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Perfect example of pompous ass pricks (Links)

Countries ought to start saying NO NO NO!!! NO More!


U S A has its nose sucking hose in too many places, and the world is starting to take notice!






Empire of US Bases

The United States has hundreds of military bases around the world...perhaps even thousands; however, no one knows for sure because even the Pentagon does not bother to keep track. What we do know is that the US Defense budget is now about the same as military spending in all other countries combined, and since 9/11, military and security expenditures have soared 119%. A lot of money goes towards maintaining those bases, but once again, taxpayers and the military do not know exactly how much is allocated towards those bases. Experts say that the reason for sustaining all those military installations abroad is to "maintain a far flung global empire," and they point out that in places like Saudi Arabia and Okinawa, US military presence has been denounced by locals.












QI - US prison population.mov







1% of American adults are in jail  -  between 2-3 million  -  more than 1 in every 100  


USA  people in prison  - more that 2 times S. Africa     3 times Iran     6 times China  


USA has more of its citizens in prison than any other nation on earth  -  148 prisoners per 100,000 population  


3 strikes and you’re out -  a legal system based on Baseball.  Isn’t that great and just! If one has had 2 offences – no matter how small – in one’s life, the third offence will get a life sentence –no matter how tivial  


L. Andrea  -  shoplifted 9 video tapes  -  got 2 consecutive 25 year sentences Kevin Weber –age 26 – stole 6 chocolate chip cookies   - life sentence  


1 in 30 men - age 20-30 -  in jail 1-9 black men – age  20-30 - in jail  


There are more black males in jail than in college  


USA has 5% of the world’s population -  but 25% of the world’s prison population  


Who said that the Civil War ended slavery?  


Prisons is a business – the reinvention of slave labor You can’t import anything into the USA that is made by slave labor or prisoners. However USA prisoners can be forced to manufacture USA products. Prisonners make   -  most of what military needs – helmets, bags, badges etc. etc …….. -  93% of domestically produced paints - 36% of home appliances -  21% of office furniture -  among other things This enables USA products to compete with Mexican labor –  since prisoners work for pennies  


This is slavery through the back door!  


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Perfect example of pompous ass pricks (Links)
Here's what I'd like to know (for sure)...
Who pays? Silly question! The occupied countries pay! Whoever else? First US Army bombs, then occupies and then loots the country, then they FORCE the surviving victims to pay the permanent costs.
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