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Daily Summary - Vatic Project - February 18, 2011

VICTORY -  RESISTANCE CAMPAIGN - Its gone global.  (focus on the international bankers, forget the gov for now, deal with those that control it)

Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Feb 18, 2011

I.  Post:                                 How the World "Really" works: Economic Hitmen
Vatic Note:  Remember as they are telling you how it works, keep Tim Geithner and Larry Summers in mind at all times. Then keep in mind they run our treasury dept and the federal Reserve. This is exaclty how it works, and those companies you saw listed are primarily owned by the khazar zionist banks purchased through manipulation of our stock market where these bankers like the Squid Vampire Goldman Sachs shorts stocks, that then crash prices on company stock, then the billions in profits from shorting are then used to buy up those stocks for pennies on the dollar. Very important for you to see that. And all of it illegal to do. Just like trading on the gulf rig when they had insider information they were going to blow it up themselves.  That is jail time offense.  But that only happens when you have a justice system that works. 

Then these same handful of Rothschild bankers owning these companies send in their banker experts to the IMF and World bank to do the deeds you see on this video. Its really quite simply and we definitely need a global revolution against these bankers and confiscation of these corporations and purging of the boards of directors and reissue the stock and put them back on the market for purchase by new owners who are then watched carefully until we are sure there are no khazars involved.

These "Attila the Hun" decendants have no ethics, morals, values or humanity, so they must not see the light of day ever again, once they are brought down. It worked so well in third world countries they are now going after 2nd world countries and first world countries. Its time to stand against them. We have absolutely NOTHING TO LOSE AND EVERYTHING TO GAIN AND WE ARE FAR MORE CAPABLE OF DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THIS THAN MOST COUNTRIES IN 2ND AND 3RD WORLD ECONOMIES.   Remember Non cooperation is the key.  Remember those Islam banks. 
You all know what to do.  
Click above link to read more.

II.  Post                                            Video: Israeli’s are immune to 9/11 litigation in Patriot Act (WHAT???)    
Vatic Note: Please substitute everywhere you see "Jews", the real perps,  the "Khazars" and then this will be accurate.  Historically, the Khazars have used the poor Jews as a front for all the evil they have done and for decades if not centuries, the Jews have been blamed for all the horrors visited upon this planet when in reality it was the huns from Khazaria led in the past 3 centuries by a Rothschild.  So, I am asking we CORRECT this injustice by using the proper term.   Its not just by blood they are not Jews, but they are satanists, so therefore they are not Jews by religion either.  Chertoff is now a proven Traitor to the United States of America.  Now its time to take his damn machines out of our airports and get back to normal only better from whatever lessons we have learned from all this.  We must confiscate all his assets obtained from the sale of those machines to the airports and apply it toward the deficits the khazars ran up in our name to pay for their theiving.  And our treasonous congress just extended that freedom gutting piece of legislation.  They know that we know, that arab terrorists did not do 9-11, Israeli terrorists did and then they go and pass legislation giving them immunity for premeditated murder of 3800 Americans????  Excuse me?  Where has our justice system gone???  Click on title above to read more

III.  Post:                              CIA Spy Captured Giving Nuclear Bomb To Terrorists
Vatic Note: 
I am not happy with the Title of this article.   I believe he was capture but I do not think he was captured in the act of giving it to terrorists, rather in the Process of trying to give it to terrorists, but was stopped by Pakistani intel forces and that is why he killed the two intel officers.  Apparently the CIA agent was going to give a non traceable nuke to so called terrorists, Al Qaeda, who works for the CIA so that does not surprise me, and the Pakistani ISI followed him and were shot when he realized they were following him.

Notice on all fronts they are seriously trying to push us to a third world nuke war SINCE THE ENTIRE GLOBE IS IN REBELLION?   THEY HAVE TO DO SOMETHING TO STOP IT???  IF THEY DO  A FALSE FLAG AGAIN THEN THIS TIME we better not take this one sitting down. I am wondering if they are trying to time this with the planned collapse of our economy as well? That way we will be too busy surviving to try resisting all this horror. Look how impossible it was to get justice on 9-11, so you can bet justice would only be obtainable from us ourselves. We have no functioning gov as we know it. NO COOPERATING for us OR FIGHTING IN WORLD WAR AGAINST ANY COUNTRY. We must not cooperate in any of this stuff. This is all propoganda, disinfo, provocateuring and profit making on murdering more Americans and you can bet your bottom dollar, Isreael is in this as well. Take that to one of their crooked scummy banks.   Pakistan would have let him go if it were as presented on the Khazar Zionist owned MSM.  As  usual, its bigger than what they are telling us. They are fighting for his release way too hard for it to be that simple.  What we don't know is if the nuke was to be used on us or on Pakistan?   In either case its totally unacceptable FOR US to be the aggressor in starting a nuclear war JUST LIKE HITLER IN WW II.   If the nuke was to be used on us, then he should not be let go since he would have known it and aided in doing it which would make him a traitor anyway.   This is not the purpose of the CIA.   He swore to follow LEGAL ORDERS.  Click on link above for more.

IV.  Post:                                 Ecuador- Rumble in the Jungle - Part One
Vatic Note: 
    Just a note to say that what happens here may well save the planet since our planets oxygen comes primarily from the amazon rain forest and that is threatened by the pollution ravaging the forest and the massive cutting of trees that supply that oxygen as waste to the trees but life giving sustenance to us. This is up because the courts just came down with an award and ruling on this case and the Indians won a big award. Not sure how much, but its in the billions for sure.

I don't believe they got the full $12 billion, but it maybe about a two thirds of what the requested. I found out how much. It was $9 billion. The largest award ever in such a case, but when you watch these videos, its unlikely that would cover all the medical for the children that are dying and for the massive unbelievable clean up needed to bring the jungle back into its natural state. Then its still an issue with the state run oil company, how they will handle these issues in the future which we do not know yet.     Click on link above to read more.

I AM AMERICA - Kristan Branch  -  Click on link and scroll down to the first video.  ITS WELL WORTH IT.  Music tells us who we are.

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