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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for February 12, 2011 

QUESTION: Over the past decade, China has built several new, state-of-the-art cities, but huge sectors of these cities, and in some cases, whole cities, remain unoccupied. Could it be that Chinese leaders are planning to evacuate China's coastal cities in the event of disastrous earth changes? Is China planning to emerge from the pole shift as the only intact civilization on the planet?

ANSWER:  The answer to this question is located at http://zetatalk.com/ning/12fe2011.htm 





An Introduction
From Connecting Link (electronic magazine), Issue 17

Zecharia Sitchin was born in Russia and raised in Palestine, where he acquired a profound knowledge of modern and ancient Hebrew, other Semitic and European languages, the Old Testament, and the history and archeology of the Near East. He is one of the few scholars who is able to read and understand Sumerian. Sitchin attended and graduated from the University of London, majoring in economic history. A leading journalist and editor in Israel for many years, he now lives and writes in New York. His books have been widely translated, converted to Braille for the blind, and featured on radio and television. The Earth Chronicles series is based on the premise that mythology is not fanciful but the repository of ancient memories; that the Bible ought to be read literally as a historic/scientific document; and that ancient civilizations--older and greater than assumed--were the product of knowledge brought to Earth by the Anunnaki, "Those Who from Heaven to Earth Came." ...I trust that modern science will continue to confirm ancient knowledge.

CL: What are the Earth Chronicles about?

ZS: The first book, The Twelfth Planet, refers to the probability that there is one more planet in our solar system. That there are twelve members, counting sun, moon and ten planets, not the nine we know of. That people from that planet came to earth almost half a million years ago and did many of the things about which we read in the Bible, in the book of Genesis. But that was not my starting point at all. My starting point was, going back to my childhood and schooldays, the puzzle of who were the Nefilim, that are mentioned in Genesis, Chapter six, as the sons of the gods who married the daughters of Man in the days before the great flood, the Deluge. The word Nefilim is commonly, or used to be, translated "giants." And I am sure that you and your readers are familiar with quotes and Sunday preachings, etc., that those were the days when there were giants upon the earth. I questioned this interpretation as a child at school, and I was reprimanded for it because the teacher said "you don't question the Bible." But I did not question the Bible, I questioned an interpretation that seemed inaccurate, because the word, Nefilim, the name by which those extraordinary beings, "the sons of the gods" were known, means literally, "Those who have come down to earth from the heavens."

CL: From the Hebrew word Nafal, which means "fall"?

ZS: Right. Fall, come down, descend. So, what did it mean? This led me to biblical studies and then to mythology and archeology and all the other subjects, including the study of ancient languages, which became my education and avocation. So, my research and my decision to write about it started with a question, Who were the Nefilim? All the ancient scriptures, the Bible, the Greek myths, the Egyptian myth and texts, the pyramid texts, everything, led to the Sumerians, whose civilization was the first known one six thousand years ago. I focused on Sumer, the source of these legends and myths and texts and information. I learned to read the cuneiform Sumerian texts and came upon their persistent and repeated statements that those beings, whom the Sumerians called Anunnaki, came to earth from a planet called Nibiru. The planet was designated by the sign of the cross and Nibiru meant, "planet of crossing."

The question thus shifted in my research from who were the Nefilim and the Anunnaki, to, what planet is Nibiru? Forced to become proficient in astronomy, I had to learn enough about it to deal with the subject. I found out that the scholars were divided. Some said it (Nibiru) was Mars, which of course was described and known to the ancient people, and others said, no, it was Jupiter. Those who said it was Jupiter and not Mars, had very convincing arguments why it could not be Mars. And those who said it was Mars and not Jupiter had very convincing arguments also. Being able to go directly to those ancient sources, clay tablets and cuneiforn scripts, it seemed to me that neither was right, because the description of Nibiru and its position when it nears the Sun indicated that it could not be Mars, and it could not be Jupiter. And then one night I woke up with the answer: Of course, it is one more planet that comes periodically between Mars and Jupiter; it is sometimes nearer to Mars and sometimes nearer to Jupiter, but it isn't Mars or Jupiter.

Once I realized that this was the answer, that there is one more planet, everything else fell into place. The meaning of the Mesopotamian Epic of Creation on which the first chapters of Genesis are based and all details about the Anunnaki, who they were and who their leaders were and how they traveled from their planet to Earth and how they splashed down in the Persian Gulf and about their first settlement, their leaders and so on and so on, everything became clear! The Sumerians had immense knowledge. They knew about Uranus and Neptune and described them and they knew about Pluto. They were proficient in mathematics and, in many respects, their knowledge surpassed modem times. They said, "All that we know was told to us by the Anunnaki." The first book's innovation, its impact, was the realization that the ancient peoples, beginning with the Sumerians, knew of and described and spoke of one more planet in our solar system. It was not a discovery like that of Pluto in 1930 (of which the Sumerians knew six thousand years ago). Pluto was a very interesting astronomical discovery; textbooks had to be revised. But to the average person, the man on the street, it really made no difference. Nibiru, on the other hand was a different story. If Nibiru exists, (and this is the planet that astronomers nowadays call planet X) then the Anunnaki exist. So the existence of Nibiru is not a matter of just one more globe in our solar system. This is different, because if Nibiru exists, and the Anunnaki exist, then the Sumerian claim that they come back to our vicinity every 3,600 years, at which times in the past they gave us civilization, then we are not alone and there are more advanced people than us in our solar system.


