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The Mars-Earth Wars: Old Testament Catastrophes & Upheavals that have been deliberately HIDDEN from us...Why? *PIC*

The same critters who revised New Testament history and gave us a whole smorgasbord of "Holy" bibles to promote or excuse the deviant behavior of our choice -- ALSO hid a whole lot of Old Testament history and events.  THEIR fields of "science" have been used ever since to fill in the black holes...to further confuse...

What's been hidden?  For starters...

The Mars-Earth Wars
(Ending 701 B.C.E.)

by  Donald W. Patten &  Samuel R. Windsor

"Ancient Chinese knew Mars as 'the fire star.'  Sumerians thought Enlil (Mars) was the cause of the Great Flood.  Classical Greeks indicted Ares (Mars) as the 'bane of mortals.'  And the Romans saw Mars as the God of War.   ...Why?"



Ol' Smokey again...

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