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SOMEONE VOTED FOR HIM...................... (by Fred Bell) *LINK*
1st Email:
I am having to send this message almost on an individual level as I am getting blocked by NSA. Will do alpha bit order as otherwise blocking occurs.
-------Original Message-------
VOTED FOR HIM......................
Dear patient friends!
Finally we can observe what will happen to our politicians for the deceit they have imparted upon trusting souls (Even before the crusades). This man is the weakest on the spiritual chain, but more coherent legislators and government officials will begin to succomb to this loss of waking and intellectual consciousness. By late 2012 you will see a lot of this. This man is NOT on drugs, but part of the rapture (I am only referring to revelation), not the Christian rapture.
I spoke of this 30 years ago, and if you tune into my early archives at www.bbsradio.com you will hear some of the facts. 
This is already among the ranks of the civilian population, but not characterized as it will be in the Governmental arena.
All the best
Dr. Fred
2nd Email:
Rep. Johnson's statement on extension of the USA Patriot Act provisions | Congressman Hank Johnson, Representing the 4th District of Georgia

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SOMEONE VOTED FOR HIM...................... (by Fred Bell) *LINK*
The Elite Drugging their Dissenters in Parliment with NSA Involvement? WOW!
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