The ZetaTalk Newsletter, Issue 163, Sunday, December 13, 2009



Planet X has been depicted by appearance and referred to by many names - a Winged Globe, or a Second Sun. The ancient Sumerians referred to the planet as Nibiru, the Planet of the Crossing. The Kolbrin, an Egyptian historical record preserved in the Glastonbury Monastery in Scotland, refers to the planet as the Destroyer. The Bible refers to the planet as The Lord or Wormwood, or as a Dragon. The Oashspe, a channeled 1882 work by an Ohio dentist, refers to the planet as the Red Star. In South and Central America it is known as Hercolubus, a gaseous red star. And the ancient Babylonians associated the planet as a Second Sun with the god Marduk.

Red Star, Oahspe, 1982


I, Son of God, trained in the change and tumult of corporeal worlds.

Proclaim my decrees of the red star and her heavens in the crash of her rebellious sides, for I will harvest.

A wave of breath speedeth forth in the broad firmament.

The red star flieth toward the point of My whetted sword.

Fly with all speed where first the red star's vortex gathered up its nebulae, millions of years agone, and on the way say: God hath decreed a pruning- knife to a traveling world. 

Not Shown. 

Planet of the Crossing, Sitchin, 1976

As Zecharia Sitchin describes: The pictographic sign for the Twelfth Planet, the "Planet of the Crossing", was a cross. This cuneiform sign, which also meant "Anu" and "divine", evolved in the Semitic languages to the letter tav, which meant "the sign". 

Destroyer, Kolbrin, 8th Century BC

Men forget the days of the Destroyer. Only the wise know where it went and that it will return in its appointed hour. ...called the Destroyer ... In colour it was bright and fiery, in appearance changing and unstable. ... a fiery body of flame. 

Dragon, Revelations 12:3

Behold a great red dragon. Another wonder is seen, also in the sky, a great serpent-like figure, red, with seven heads and ten horns.

The Planet of the Crossing, shown as a Second Sun, is associated with Marduk by the ancient Babylonians. Note the significant cross under the Second Sun in the pictogram, the shape of a Red Cross in the sky.

Not Shown.

Red Cross, Babylonia, 3700 BC



There is a clear trinity of celestial objects on this stella, towards the top; the Sun, the Moon and a third, radiant planet. Note the presence of the Babylonian deity Marduk further down the stella, a deity closely associated with Nibiru.

The Zetas have stated that the Red Cross is certainly among the many appearances that the Planet X complex will assume in the last weeks, taking many by surprise.

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/15/2000: When a reddish complex is seen in the sky, during the 7 weeks before passage when this will be visible, mankind will be in the main distracted by so many problems they will hardly notice. At first, they will assume this to be a comet or something innocent, as it will be small, barely visible due to size. At this time, for the unaware, there will have been increasing earthquakes, increasingly erratic weather such that all are wondering whether crops planted will harvest or starvation will afflict them. Stories in the news will be about crashed cities, broken bridges, derailed trains, and flooded rivers washing towns away. The economy, now so devastated that all employed workers, even those who assumed their jobs for life, are holding their breath as the choice of their employers is to either declare the company bankrupt or to lay more employed off.

These worries are more immediate, so until the very weeks before the shift, when the reddish complex is so huge that it cannot be missed even if one is not prone to looking at the sky, that any thought will be given to it by the average human struggling with many worries, on Earth. It is when the earth stops rotation, a week before the shift, that all this will correlate, and humans not going insane or in hard denial will talk among themselves. It is then that prophecy will be relayed, from human to human as many forms of electronic communication will be malfunctioning to worthlessness. Thus, except for those aware of the times, aware of the prophecies and the news, with insight into the lies the media is telling, primarily by not reporting the news the public will be oblivious of the reddish cross in the skies, until the very end!


March 22, 2006, Blogin Archives

In 1882, an Ohio Dentist named John Ballou penned the book The Oashpe, a true channeled book.
The book has a Biblical tone, done on purpose so that the locals in the Bible Belt would be encouraged to read it.

But there the semblance drops! I quote from the cover page,

Oahspe, a new Bible in the Words of Jehovih and his Angel Embassadors.
A sacred history of the dominions of the higher and lower heavens on the Earth for the past twenty-four thousand years, together with a synopsis of the cosmogony of the universe; the creation of planets; the creation of man; the unseen worlds; the labor and glory of gods and goddesses in the etherean heavens.

The book covers reincarnation, the interaction of aliens with humans and human cultures, and why the US Government was assisted to become a democracy in the past.

The Oashpe confirms pole shift history, calling Planet X the Red Star, and details the pole shift that sunk Atlantis, and describes why Atlantis was doomed, and portents the coming pole shift.
The Aftertime, with its many orphans, is described, along with the polarization of the good hearted from the selfish into different camps.

The Oashpe is not easy to read, due to its style, but its meaning is clear enough.

Lets start with the description of the Planet of the Crossing, Niburi, also known as Planet X or Marduk or Wormwood and in Sitchin's books as the 12th Planet.

The Oashpe calls it the Red Star.

Per the Zetas, the sling orbit of Planet X has been in place from the start, coming out of the Big Bang



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ZetaTalk: 12th Planet, Note: written by Jul 15, 1995. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.


