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Daily Summary - Vatic Project - February 12-13, 2011

Quick Note:  Thank you for the sunday off.   It was great.   lol  They are back to messing with me, that is why I am late.  I control almost nothing of the printing,  everytime I set it, they change it so, just pay attention to the information and forget the way it looks,  Thanks  this does get old.  Post #1 is up again to prepare you for post #2 which is not published anywhere in the main stream press and makes Keisers point beautifully.   And also to highlight the globalist frenchman on there as well. 




Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Feb 12-13, 2011

I.  Post:                Max Keiser: "Goldman Sachs Are Scum That's The Bottom Line" (Best Of Goldman Collection)
Vatic Note:  
He is simply just great. I found this one and decided we need more honest bare knuckles truth and he provides it right down to the nub and that is what we do NOT get from the goldman sucks owned MSM. If nothing else there is pure entertainment value in this and once in a while we need a good laugh. They call the CEO of Goldman sucks "The Vampire Squid", and that fits so well, in fact check out this picture of him with that image attached, its great. Remember, Goldman sucks is the operational arm of Rothschilds in the United States and globally, working with Soros, in taking over all the nations wealth, economy, corporations, land and natural resources. Israel is their military arm. We are the military arm of Israel. See how this all works? I just wish he would say that. I think he knows it but wont' broach the subject just yet. Notice the french Whore was selling the hegelian solution..... goldman sachs creates the problem, we react and they come up with a "global currency" they control and we have no say in, and they then get to do the same scamming on a global level.   What a whore that french guy was.   I LOVE MAX KEISER.  He speaks truth to power pure, unadulterated and honestly.   He made mincemeat out of the frenchman and showed what a whore he was for the rothschild international bankers and the BIS which is Rothschilds holding bank..  So BIS, under a global system would be the clearing house for all the currency reserves.  What a joke,  then they could just steal the money without all the terrorist threats.  LOL   YOU GO MAX.  





II.  Post                  The S.E.Cs 3.87 trillion dollar lawsuit - The Largest Fraud Case in World HIstory!!! Wall street


Vatic Note:  Why do shareholders have to sue civilally when this is a felony crime of historic proportions?  Why didn't the SEC or Dept of Justice investigate and prosecute?   Can the people hold them accountable for this?  Should we resort to calling for a citizen empanelled grand jury?   The sharefholders have collected enough evidence to put an end to these criminal mafia artists right now.  After their conviction on this we should then begin one on 9-11 SINCE THAT IS WHERE ALL THIS BEGAN.  THIS is exactly what happens when you assume that the Khazar Huns and mongols will behave like any other civilized culture and that is a costly lesson we did not learn.   Had this been put out by the papers as it should have been a long time ago,  the following would have been the case:   1.  Prosecutions would have put them in jail by now for probably life sentences,   2.  All wars would  have ended since those doing it would have been in jail,   3.  Israel would have been forbotten to ever enter this country again, and  4.  we would be back on the road to recovery instead of heading down the criminal war path for "GREATER ISRAEL" S' LAND GRAB IN THE MIDDLE EAST FOR OIL AND WATER USING USA RESOURCES AND BLOOD OF OUR CHILDREN.  These are the cretins we are allowing to move toward running the world and we would be at their mercy.   You slave for them or get the guillotine.  SO, LETS MAKE UP FOR LOST TIME AND MAKE THIS GO VIRAL.  Please, we still have a slim chance of stopping all this going on right now as we speak.  PRESSURE NEEDS TO BE APPLIED TO INVESTIGATE, PROSECUTE AND CHARGE THEM WITH MASSIVE FELONY CRIMES AND LETS DO SO "NOW", NOT LATER,  NOW.   You are going to be sick and tired of the truth slammed right in our faces because we are totally lost if we don't do exactly that.  
III.                           Jim Dean Exclusive: Israel Espionage In America - A National Security Scandel - Part II - Khazarian Control of America



