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From PressTV: 'MIDDLE EAST on Brink of Grand Transformation' (somebody comin' to town?)... :O *PIC*

Hmmm... The ET Mahdi-Messiah Bluebeaming down soon?... after all the sacrificial bloodletting of course...

'ME on Brink of Grand Transformation'

Popular movements for freedom, beginning from Tunisia, are spreading across the Middle East, pushing it towards a grand transformation, a Middle East expert says...


The governments not aligned with the US, the dictatorial regimes of the West and Israel will come to power in the region, putting an end to the despotic regimes like the one in Egypt, Hassan Hanizadeh told Press TV.

The Middle East will shape itself based on the interests of its people while the United States and the West's managerial role will diminish, he added.

The expert noted how the revolution in Tunisia has quickly spread across the Arab world and is bringing the dictatorship of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak close to collapse next.

"Many dictatorial Arab regimes, who are wholly dependent on the US and the Zionist regime [Israel], are facing popular revolutions," he said...



CONFUCIUS SAY to CERN: He who open wrong gate...could be chow on dinner plate...

PAPA!!  welcome home...?  Undecided

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From PressTV: 'MIDDLE EAST on Brink of Grand Transformation' (somebody comin' to town?)... :O *PIC*
Confuse-I-US say "let's bray, give US donkeys more carrots and hay, hey" :D
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