The term, 12th Planet, is not scientifically exact but relates to the historical and widely read book that Sitchen wrote, titled The 12th Planet. In this book he explains that the ancient visitors from this traveling comet considered the Moon to be a planet, and counted the Sun as the first. The periodic Earth cataclysms caused by the 12th Planet have been in place for eons, since the Earth was cold and without life. As this statement will raise questions in some minds, let us explain. The Earth was cold as the Sun had not yet lit. All this is a matter of astrophysics, and not relevant to the discussion at hand. The 12th Planet, or giant comet, assumed its orbit around the Sun due to gravitational and motion issues, which were at play coming out of what some Earthlings refer to as the big bang. This was in fact only a little bang, a local affair, however.

The orbit of the 12th Planet is long and narrow. This is not dependent on gravitational and orbital matters within your Solar System, but on a larger scheme, which causes the trip back into your Solar System to be but a minor part of the itinerary. Why does the 12th Planet swing so far away from your Solar System, and why bother to return, having done so?

There is a balance between the attraction of your Sun and another, unseen by you but nevertheless present and in force. The 12th Planet travels interminably between these two forces, not able to settle on an orbit around just one because of the momentum and path it originally took. It is caught. The path of the 12th Planet is such that it spends most of its life out in dark space, slowly moving from one giant tug to another. As it approaches one of these giants, your Sun being one, it picks up speed, and reaches a maximum speed as it passes the attraction. Having passed, it now has double the gravitational attraction on one side, and quickly switches back in the other direction, zooming just as rapidly much along the path it just took. Out in space again, caught between the two giants that dominate its life, it settles down to a sedate few thousand years, only to zip around the Sun's counterpart in a like manner and head back toward your Solar System. All rights reserved: ZetaTalk@ZetaTalk.com

From Troubled Times ZetaTalk Section




For instance, "Zeta Talk" has alleged, in 1995, among other things, that Hale-Bopp was "not a comet." This would come as quite a surprise to those of us that viewed it our night skies for several months in 1997. They've also claimed that Enterprise principal investigator Richard C. Hoagland once went on Art Bell to concur with this opinion by stating he "suspected Hale-Bopp of being not a comet but an intelligently driven star-like object." We of course never said any such thing. They've also charged that Hoagland did this at NASA's behest in return for a promise that NASA would re-photograph Cydonia. No such "quid-pro-quo" has ever taken place between these two parties on any matter.

Enterprise Mission, 2002

The Zetas say there was a comet overhead in 1997, being pointed to as Hale Bopp, but it could not have been the same thing supposedly discovered in 1995 and played up with so much hoopla for 2 years before it finally arrived and proved to be no more spectacular than Hayaku take the previous year. I do remember Richard Hoagland on Art Bell saying that because NASA was refusing to use the Hubble telescope to view Hale Bopp while it was at its closest point to earth, that it could indicate that Hale Bopp was artificial, perhaps a vehicle being driven by astronauts, something placed by NASA in the sky to cover up that there was no real comet, why else the refusal to focus the Hubble on it, and their argument that it would reflect too much light he also countered by saying they had imaged other bright objects with no problem, so why the refusal of this once in a lifetime opportunity to view "the most spectacular comet ever" with our best telescope, the Hubble. I looked on enterprise mission for an article related to that Art Bell show and didn't find the artificial theory in writing, but I well remember that show, which related to this article http://www.enterprisemission.com/nasabell.html. Also see other 4/97 links at http://www.enterprisemission.com/bridge.html

Offered by Milly.

Setting aside the PX issue, Hoagland has some serious credibility issues: He went on Rense's Show several years ago and claimed that North Korea was about to start a war. He warned that Washington DC was about to be nuked. This shows that he does get "info" from someone that is clearly designed to destroy what little credibility he has left. How does a guy who mainly studies Mars and the Moon get such great "insider info"? If you look at his book and his early writings, compared to his recent stuff, there is a marked change for the worse. Now what he writes about is mainly numerology/Masonic/astrology. As in "Horus rises at such latitude at this time and date, therefore, incident Y was planned by Masonic forces to follow their belief system." This not only makes no sense but again he is marginalizing himself. He has flip-flopped many times on PX. Once he said that Sitchin's PX is impossible because the orbit would be unstable, he bought into Van Flandern's exploding planet theory until his falling out with him, he hints that a catastrophe is possible between 2003-2012, now he says it isn't. In one of his posts he even claims that PX's existence is predicted by his hyper-D physics theory (which makes no sense by the way). Basically he's covered all the bases, if PX exists or not/comes in 2003/2012 or never, Hoagland will be right. Hoagland once was somewhat respectable, he spoke at the UN and even at NASA facilities about Cydonia. So clearly he's too smart to be doing these things unless behind the scenes he has been bought off or coerced.

This synopsis of his 9-29-95 Art Bell interview is also interesting because back then he was agreeing with ZetaTalk about Hale-Bopp and also pro-PX. Hoagland reminded Art Bell that when he first heard about Hale-Bopp he "predicted" a 3,600 year return, which is "the classical Summerian Shar", the return of the 12th Planet known as the "planet of the crossing". Hoagland explained that the "Sumerian Priests understood" all the planets in the Solar System, plus "another object" they called the "planet of the crossing". This planet had a "highly elliptical orbit" several hundred AU beyond Jupiter. Hoagland stated that Sitchin's work had "impressed him", and that he felt Hale-Bopp "has been made to fit the Sitchin model". Hoagland stated he was "incredibly suspicious" when the orbit of Hale-Bopp was announced. Hoagland suspects "someone" nudged a speck to "mimic" the 12th Planet

Hoagland said, regarding the projected arrival in 1997, "what is stunning is the timing", as by his calculations this is the correct ending of the "Mayan Calendar" which was to end on December 23, 2012. Hoagland stated that "because of errors in our own calendar" that it is "later than you think", and that 1997 is the "end of the fabled Mayan Calendar". Hoagland stated that he felt the Mayan Calendar date "is critical now", as without intervention there will be "increased geological activity". After a lengthy discussion about various alien and human takeover agendas and predictions on pending geological changes, Hoagland responded to a question, saying "Why would someone try to confuse us? Answer: to distract us. If the physics is mandating major geological changes, and we are distracted both individually and governmentally into looking in the wrong directions until the clock strikes one, then maybe somebody doesn't have to lift a finger because nature will take care of, quote, the problem."

