're part of the Game to help bring us down.  During the Clinton Administration, Chinese spies were given jobs working in very sensitive positions in the U.S.  Still Monica Lewinsky was the worst thing Congress would recognize while ignoring all the treasonous activities and allowing him to stay in office after he was impeached.  Here's just a little rundown of the Clintons' operation for the Chinese, since people love to forget...and one of the main reasons China is moving in on the U.S. today...

Under the Clintonistas...

Congress created the NNSA in 1999 after discoveries of widespread Chinese espionage, accompanied by nuclear technology gifts to China, during the Clinton Administration, when Clinton and the Democratic National Committee were forced to return $2 million in political donations traced back to the government of China...

If national security negligence were depicted in a live-action version of “The Simpsons,” Linton Brooks would be Homer.

To be kind, perhaps he suffered some attention disorder while head of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) from 2002-07. So many things kept getting lost. All of them were terrible things to lose.

Weapons technology, top secret files, data bases, system safeguards, plutonium vials and keys to enriched uranium vaults. All that and more vanished from the critical nuclear labs under Brooks’ supposed control.

Those labs include Los Alamos National Labs, Oak Ridge Y-12 National Security Complex, Sandia National Labs, Hanford, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and other strategic sites...

For More FACTS About the Clintons' Sellout to the Chinese:

National Corruption Index:

Linton Brooks

Bill & Hillary Clinton -- Eastern Influence
Li Ka-shing


Obama's Foreign Policy Handler wants the U.S. to shoot down any Israeli plane that attacks Iran.  Maybe Israel should say that's fine, go fight your own wars and protect your own Oil interests...



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Obama’s Anti-Israel Agenda...(Same as the U.S. Shadow Government's HIDDEN Agenda?) *PIC*
Please tell us more about the Zionist Agenda for World Domination and the International Zionist Crime Network! Drugs, Weapons Smuggling, Sex Trafficking, Buying & Blackmailing Politicians! *NM*
Zionist Obama-Slave as been seen at WRH today. LOL but true! :D
Why don't you go play with your hedgehog? -- if the poor thing is still alive. *NM*
Thanks for your concern. Hedgie is still doing fine in hibernation after two full moon cycles. Stay tuned, be informed, next full moon coming in March, springtime awakening! *NM*
Can 'just-in-time' misleading propaganda be more stupid and insulting to readers' minds than the never-ending loads of twisted moon shat?
You must LOVE my moon shat since you eagerly devour all of it, so what does that say about YOUR twisted little mind? Shat for Brains? I think I at least got THAT right. :D *NM*
Two false premises of yours to boost your false conclusions? Logical Fallacy? Shattered Brain? Who? - Better take care before it's too late.
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