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Following the Path of don Juan, a Pilgrimge and Vision Quest








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This sacred journey will take place over one month and is divided into two parts. You may participant in the first or second part or you may participate in the entire pilgrimage.

"For me there is only the traveling on paths that have heart, on any path that may have heart, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length--and there I travel looking, looking breathlessly."
—Carlos Castaneda, from The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge

Journey with us as we make a pilgrimage along several natural and Hispanic power places, making a series of indigenous origin practices; sensing exercises, cleansing rituals, and specialized attention and energy handling techniques, as well important connections with nature and its Poderios (conscious powers).

This pilgrimage awakens inside each participant enough lucidity to enter into a special inner journey though their own mind, feelings, and history to clean blockages, healing the past, forgiving, opening consciousness portals and creating with actions a solid platform to establish a profound, conscious and lasting dialogue with the great spirit of life.

The journey is a route where we pass by several doors or portals that are found in nature; portals that are on the world, but as well and more important, they are inside of ourselves.

The pilgrimage is a double journey, on one side it happens on the world but at the same time, and in parallel, it´s an inner pilgrimage that takes the individual beyond the limits that contain the person and their daily routines; it is a trip of transcendence that aims toward self-consciousness and lucidity.

In every place and its particular energy we will work with different techniques, indigenous procedure exercises and procedures, connecting with nature though her many faces; rivers, cascades, jungle, mountains, the forest, the volcano, caves, and underground rivers, and power plants.

Finally we will arrive to the desert as ending point, where thanks to the previous preparation each participant will work in The Vision Quest as the culminate event of this pilgrimage to mystery.

The objective of this pilgrimage is to be prepared to be able to make a VISION QUEST and out of this vision discover the next steps to follow in life; the direction that has been searched for so long, the real sense and mission for being alive on this marvelous world.

With Love,
Mario and Rocío

The world of everyday life is not real, or out there, as we believe it is. Reality, or the world we all know, is only a description. On this journey you will learn how to see as opposed to merely looking.



Founder and director of Con Ciencia Indígena (With Indigenous Science), Mario has more than 22 years of relationship with the most preserved indigenous groups of Mexico sharing Toltec roots, basically the Huichols, Mazatecs, Nahuas, and Mayas. Together with ROCÍO LÓPEZ RUÍZ, they have been guiding this sacred pilgrimage for several years.

Mario teaches workshops, retreats, and at conferences related to human development, self healing, and shamanic techniques, transmitting practical ways to apply indigenous knowledge in modern everyday life. He conducts tours to Mexican natural power places and pre-hispanic cities to make deep connections though ceremonies, rituals and indigenous practices. He has 30 years of experience exploring altered states of consciousness and assisting and helping people into those realms and healings though sacred power plants.

Being a member of Conservacion Humana A.C., he has participated in the re-opening of an almost lost millenary pilgrimage route, a 680 kilometers walk to the most sacred lands of the Huichol nation.

Mario is author of the book Here and Now dealing with subjects as lucidity, awareness, attention focus, and consciousness.

Recently Mario and Rocío were filmed by The History Channel for a segment of the series “Strange Rituals” in the documentary “Last Rites” showing a Toltec live burial initiation ceremony, “The Burial of the Warrior”.


The entrance to a great change is getting closer, but Rocío never personally imagined that the change would be so real. After living an ordinary life, at the age of 21 a clinic death brought a 360° shift to her life and from this experience she has been dedicated to the exploration of subconscious depths though indigenous Toltec knowledge as a personal transformation tool. Being a nutritional adviser she has dedicated more than 18 years to physical, mental and spiritual health, aware that nutrition is much more than what we eat, since we nourish ourselves from what we think, say, listen, see, personal relations, and the world in which we live.

Currently she has a TV nutrition program and gives nutrition and holistic health workshops, convinced that awakening physical consciousness will gradually unchain a spiritual awakening.

the pathway to becoming a man or woman of knowledge

21 March - 4 April and April 6 - April 21 2011 • MEXICO
The first part takes place in the jungle of Chiapas and the second part is where the pilgrimage aspect begins, departing the jungle and traveling to the volcano and desert and working with indigenous power plant teachers. The exercises are designed to bring awareness with immediacy, honesty, and clarity. By facing yourself and your fears in this way you will be present to the moment, with knowledge and power.

Full information is available at www.greatmystery.org/events/donjuan0311.html
Click on the links on the upper left of this page for more detailed information

For more information email: Event Info





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