Offered by PS2003.

ZetaTalk Newsletter Archives

Issue163, Sunday Dec 13, 2009 SOHO Says So; Planet of the Crossing; Neon Swirls Issue162, Sunday Dec 6, 2009 ClimateGate; Al Gore's Role; Internet Future ...

Offered by PS2003.


From the ZetaTalk Newsletter Archives 



Issue162, Sunday December 6, 2009 ClimateGate; Topics:  Al Gore's Role; Internet Future.


Is today's erratic weather caused by Global Warming? So says the IPCC, the UN body in charge of climate change investigations. Nevertheless, numerous scientists have disputed the UN reports. But recently the theft of a massive number of private emails from individuals such as the UAE's Phil Jones have put that conclusion in doubt.


QUESTION: Who will be the winners and losers during Climate Gate? Certainly those scientists trying to object to a UN conclusion averse the facts were the losers in the past, though they have now been exonerated. But didn't Al Gore put his good name on the line on this matter? Al Gore, who won the Nobel Peace Prize and an Oscar for his documentary, An Inconvenient Truth.

ANSWER: ZetaTalk Comment 11/28/2009: Global Warming, as we have long stated, is not the cause of the current Earth changes, but is rather a cover chosen to explain many of the anticipated Earth changes. All was well as long as the media and the supposed scientific consensus made the statement that Global Warming was evident and undeniable. Since most people in power in the establishment are aware that there is a presence in our inner solar system likely to pass at some point, and since the establishment has the opinion that panic in the masses is the thing to fear, they pressed all those under their control to go along with this cover-up story. It is no secret that under Bush, scientists were told what to say, ordered to toe the line. The media is controlled. Al Gore went forward like a sacrificial goat to tout the line, knowing that eventually he would be shamed for this. Now that a leak has been accomplished, those in charge of the cover-up are stunned and not sure how to proceed. Their first approach is to see what the fallout might be, if excuses can suffice.

The Zetas have been frequently asked about Gore's position on Global Warming, as the Zetas consistently made their opinions on the matter known. If Gore is one of the good guys, what's he doing in a lie? During the Bush administration, the Zetas pointed out that Gore was under a national security oath on the matter, so could not speak out, and that Gore's early forays on the matter were more in line with putting himself forward as a future office holder, a politician.

Gore who is apparently Service-to-Other, won't come out and say that Planet X is coming despite his inside knowledge, but just goes on about Global Warming. Telling the public about Global Warming is not a substitute for the truth. Will common people make the distinction?

ZetaTalk Answer 4/7/2007: We have stated that Gore's movie, An Inconvenient Truth, was intended to posture Gore in the limelight more than correct carbon emissions. The movie was about Gore, more than about Global Warming, as it discussed his childhood, family tragedies, and the theft of the 2000 presidential election. In that Bush has declared talking about Planet X, by those officially in the know, to be a national security breech, Gore can hardly be held accountable for the lack of a pronouncement from his lips. The media is likewise put in this position. Gore would be imprisoned if he talked, as he learned his facts about Planet X from NASA and his stint in the White House. By law he could be prosecuted, and would be prosecuted, though this would be dealt with as an insanity issue, not a legal matter.

ZetaTalk Comment 10/27/2007: Gore has a delicate balance to maintain. He has mapped out his path, to be prepared to assume leadership in a heartbeat if the situation calls for it, or to jump into the 2008 campaign if Hillary Clinton falters due to the many skeletons in her closet coming to light. His efforts on the Global Warming issue, as we have explained, are to posture him in the public eye as something other than the wooden candidate he was in 2000, stiff and shy, to being someone internationally known and respected, applauded, and at ease in the spotlight. At this he has succeeded.

SOHO Says So


The ZetaTalk Newsletter,Issue 163, Sunday, December 13, 2009; Topics: SOHO Says So; Planet of the Crossing; Neon Swirls

There are several satellites looking at the Sun, and taking images in various wave lengths. SOHO, Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, is one of them. LASCO, the Large Angle and Spectrometric Coronagraph, sometimes known as the SOHO C3 or red image, is one of the wave lengths captured. In addition, there are the two Stereo satellites, taking images of the Sun and what is behind the Sun via their Cor1 and Cor2 wave length captures. The satellite that preceeds the Earth in its orbit is known as the Stereo Ahead satellite, and the satellite that follows the Earth is its orbit is known as the Stereo Behind. Planet X has been showing up on these various images, regularly. The first occurrence was on a LASCO C3 image on December 23, 2007, featured in Issue 56 of this newsletter. There was the Planet X complex, complete with streaming tail.

NOTE: Digital Photographs, Stereo Ahead and Stereo Behind captures and SOHO images are omitted from this article as posted on E-mail.

Not Shown.

