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RT: Mossad Agents Provocateur caught by Vigilant Citizens in Tunesia? What an equipment! Sniper rifle. Communication Gadgets. Double Papers. Airport Security? Run by whom?

WHAT IF millions would rise up to deliver appropriate treatment?

The sheer weight of enraged masses could crush the zio crime network.
The only thing the zio pigs are really afraid of is the rage of the masses!

That's why the zios hate and are out to eliminate any honest gentile ruler
who could lead the masses out of these zionists' slave camps.

What's the hidden symbolism
of the Anti-Phariseean Rebel nailed to the cross called Jesus?

Deterrence! Psycho Terror!

A Warning:

"You will end like him if you dare to stand up!"

Christianity for DOCILE IDIOTS? Obliged to turn the other cheek?

Jesus Christ is meant to ridicule and to deter the christian sheeple.
It's a diabolic deception! Subliminal terrorism masked as 'religion'.
Therefore Bible based Christianity is a tool for externally induced craziness.

Prayer of Zio Slayer:

"Zio pig so sick, go, hurry up, run quick and pick
your deceitful promo figures, your arse and boot lickers
shove them up your asses before you get caught by the masses."


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