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More on this matter........ urgent
Commissioner John McNeill + To whom it may concern,
Please note that I sent a reply to you via Recorded Delivery {see attd. receipt dated 4 Feb. 2011 from my local p.o.} to your letter to me dated 1 Feb. 2011 {pls see attd. letter}. 
My reply to you answered your request to me to state which specific information I required via the F.O.I. Act via the form I returned that you sent. I do have photocopies to resend if you have mislaid the papers I sent.
I wish to add to that request for information via the F.O.I. Act mentioned in my papers to you regarding the arrest of Robert Green, that is information regarding Mr. Green:
a} not being allowed to have any legal representation present whilst he was being questioned by the police whilst a statement was taken by them
 b} how did it come to be that the subsequent statement taken by the police of Mr. Green had parts missing from this interview, as described in this video of Mr. Green speaking about his arrest and the taking of the statement by Grampian police then.
I have always known Mr. Green to be honest in his statements and what he says in this video and what I detail in a} and b} relating to that  show serious breaches of the legal requirements regarding the taking of statements by the police. Please forward information concerning what is described in a} and b} via my request as sent to Grampian police on the 4 Feb. 2011.
 Also please send
c} a transcript of the full interview with omitted parts included
along with the recording with the full version of the statement {with omitted items spoken of in b} above included}
 along with a text transcript of the statement with omitted parts. 
This letter has also been sent by Recorded Delivery to the address given on your letter dated 1 Feb 2011, that being:
PCCS, Hamilton House, Hamilton Business Park, Caird Park, Hamilton, Scotland, ML3 0QA.
I notice no acknowledgement of any kind has been received by me to my papers sent on the 4th Feb to that address, nor my sending of a crime report concerning the crimes relating to one Hollie Greig, emailed fao Mr. John McNeill sent by me via email to these addresses:  professionalstandards.hq@westmercia.pnn.police.uk; servicecentre@grampian.pnn.police.uk 
 so I will resend the entire report to Hamilton House fao Mr. Mcneill, which was the address given on a letter signed by him personally to me dated 27 Jan 2011 {copy on request}.
 Sorry for any confusion, but I know you want the law upheld as much as everybody else, and we will indeed get there in the end, as Im sure youll agree.
Thanks for your time and we hope to hear from you very soon.
J. Graham  {date as email} 
{bcc'd x 642}

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From blatant lies and contradictions in police statements, to obvious biased protection by the British government of two ex- main suspects
More on this matter........ urgent
Re: More on this matter........ urgent *NM* *PIC*
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