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apart from John Lennon this gives me proof of telepathy :) *PIC*
In Response To: The U.S. vs John Lennon *LINK* ()

Say what! Today I had repeatedly 'drumspirit on my mind' and also thought of the John Lennon Phenomenon, and his efforts to find the 'path to bright lights'. Cathy Tassy style?

How is the weather near Lake Ontario? I just asked www.foreca.com -
I see, and what a coincidence, the same as here, exactly the same temperature namely 14°C aka 57°F . I take this figuratively, see see!

All modules on the motherboard running?

The dark shadow in the picture is me holding the camera,
early morning light smooth and bright.

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The U.S. vs John Lennon *LINK*
apart from John Lennon this gives me proof of telepathy :) *PIC*
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