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Daily Summary - Vatic Project - February 11, 2011
Quick Note:  It appears Australia is digging out from the floods, however, there is a massive move to land grab during this process by the globalists.  Waiting on more info on this from my contacts in Australia.  They apparently are using these natural disasters that Haarp makes, to justify the land grab under UN sustainable etc, agenda 21.  Will update as we learn more.


Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Feb 11, 2011

I.  Post:                Max Keiser: "Goldman Sachs Are Scum That's The Bottom Line" (Best Of Goldman Collection)
 Vatic Note:    He is simply just great. I found this one and decided we need more honest bare knuckles truth and he provides it right down to the nub and that is what we do NOT get from the goldman sucks owned MSM. If nothing else there is pure entertainment value in this and once in a while we need a good laugh. They call the CEO of Goldman sucks "The Vampire Squid", and that fits so well, in fact check out this picture of him with that image attached, its great. Remember, Goldman sucks is the operational arm of Rothschilds in the United States and globally, working with Soros, in taking over all the nations wealth, economy, corporations, land and natural resources. Israel is their military arm. We are the military arm of Israel. See how this all works? I just wish he would say that. I think he knows it but wont' broach the subject just yet. Notice the french Whore was selling the hegelian solution..... goldman sachs creates the problem, we react and they come up with a "global currency" they control and we have no say in, and they then get to do the same scamming on a global level.   What a whore that french guy was.   I LOVE MAX KEISER.  He speaks truth to power pure, unadulterated and honestly.   He made mincemeat out of the frenchman and showed what a whore he was for the rothschild international bankers and the BIS which is Rothschilds holding bank..  So BIS, under a global system would be the clearing house for all the currency reserves.  What a joke,  then they could just steal the money without all the terrorist threats.  LOL   YOU GO MAX.  

(CEO of Goldman Sucks as Vampire Squid)

Click link above for remainder of article


II.  Post                          25 TONS of Bombs wipe Afghan town Off the Map
 Vatic Note:   This is the strategy they decided to use in Iraq, if anyone remembers.  Rumsfeld was asked about the level of deaths and destruction and he said something to the effect that he would keep on bombing and killing until they quit resisting and he didn't care if any of them survived, it was up to the Iraqi's and he was just going to keep going until they gave up or were all dead.  I remember that so vividly because it reflected the lack of humanity shown on 9-11.  That appears to be what they decided when they put Petraes in charge after releasing the previous commander who would not agree to do that.    So we can see that they consider "GEOCIDE"  a weapon of war.  Used to be a death penalty crime against humanity.  Wonder how Petraes and others will look with a noose around their necks.  Realizing that, confirms our belief that Israel runs our Pentagon and has for a long time.  They are the genocide experts since that is their goal with the pals. Click on link above to read more.

III.                           Army Chief Ashkenazi: Prepare for all-out-war. (by themselves with no help from Americans)

Vatic Note:   Add this to the previous articles yesterday that we put up, it appears Vatic was spot on with respect to the full agenda of this play we have been watching. These riots in Egypt were instigated by Israeli provocateurs as reported on Ahljazzer (sp?) about their arrests and subsequent outting by the Egyptian police at the time. I remembered asking myself, why did Egypt let them go back to Israel if they were spyies and why were they stirring up a rebellion when they are allies to Mubarak? Well, Israel is notorious for abandoning their so called useable friends when it suits them and this is just one example..... the USS LIBERTY AND 9-11 ARE ANOTHER GOOD EXAMPLES of their betrayal of their friends. They used Mabarak as cover for their agenda to take control of most of the country especially the canal and Nile river water which is like gold right now. The US thinks they will be Ok with Israel but they have proven that is not the case. Once they get control of that canal, all will pay a dear price in order to use it. By then the Israeli dual citizens here running our nation will have finished gutting our wealth from us and leaving us a third world country so they won't have to worry about us again as a threat to their empire building agenda.

I am glad they came out and said this. It simply validated all the evidence we put up that proved this was the case. Call your senators, congressmen (866-220-0044) and local and state reps to tell them to not cooperate with any war movements on Eqypt. WE WILL NOT FIGHT IN ANY "ILLEGAL WAR CRIME"  WARS FOR ISRAEL ANYMORE.... NO MORE AMERICAN BLOOD FOR ISRAEL. They want to become big guys on the block, let them prove they can do it themselves and keep the money here at home. If they can't finance it on their own, and spill the blood of their children, they should not be empire building.   I am firmly coming to believe they should not be a nation either, since they do not have a clue how to behave like one among a family of nations.  Click on title above to read more.

                                          Prairie Dogs Have a Language All Their Own & Can Describe What Humans Look Like                                                 http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2011/02/prairie-dogs-have-language-all-their.html
Vatic Note: I live in rural America, and I do mean Rural......2.5 hours drive to the nearest freeway and 4.5 hours drive to the nearest metro city.   So I have become intimately familiar with all wildlife and especially prairie dogs.   They are the most fascinating creatures on the planet.  Its also interesting that the USA is the only place they can be found.  Now how strange is that?   They have definitely an above average intelligence.  I watched them as they cross the state highway.   They stand up on their legs and watch the cars go by,  then they look both ways and run across the first lane and then STAND ON THE YELLOW LINE, as if it indicates to them its a place of safety.   They then wait for cars to continue to go by watching ONLY the lane they intend to cross,  they judge the speed and distance of the cars and then run across the second lane to safety.   AMAZING creatures.  A gift from the Gods you think????   They are so precious and smart.  Yes, I already know that ranchers and farmers hate them because of the holes they make for their living quarters.   They do end up harming horses and cattle that step into those holes, but then who did that?  We did,  there was no problem before we came along and domesticated the bigger animals.  When horses ran free, there was no problem, as they knew what to look for, but since we domesticated them and placed them in prisons,  they have become suseptible to the dangers of those little holes.   Anyway, thought you would enjoy this very interesting piece of trivia.   I also wanted to remind you of what an amazing world we live in, huh???  Click on link above to read more.
 I AM AMERICA - Kristan Branch  -  Click on link and scroll down to the first video.  ITS WELL WORTH IT.  Music tells us who we are.
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