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Switzerland Freezes Mubarak's Assets (ya gotta love this... :D) *PIC*

I can't believe these Dictators, Pharaohs, Kings, Princes, Prime Ministers, Presidents, et al, actually Believe they possess any real power.  Must be an Ego trip.  It only figures that the Swiss government would freeze Mubarak's (ass)ets.  Anybody with half a brain knows who controls Switzerland, so what they did was simply the pontifical thing to do.  I love it when they get Obvious...my one wish is that a trap has been set for the Bush family, the Clintons and all their cronies...

Switzerland Freezes Mubarak's Assets


The Swiss government has taken steps to freeze any assets belonging to former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and his allies, shortly after the 82-year-old transferred power to the military...



*An interesting little Sidenote...

And just how happy are the robotic Swiss with their pontifical controllers???

Swiss to Vote on Keeping Army Weapons at Home

Switzerland has the highest rate of SUICIDE by firearms in Europe...


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Switzerland Freezes Mubarak's Assets (ya gotta love this... :D) *PIC*
LOL lil mousey found out about the secrecy of swiss made delicacy. Besides, all of your ASSets are belong to US or WE or THEE or the NaZi Popee? :D *NM* *PIC*
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