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I think I got Gremlins in my karma... *PIC*

I guess "they" is something different to different people, depending on the subject being discussed.

As for computer gremlins and not being able to access Messages on TNT, I haven't had that problem so much lately, it's been awhile back.  HOWEVER, I know for a fact that my own E-mails to Striderus have been intercepted and he knows that too because I've mentioned things to him that I mentioned to NO ONE ELSE and those things were mentioned in posts here at TNT by a poster whose name I won't mention.  In fact awhile back I received a couple of E-mails that were supposedly from Striderus, but in fact, were NOT from Striderus.  There were very distinctive tell-tale signs and I'm not the only person who is of that opinion.  So it's not just your computer...there are Strange things going on, but Proving Anything is next to Impossible, so I just try to ignore it.  Some people are twisted & warped and that's just the way of the world.

As to interfering with peoples' karma, I'd say that's done everyday, even unintentionally in one way or another.  If someone wants to "interfere" with my karma, they must be desperate for something to do.  I joke about it because I don't really believe in that kind of karma.  I do believe that "what goes around comes around" -- in THIS lifetime.

As for feeling Welcome at TNT, I don't think you have a problem in that area.  I've never felt "welcome" here, because of the fact that I don't kowtow to the prevailing attitude towards the Jews & Israel and I don't hesitate to say so.  It seems to be a male-dominated board, but Edith Bunker got tired of "stifling herself" years ago.  That's not a feminist thing, it's a human thing...


Gremlins in your karma?  Undecided

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What does it mean when all "Life Lines" on your hands disappear???! ~ Any palm readers out there?
Hmmm...well if it'll make you feel any better, mine look like they've been sliced & diced. :D *NM*
So you do not have a distinct heart-line, head-line and life-line in your palm? Are you a living human being at all? Maybe reptilian? :O *NM*
Yes think so too (alien of some sort) ....further proof :D
Are you Rhesus Negative? Do you have 23 chromosomes in your DNA that are NOT from this planet?
No actually it is my brother
Hey, DrumSpirit, can you neutralize Internet stalking backscatter?...you can't SEE it, but you always KNOW it's there... :D *PIC*
Don't "they" say it behooves no one to interfere with others' karma?
I think I got Gremlins in my karma... *PIC*
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