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What Little I know

Emailed to me by a program host:

Below you will find a link and a bit of information on a Global meditation that is to take place on the Planet on the 10th; the day of the Universal. I have included this because on their page they include a graph of the nine steps of creation which is accurate and includes the 7 days and 6 nights which are the intentions for each level of creation.

I do not do Global Meditations…repeat “I do Not Do Global Group Meditations.”

Think about this… Here you have a 3rd of the people on Planet all getting together to collectively create an energy vortex that when done is infinite and expansive. All are open to giving and receiving inspiration and since we are not aware of the true nature of this kind of conscious creating we are unaware of what can happen to the well meaning participants.

Lets say that you are the dark force and being aware of the impending group meditation you have been instructed to insert a hologram into it so that all will receive certain instructions. This is a very easy thing to do since no one knows what to expect. Now if they play with our dreams and our waking state (which they do) why would they not interject a hologram into a Worldly group meditation. After-all they want to enslave the planet, her people, keep us off balance and from achieving Unity consciousness. The group meditation makes it easier. They capture the energy of this meditation creating a closed system; (like Microsoft) a finite system while all the time you believe you are connected to all there is you are actually connected to a hologram. Your power then goes to feed the darkness and not to what you intended as well as you have been compromised by the holographic insertion; period.

Yes do meditate on that day, by all means and at a time whenever you choose. Your energetic vibration will be carried out into the ether and there it will amass with the others that are of like mind, like energy as they come along during the course of the day, each attracting the other like magnets. This creates an infinite growth of the conscious energy intended without interference and achieving your sought after results. You can add to this collective mind at anytime during your day and safely on your own!

Note that everything that has happened in each level of creation will all take place here in the next 280 days in this the final level or Unity consciousness. When everything that has ever been and ever will be will all coalesce into the present moment creating an expansive force that will blow through our scattered consciousness and cause either awakening or panic.

I was sent an email asking about what I know concerning the 10th and I must say I know not much. This is what came in on the wave as I read the question…

That in our galaxy things are almost in full alignment because the force of the Galactic Storm or the Torsion Wave has increased as it should and it is the force that is responsible for bring about this Unity consciousness. The Storm has certain markers within it that actually trigger certain parts of our DNA and that of the Planet. It is greatly responsible for this evolution. I am not certain of anything astrological, all I see is just what I have said.

Also it is not just this our World that is affected by this movement; it is happening on every Planet in our Solar System and to all the beings who inhabit these Worlds.

Our Sun which has a direct lifeline from it’s center to Alcyone and is also activated now as she is able to open all her portals and corridors. Even as the poles shift on our World the aligning of the Planets and our Sun will prevent mass death from this.The Sun has witnessed everything that has ever happened here on the Earth and is in part responsible for helping Earth over the next 280 days.The connection between the Central Sun and ours is also drawing the Planets into alignment. It also helps to close off many of the black holes that the dark forces have set up where they have been hijacking souls for millennium.

There will be great fluxes in the Solar system making many believe that she is unstable when in actuality she is in ascension.

Note that ascension is actually happening over the next 280 days for many on the Planet. The power of this time and the movement to the force of 11/11/11 is the true power in the awakening consciousness of humankind. By the time 12/21/12 gets here it will all be done and that date will just be the party.

If you look at the state of our World it is like a festering volcano ready to erupt. When it does erupts the core ejects many, many thousands of feet away from the site and then you have massive lava that spills over around the edges of the peak.

Well the core ejection is liken to those who are ready. They will spin off into the stratosphere in wonder and amazement free of the confines of the volcano and seeking the newness of freedom of consciousness. And those who don’t get it are like the spilling lava that just bubbles over the edges going nowhere and left to either harden up or to be sucked back into the the gaping hole.

These eruptions will go on for the whole cycle because everyone gets a chance and an opportunity to move out of the darkness and into integration with the whole. Ultimately no one gets left behind. It just might take them another lifetime or two.

The creation and or transformation of the other Earths are already complete and they await the transfer of those who are ready to move into unity consciousness. Remember that it will be so subtle. People who are not ready will continue to wake up n their beds dealing with the same darkness and wondering what happen to John and Mary, it seems that they just disappeared. So be aware that this is a dimensional shift and all will not be able to see it or even know that it is occurring.

There is much darkness to contend with. They are moving forcefully towards their end of enslavement, running scared as the energies of consciousness increase and many awake. They will do what ever it takes to keep their plan afloat,

We must give them no heed, no quarter of tolerance by allowing them to rule your individual state of being. You are your own sovereign being connected to the greater whole and nothing can stop you from you greater good because this serves the whole.

Be mindful of your thoughts, your words and your deeds. Keep yourself calm, take a hot salted bath and primp yourself, be loving and gentle to your self, with your mates and partners and all those around you. There will be great changes that no one can tell you about or can foresee. Trust you intuition, trust yourself. Know that you are safe and loved. See the Universe as the power source that it is and know that it to embraces you and your evolution. See our connection to the other beings in the cosmos and know that we are all one.

Know that our time is here and by all means remember …that you are a Sovereign Being, a part of all there is, all there ever was and all there ever will be. So act like it.

Sending all the eternal vibration of light, love and peace…

As Always


Global Meditation for the Transition to the Universal Plane

Start date:

10 Feb 2011 – 7:00pm – 7:30pm



Location or City:


Welcome to the year 2011, dear beacons of light.

A year that holds the potential for many adventures and for the manifestation of all our miracles.
Healing on all levels wants to take place and even in the Mayan Calendar, the year 2011 has a very special meaning.

On 10.02.2011, we will be entering a new cycle together with Mother Earth, the Universal Plane.


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