The next occurrence was on the SOHO C2, or blue image, on March 27, 2009, featured in Issue 127 of this newsletter. There was the Planet X complex again, this time taking the shape of the Winged Globe of yor, though the streaming tail of Planet X was again visible. This Planet X complex has appeared regularly on both the C2 and C3 images, when the automatic air brushing programs in place to disguise the presence of Planet X falter or when there is dithering or bobbling so it appears in an unexpected place in the images.

Not Shown.

Most recently, on December 4 and December 5, 2009, the Planet X complex has made a dramatic appearance on the Stereo Ahead satellite, in the shape of a Red Cross.

Planet X is approaching Earth in a retrograde orbit, clockwise, heading into the Earth in its counterclockwise orbit. Thus, the Stereo Ahead satellite is capturing the Planet X complex while the Stereo Behind satellites does not. In this diagram, the Earth is the dot at the bottom of the orbit swath. Stereo Ahead is the fan opening up from the right of Earth, including the Sun and beyond. Stereo Behind is the fan opening up at the left of the Earth.




ZetaTalk: Hercolubus, written Nov 2, 2006


QUESTION: How about Ramatis, Brazilian prophet, who wrote the book Mensajes del Astral where is described the approach of an intruder planet into our solar system? [and from another] http://www.crawford2000.co.uk/ In 1950 a celebrated Brazilian medium named Hercilio Maes channeled a prophecy from his guide Ramatis. Maes predicts that the earth's axis will change through ninety degrees due to the gravitational pull of an enormous new planet which will enter our solar system soon. [and from another] http://ufopi.freehomepage.com/ Ramatis delivered lectures to standing room only crowds through human instruments like Brazil's Chico Xavier and Luis Muzio. Ramatis discussed the imminent destruction of Earth by an orphan planet named Hercolubus, orbiting an invisible sun named Tila, whose trajectory brought it through the solar system every 6,666 years.

ANSWER: We have lately been asked to address a prophet in China, Zhuge Liang, and a little known but genuine report of a NDE by one Lou Famoso. Both spoke of the coming pole shift and spiritual transformation of mankind. We mentioned that all cultures have such prophets, and in the current time, many contactees are given visions to relay, though not all come through with their mission completed. In S. America, the primary prophecies relaying the coming pole shift have been from an entity known as Ramatis, who used several channels, relaying the same message from each. All the channels Ramatis used were sincere, with the message essentially being relayed unpolluted by the human vehicles. That the message of a 90° shift, due to the passage of a large planet with a long orbital period, which orbits two Sun's, one of which has never lit and thus is invisible, remarkably parallels our description of the orbit and passage of Planet X. However, all channeled work suffers from the limitations of the human to relay the intended message, or confusion among those hearing the message.

Hercolubus is interpreted to be as large or larger than Jupiter, but the intended impression was to be huge when viewed from Earth, during the passage. Planet X indeed covers the Sun during the passage, particularly the writhing dust cloud and moon swirls which reach out from Planet X for an extensive area. In trying to relay these details, this impression, the channel or those recording the session took the Planet X complex to be a planet that large, thus monstrous. Likewise the orbit period of 6,666 is confusion between the period approximating 3,600, or our estimate of 3,657 years, and the Biblical number 666 interpreted to be the mark of the Devil. If the channel was well versed in the Bible, and the channels of Ramatis were, then any discussion of the End Times would bring up 666 as an important number. Channeling is not using the channel as a typing machine, it is using the channel's education, understanding of science, ability to entertain concepts, command of the language, and ability to formulate analogies or create scenario descriptions with depth and detail. If the channel has no word to describe something the spirit wishes to relay, the channel will wrap words about the concept as best it can. Thus, the possibility of distortion exists.

Bearing this in mind, these are valid prophecies, and should be carefully read with an open mind that looks for similarities with other valid prophecies, rather than dwelling on the differences.


