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The REAL MIDDLE EAST AGENDA...??? (With MAPS) & Guess WHO Will Have Control... *PIC*

FORGET the STUPID "Greater Israel" OR "Greater Iran" -- Mere SMOKESCREENS like Everything Else...THIS is what the American Military has been fighting for in the Middle East beginning with Daddy Bush's 'Desert Storm' and will continue until America is Used Up & Destroyed.  Ya know, I gotta hand it to the Vatican...they're far more intelligent, more crafty, more clever and more patient than the Americans, the Europeans, the Jews, the Muslims, the Russians, the Chinese and the rest of the world combined.  They're as stealthy as a black panther stalking its prey in the middle of the night and after they make their strikes, the rest of the world wakes up the next morning and...duh...by golly "the more things have changed, the more they've remained the same" and as long as we have food in our mouths, some change in our pockets with plenty of Bread & Circuses...duh...what do we care???

So if the Vatican wants this Whole Planet THAT BADLY -- then let 'em have it -- THEY Deserve It...

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? --- Mark 8:36 (KJV)

THIS SAYS IT ALL...(*They* either changed or blocked a couple of their LINKS from the following website, but I found one of them...)

Vatican Order Considers “Holy Land” To Be Former Greater Syria (ALL Under Vatican Control) The Comments are Interesting Also...


'Map of the Custody' on THEIR Website (Franciscans in Jerusalem) -- then Scroll Down

Custody of the Holy Land
(Franciscans Serving the Holy Places & the Christian Communities)...

The Papal Order that wants "Palestina" back --
by evicting the Jewish control over Jerusalem...


Not many Catholics know that the Roman Catholic Representatives in Israel are trying to Re-establish the Kingdom of the Crusaders. This Papal map has no state of Israel, no Gaza and no West Bank. Only 'Greater Syria' (and ALL Under ROME).  Fancy that...

Map of the Custody...

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The REAL MIDDLE EAST AGENDA...??? (With MAPS) & Guess WHO Will Have Control... *PIC*
Holy Moly! Another cast of dark moon shadow covering facts & reality? Yes, of course, the pope, the jesuits, the nazis, germany AND the pope, the jesuits, the jope, the peesuits. Mooslim Brothelfood? *NM*
Is your problem Terminal or just Chronic??? :( Maybe a Laxative would help... :D *PIC*
The JOPE is the Jewish Pope! Locked in the basement of the Vatican! Therefore, is Jope the Super-Pope, equivalent to Super-Jew. Super.Supreme. Always!
You missed to add the title-word 'Scheisskopf' ( = shithead)! Start to learn German (or at least Yiddish) properly, might be something of real value for you. :D *PIC*
Yes, I've noticed that some Germans do have a very limited vocabulary -- Very Nazi-esque... ;) *NM*
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