Vatic Note:   (Be sure and watch the Pollard video with new information we did not know, apparently many CIA agents and other intel people were murdered because of his work).  How is it possible that all of this has occurred and how and when did it occur?  Did it start with JFK's assassination when Henry Kissinger came in after Johnson and took over?  Were they there before in the CIA as Woolsey shows,  and JFK was going to clean out that nest of spies, and was murdered instead.   How is it possible that a huge percentage of employees within these divisions of defense and intel are dual israeli citizens that far out weight the percentage of representation of the population? They are only 2% of our population, yet, they are about 38% of the employees???? This is why we are doing this series as its becoming patently clear they are controlling our entire government. I just found out that there is at least one dual Israeli citizen or even regular citizen of Israel working in each and every office as staff for each and every congressmen and senator. Could that be why my senator did not know about some of the things going on that are hidden from them??? Lots of questions, and very little in the way of answers, so LETS GO DOWN THAT RABBIT HOLE, SHALL WE AND GET RID OF FOREIGN CONTROL OF OUR GOVERNMENT IN EVERY AREA ESPECIALLY HOMELAND SECURITY.

Then we can prosecute those who committed treason by aiding and abetting this foreign entity.   If they were blackmailed or threatened, then they should get off with a slap on the wrist if they disgorge all that has gone down in every area of our gov so we can clean out the rats nest that has built up there.  Those bribed should serve full term in jail.   THANK GOD FOR GORDON DUFF AND VETERANS TODAY , who is fearless and courageous for telling us the truth, as he is showing us how so many on the inside are unhappy about all this and how veterans are being singled out by the SPLC and ADL (fronts for mossad) for their harrassment activities to harm them after serving them so well.   Cretin pigs.  (Sorry, this makes me mad at them for harming our veterans who give so much more than the rest of us for securing our freedoms and then these so called allies who are really felony criminals, treat them like fodder, as Kissinger said so well)    Click on title above to read more

IV.                         DHS Declares War:"Homegrown Terrorists Fueled by the Internet", Part III - Khazarian control of America


 Vatic Note: Watch and read this in light of the previous blog we just put up about Israel and their control of Homeland Security and the dangers to our veterans of that control.  It's critical that we understand just how bad this really is and it must be stopped.   Only we can do it since our government is under control of a foreign power as we speak today.  SPREAD BOTH OF THESE BLOGS, EVERYWHERE TO EVERYONE AND GET IT OUT BEFORE THEY SHUT OFF THE NET.    There are other blogs for  both dates but I would never get this out if I tried to put them all up here.... so please visit both dates for the rest.  Thanks for putting up with all this.

Here we go. I said before a long time ago and continually ever since, that once the khazars consolidate control, we will be treated just like they treat the palestinians, we are hated as much by the Israeli khazars as the pals are. The International bankers of Rothschild also hate us for thwarting their many attempts over a 100 years to do what they are doing now, and the robber barons hate us for electing FDR when we did who also thwarted their attempt to build a fascist national empire here in America. I am not saying FDR is faultless in some of the things he did, but he was hated by them, so he did enough to thwart them.   So, get ready with whatever way you have chosen to fight this final battle. They will brook you no quarter whatsoever. They are on the verge of going down criminally and they cannot hold off anymore, so this is the big push and this is the lead into the big push. It will work with some of the sheep, but thank goodness most are waking up rapidly. In fact, I am impressed given the length of time it took, but in fact, these satan worshippers are the ones that shoved them over the line with their actions and behavior. It was a blessing in that instance even though a curse in other ways. So, keep the faith, and remember WE ARE POWERFUL BEINGS AND WE MUST NEVER FORGET THAT AND DO NOT BE AFRAID. Get righteously angry.  (I laughed so hard when I saw that picture because she does look "exactly"  like Hitler.... Hmmm, I wonder if she is related to him?   What an idea!!!  So many are related.   LOL  I am still laughing, how did we ever allow all these nazi Khazars to get into power here?  Were we really sleeping that badly?) 
Click on link above to read more.

I AM AMERICA - Kristan Branch  -  Click on link and scroll down to the first video.  ITS WELL WORTH IT.  Music tells us who we are.

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