Live ZetaTalk Chat on Dec 1, 2001,


(NancyL) I was just reading the Bible, Revelations, Chp 8 on, and it sure sounds like a pole shift/passage warning.
(NancyL) I think we can start. My PC clock is a bit off, but I think it's the hour.
(Jurian) yeah, almost :)
(NancyL) 1. Does the Book of Revelation to St.John in the New Testament, in particular chapter 8, describe the coming PS? What is the Star Wormwood in that book? PX?
(NancyL) 2. What are the infamous "three days of darkness" in so many visions, prophecies, channelings etc.? Why exactly three days and not two or four or five days?
(NancyL) ZT: Many prophecies has alluded to the coming pole shift, which is a KNOWN date and thus was wedded to the millennium in many prophecies as 2003 comes so close on the heels of the year 2000.
(NancyL) ZT: In addition to prophecies written years ago, there are many valid channels who are writing warnings about the coming times, and contactees reporting similar visions.
(DraganR) :0)
(NancyL) ZT: At times, the prophecies seem to differ, and this causes consternation among those reading them and looking for a firm guidance during troubled times.
(NancyL) ZT: it is like to proverbial blind men, walking about the elephant, each describing a different FEEL of the object they have encountered. What is the truth?
(NancyL) ZT: In fact, all is truth, but one must sort it out by seeing the SIMILARITIES, not the differences.
(NancyL) ZT: For instance, the blind men groping at the elephant could all report the same skin feel, the same height of the beast, that it felt warm, was alive,
(NancyL) ZT: They could likewise have reported each from their position that this felt like a leg, or moved as though not supporting the beast as in a trunk or an ear.
(NancyL) ZT: This is the approach that those reading prophecy or channeled work should take.
(NancyL) ZT: Where has the coming shift been reported, with some accuracy, in ancient or recent writings?
(NancyL) ZT: The Bible, in Revelations, is often quoted and is most definitely reporting the occurrence of a pole shift.
(NancyL) ZT: Hail, quakes, volcanoes, fire from the sky, meteors, and waters turned bitter and red with the red dust.
(NancyL) ZT: Often the appearances from the sky are described as creatures, such as a dragon or lion or scorpion.
(NancyL) ZT: Imagine a frightened populace seeing fire storms descending upon them, whipped by winds, and hearing the earth moan about them as the crust resisted separating from the core.
(NancyL) ZT: The Bible was describing a scene for PRIMITIVE peoples, without the science knowledge of today, and without communications capabilities to know what the rest of the world was experiencing.
(NancyL) ZT: The Oahspe describes pole shifts accurately, and Mother Shipton has placed here warning with great detail.
(NancyL) ZT: There are also many valid channeled works which avoid mention of the shift, due to the propensity of the entities channeled or the channel itself.
(NancyL) ZT: Some simply cannot bear to be the bearers of bad tiding.
(NancyL) ZT: Regarding the Bible's mention, in Revelation, of the "mark in the forehead", related to those who would be saved.
(NancyL) ZT: This is often interpreted to mean those of faith, who follow the rules put forth by their Christian leadership.
(NancyL) ZT: Following rules, as we have stated repeatedly, is NOT the same as being a Service-to-Other individual.
(NancyL) ZT: The mark referred to is an implant, to be put into the bodies of those in the STO orientation who have accepted the offer of assistance during the hour of the shift.
(NancyL) ZT: Implants as we have stated, are locating devices, to expedite the process during that hurried time.
(NancyL) ZT: There is also confusion about 3 days of darkness, versus the week of rotation stoppage we have predicted.
(NancyL) ZT: Why 3 days? A human in shock, experiencing stoppage without knowledge of why this is occurring, will have some delays in their sensory intake.
(NancyL) Lack of sleep will mean that a night has not passed, and anxious people do not sleep well.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, a week has been compressed, in general understanding of the human ability to measure time when the sun does not rise of set, to be 3 days.
(NancyL) ZT: That 3 days, not 7, appears in so many prophecies is an indication that many groups, visiting Earth and wishing to help mankind during this time, talk to each other and share their interpretations!
(NancyL) End ZT


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ZetaTalk: Annunaki, Note: written by Jul 15, 1995


The Annunaki are the giant hominoids from the 12th Planet, spoken of in many names in the legends of man as is their planet - Marduk, Wormwood, the 12th Planet, and lately the inbound Planet X discovered by NASA in 1983. These giants were approximately 50% larger than man, as their home planet is more dense and massive and the gravity on the surface that much stronger. Larger bones are needed to support life there. These giants came to Earth during the passages of their home planet, which traverses the solar system every 3,657 years, as the ancient Sumerians recorded. They mined for gold, a mineral rare on their wandering planet which spent much of it’s orbit hovering between the two binary suns it orbits - the Sun and it’s dark twin some 18.74 Sun-Pluto distances from the Sun. Much ZetaTalk exists on this matter in the Worlds and Science and Rules section of ZetaTalk, so we will not be redundant on this matter.

However, until recently, there was a Service-to-Self scam ongoing by aliens and humans in contact with these aliens regarding terrifying humanity with warnings about a return of these giants to Earth. They are quarantined, kept at a distance in the solar system from mankind on Earth, though allowed to continue mining operations on a moon of Mars. Due to the Rules of Engagment between ourselves and these Service-to-Self aliens we could not discuss this scam without engaging them, and our efforts were needed elsewhere, so we declined the engagement. Since the scam has been dropped, we can now discussion this. There will be no return of these giants, who claimed erroneously in their past literature that they had genetically engineered mankind. They did not do so, are not the creators of man, and man stands in fact as their full equal as 3rd Density hominoids. Earth, in fact, is undergoing a transformation ahead of the home of these giant hominoids, so could in many respects be considered more progressive.

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ZetaTalk: Council of Worlds, Note: written by Jul 15, 1995.


The Council of Worlds, sometimes known to you as the Association of Worlds, has over 40 groups at the present time, but this number varies from time to time, and is in motion. The alien groups that are present on Earth are all members of the Council of Worlds. All entities, from either spiritual orientation, who are visiting the Earth at this time are likewise members. This is not optional. We are a member of the Council of Worlds. The Council governs the affairs of the portion of the Universe to which the Earth is a part. The Council of Worlds stands as the final arbitrator when issues fall into certain areas, such as territorial issues.

The members of the Council, being primarily from the higher spiritual densities, are not, in the main, incarnated. This makes for a setting humans might find amusing, when holding council with incarnated aliens. Those incarnated stand around, gesturing and communicating with grunts or diagrams or telepathically or through translators if necessary. Now and then all fall silent and still while the Council communicates to them, soul to soul, and the incarnated souls then hastily update their physical minds through the mind/spirit connection. Then another round of discussion ensues. To an outsider, unaware of what was happening, the voice of authority would seem to be absent.

