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Here's what I'd like to know (for sure)...

The U.S. is in Dire Straits Economically, so WHERE is this Government & Military getting the Funding for all those Bases around the World???  With all the Americans that are out of work and have been for several years now in reality -- it can't be coming from U.S. Taxpayers.  I know about their Black Budget(s), the Drug Running, White Slavery and all that, but that all goes for Special Ops, not regular military operations -- at least that's my understanding.  So then wouldn't the Logical Question be -- WHO has THAT amount of Money and THAT kind of Motivation to pay for something like that -- ALL AROUND THE WORLD!!  The U.S. Government & Military no longer belong to the American people.  All of it was taken out of our hands years ago and YES we allowed it to happen because we love to Snack on Lies while watching & listening to our Bread & Circuses.  And IMO -- POLITICS is the Biggest Game in Town.

As for the U.S. Prison System, I'm thinking that the USA is on the Agenda to become THE Prison System of the NWO and ALL Prisoners Worldwide will be shipped over here and locked up for the duration of their sentence or for execution.  The ones who are not executed will be used for Slave Labor.  At least I'm thinking that may be the Plan of TPTB.  The only thing I see that could disrupt this type of plan would be Natural Catastrophes of such a magnitude making something like that impossible.  But it could explain Why the U.S. has the Most Prisons in the World, plus the Concentration Camps that have been secretly built.  When they finally seal off the borders, it will become a No Man's Land.  But that's all just a guess on my part.  Who knows? 

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Perfect example of pompous ass pricks (Links)
Here's what I'd like to know (for sure)...
Who pays? Silly question! The occupied countries pay! Whoever else? First US Army bombs, then occupies and then loots the country, then they FORCE the surviving victims to pay the permanent costs.
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