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The Zetas talk about how the Council of Worlds is not voluntary as all aliens visiting Earth are administered by the Council of Worlds; how there can be no Secession; what the Council Charter is and how this affects the Pace of Change here on Earth; how the Earth is a Member already and as an Earthling you can make your Vote Count; what rights the Minority Vote has, and what constitutes the Voting Population; how the rules work in a Mixed Setting of aliens and humans who often have Mixed Goals; why triggering the Enron investigation and Interfering such as with Chernobyl or Contour or Protection/Healings or Moving Planets so that there is Apparent Precision are within the rules as this affects Things vs People and the pole shift will have No Delay; what Engagement Rules alien groups are required to abide by when interacting with each other; how Star Child Engagements are handled; and whether life bearing planets are considered Reusable Worlds.

The Zetas talk about what Travel Protocol they must abide by; what the rules are guiding Time Travel and whether man's Theories can be tested; whether aliens have ingrained Politics; whether Declaring War occurs and what results when the Service-to-Self engage in Leveling Wars; whether the Death Sentence or Slavery Practices exists on other worlds; what occurs when inhabited worlds are on a Collision Course; what the rules are regarding Solar System Shuttles; what the Exploration Limits affecting mankind are. The Zetas talk about what kind of internal rules the Service to Self groups have; how the Council of Worlds Keep in Line those in Service-to-Self; what kind of internal rules the Service to Other groups operate under; how they manage when they have Friendly Disagreements; how Interference by others is handled; what factor Unconditional Love plays in this; and how they manage Without Money.

The Zetas talk about that in spite of Implants and occasional Healings alien groups are required to abide by non-interference rules; that humans have Free Will over their destiny and Intervention will not occur, but there are some Exceptions; how we are to make our own choices While Unaware; why visitations are without Sight or Sound; how rules affect gifts of Alien Technology and Escape Routes during the coming cataclysms; whether the cataclysms can be Avoided or Rescue Demands honored; and how the hominoid giants using the 12th Planet Shuttle were quarantined because they interfered. The Zetas talk about how God is the highest authority but they don't know What is God with any greater certainty; whether genetic engineering can be considered Playing God; whether there are Planetary Souls or Animal Souls so that we could be hunting and eating our brothers; whether Thinking Machines such as Robots are alive or can have souls, and how the Lack of Choice in Bounded Robots relates; why the Rule of Forgetfulness exists; whether Karmic Justice exists between alien groups; how our past thoughts and actions are On the Record; and how we are to concentrate on our Orientation Lesson.

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TROUBLED TIMES, Rogue Planet Section

Bodes Law


From: denises9@mail.idt.net (Darrell R.Stewart)
Newsgroups: alt.bible.prophecy

Date: Sun, 02 Mar 1997 13:28:56 GMT

There are numerous indications that a tenth planet is part of our solar system. This information is first derived from ancient Sumerian (Akkadian, Assyrian and Babylonian) texts unearthed in and around present-day Iraq. Such a (now missing) planet was referred to in those ancient texts as "Nibiru" (later to be called "Marduk" in mythological stories by the Babylonians). Therefore, if and when the lucky person finds such a planet and has his or her discovery verified s/he will more than likely have "rediscovered" only one small bit of previously acquired knowledge that has been lost by our species over the past several thousand years.

Another hint of the existence of a missing planet is found in Bode's law. This unique mathematical formula predicts that a planet should be orbiting our sun at 2.8 astronomical units distance. This is exactly where our present-day asteroid belt is located. Therefore, it is likely that some kind of calamitous event took place at or near this distance from Sol. However, whatever it was that was originally orbiting our sun at that distance, it was not the missing planet that we are still searching for. The following is a summary of what Zecharia Sitchin proposes in his thought-provoking book The Twelfth Planet of The Earth Chronicles.

Possibly, the asteroid belt is composed of remnants of our own present-day Earth and satellites of the missing planet ("X"). The hint by Bode's law regarding a Planet X is that the Sumerian "Nibiru" and its orbiting satellites may have collided with a planet called "Tiamat" after the formation of our solar system. During this possible event our planets and satellites would have still been in a very hot and volatile state. After one or more impacts upon Tiamat by Nibiru's satellites the subsequent destruction created a new planet referred to by the Sumerians as "Ki" (known today as Earth) as well as the asteroid belt. Earth's satellite, our Moon, may have been captured within Ki's gravitational field during this "battle of the planets" as depicted in Sumerian texts. Therefore, our Moon may have originally been a satellite of Nibiru. And, consequently, the missing planet (Planet X) may already have a name: Nibiru (Marduk)!

Another indication of Planet X is how several of our recently rediscovered planets came about. Because of the eccentricity of Uranus' orbit many astronomers suspected another planet had to exist beyond it. Their search lead to the discovery of Neptune in 1846. But then, they discovered that Neptune also had such irregularities and in 1930 Pluto was discovered. Yet, Pluto was not large enough to cause Neptune to have the irregularities that it has. Therefore, the search for another planet ("X") continues. The possibility of one or more additional planets existing in our solar system is reasonably good.


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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live, written April 18, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.


QUESTION:  I searched ZetaTalk.com and didn't find anything regarding the Terra Papers or Robert Morning Sky http://freedomdomain.com/Terrapapers/terrapapers.html Below is a playlist of his lectures posted recently on YouTube. The linguistics are at very least quite fascinating - RA Shields and RA KA Pharaohs/Rothchilds and Rockefellers. http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=D6D9632DA5F73154 Would the Zetas comment on Mr. Morning Star's telling of the History of Eridu/Tiamat/Earth, as made know to his people by Star Elder, a visitor who crashed here in the late 1950s? 1957 if I'm remembering correctly.

ANSWER: The rumors about the crash at Roswell have layers of truth and falsehood within them. One version of the story is that all aliens died, or one lived for only a short time. We have provided the true version of the Roswell story. One version of the story is that there were several ships, or at least more than one. Of course there were more attempts, more ships prepared for this effort, and not all the survivors were taken into custody by the US government. We have often been asked to reconcile every other prophecy, valid or invalid, with our own statements. We have addressed the manner in which the Earth received a great wound, which she carries today in the Pacific. Earth once rode in the Asteroid Belt and was slung into her present orbit during a collision. Descriptions in poetic analogies can be a valid way of relaying history or projecting a prophecy, but should not be taken literally. Beyond this, we decline to reconcile our words with others.

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ZetaTalk: Shuttles
Note: written Dec 15, 1995. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.


In the past the 12th Planet was considered part of your Solar System, and in general the Council of Worlds allows 3rd Density species who are local to interact with each other, especially when they are the same species. The hominoids on the 12th Planet were seeded in the same manner as the hominoids on Earth, and during the same time frame, but uneven development occurred. The hominoids on Earth dealt with carnivores and the violent geological changes that accompany pole shifts. If they were not running away they were having to pick up the pieces and start over again. Thus, the hominoids on the 12th Planet reached the point where Homo Sapiens on Earth is now, many millennia ago. They developed rockets, not unlike the manned rockets the US sends aloft regularly to maintain its satellite system.

The goal was not simply to orbit their planet, but to gather resources for their planet, essentially a water world where mining operations were limited. They were driven to develop a Solar System shuttle, and their early astronauts were much at risk and died by the dozens. They could plainly see, via their telescope equivalents, that the Earth and Mars were planets that could sustain them. As with international travelers on Earth, they expected to get infected with new bugs, and that their immune systems would either adapt or they would die. Eventually, during repeated visits of the 12th Planet to your Solar System, they worked the kinks out of their shuttle and settled into colonies on Earth and Mars. Then trouble emerged as, being advanced, the giant hominoids demanded and got subservience from Earthlings, in the same manner that humans living among chimpanzees would behave. In addition to their technological advantage, the giant hominoids from the 12th Planet had size on their side, just as humans do with monkeys. They ruled.

As these types of arrangements become progressively more extreme, the Council of Worlds stepped in and effected a quarantine. The 12th Planet inhabitants do not know they are quarantined, they simply came to the realization that they must leave. This was arranged as most such matters, with the 3rd Density hominoids believing to this day that the decision was theirs. They ran into increasing difficulties - rebellious slaves, bad weather, loss of their stores - and found that their brethren elsewhere were at least masters of their environment. The grass was greener, and they left. They were discouraged by walk-ins sent to accomplish this mission, and the untimely storms that scattered their pack animals and sank their ships were accomplished by air turbulence caused by temperature differences, a minor feat quickly arranged. All rights reserved: ZetaTalk@ZetaTalk.com.

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ZetaTalk: Exploration Limits
Note: written Apr 15, 1996. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.


Man has just recently, within the past century, launched into the space age, sending astronauts to the Moon and probes to the outer and inner reaches of the Solar System. The giant hominoids from your Solar System's 12th Planet progressed beyond this point, having established mining operations on various planets or moons within your Solar System, and shuttling to meet their home, the 12th Planet, when it periodically made a passage. What, therefore are the exploration limits on 3rd Density species, who are considered too spiritually immature to leave the play pen. Does this play pen have bounds? In general, entities in 3rd Density are allowed unlimited exploration within their solar system. Where more than one planet in the solar system is inhabited by an intelligent species, and an imbalance of power arises between these species, restrictions in the form of a quarantine may result. For instance, if one planet's intelligent species were dexterous, such as man, and another planet, being a water planet, had an intelligent species that had only fins and tentacles, an imbalance of power would exist. The dexterous species could enslave or exterminate the hapless water creatures.

Given man's violent nature, is the human race at the point of a quarantine? In fact, a quarantine already exists, though man is quite unaware of it. His recent difficulties with his space program are not all accidents, although the incidents that caused death or endangerment to astronauts or technicians in the past have all been man-made. Man will not be allowed to travel to those parts of the Solar System where they would be liable to encounter their old slave masters, the giant hominoids from the 12th Planet. The reasons lie not in the small bands that in all likelihood would exchange information and might even become friends. It is the message that would be brought back to Earth that is the sticking point. The Earth has a long memory of having been enslaved in the past by these giant hominoids, who were quarantined from the Earth for upsetting the balance of another 3rd Density species existence. Going into the Transformation, Earthlings are not to be alarmed by this palpably real threat, as this would increase fear and anxiety inordinately.

Man, therefore, is being quarantined for his own good. Were it not for this conflict, he would be allowed free range throughout his Solar System, which given his limited intelligence would in any case be the bounds of his play pen. All rights reserved: ZetaTalk@ZetaTalk.com

NOTE:  This article is lengthy as it is and my purpose is only to say that the Destroyer of the Exodus is again passing through our Solar System and will soon grab the Horn of Brazil and, in one sixty minute hour, pull it into position as the new North Pole region of Earth and, if possible, to cause you to understand that the world as we know it is ending.


There have been many Passages in the history of Earth. The Passage in progress involves you and every other student in schoolhouse Earth personally. 

Robert A. Darby, 5121 Anchorage Ave, El Paso, TX 79924-3342




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