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Daily Summary - Vatic Project - February 8, 2011
** Due to increased harrassment by the powers that be we will be skipping sunday daily summaries.  They are wearing me out.  I need a day off so I took it yesterday and it made a huge difference for me, so hopefully you will bear with me as we adjust to their increased efforts to undermine the net and flow of information.   We all must be messing up their plans so stay tuned. 


Vatic Note:     UPDATE  Just received notice from one of our contacts in Australia.   On 2/8/2011 2:40 PM, Boldarn wrote: Hi Percy ,
Yesterday all services returned . First phone ( had been out and then limited to some local calls ) , then very slow internet and power late afternoon . We have been very fortunate that this cyclone crossed the coast south of us , where it left a tail of devastation . Shortly after my last update the power went down and by 11pm the sky was roaring until 7 am . I could feel the pressure on the house and the force of the storm above . Trees and limbs were down all over the place but not as much as after cyclone Larry 4 years ago . The cyclone was mostly playing out above us due to the hills and southern landfall .   Yesterday I went to town for the first time in a week and found food-stocks low and meat very limited . I can see how this event with it's consequences plays right into the hands of the NWO - Agenda 21 ( who would suspect except for the few that understand the bigger picture ?! ) . Global food shortages are created this way for a reason ... Hope this send reaches you . The coment below is by a friend of mine .Love 




Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Feb 8, 2011

I.  Post:           Bloggers are now targets of Cointelpro, Provocateurs,Disinfo Agents 

Vatic Note:   ** This is living poof of this article below.  It was scheduled for 2 am this morning and they changed it to hide it by taking my 10 am and scheduling it at 2 am, so this has been up since 2 am but hidden behind the 10 am one.   LOL   Thanks, Mossad for doing that, otherwise I would not have had on-site proof of the blatant treason.  lol   I will be changing the time on this one to 10 AM so I can run it for another time unit, since this is the one they messed with.  Mossad, don't you have someone bigger to harrass like rense or Alex Jones???  lol  They do misspellings, sentence manipulation to try and discredit the blogger and much more. 

Vatic Note: I am putting this up because contained in this video are cointelpro acts by the FBI, now going on against bloggers and rapidly increasing. Cointelpro through the military is also increasing and they even mentioned using vigilante acts to counter the bloggers free speech. This gives examples of past acts of these traitors to their country,  who are dual Israeli citizens and target those engaging in free speech as protected by our first amendment. WE NEED to see this so we recognize it when it occurs. ITS GOING TO GET WORSE BEFORE IT GETS BETTER. That is why its important so you know what you are looking at when it happens. Click link above for remainder of article

II.  Post                    Is This the Beginning of Official Disclosure? 


Vatic Note:    **  Well, it appears they do not want us showing you what to look for in advance of when they do their thing.  They said its because of a copyright issue, but then its been cleared off of Utube as well.   So who would make a video or take a video of such an event and copyright it and then pull it from being shown?  So why bother taking the video pictures at all in the first place, doesn't make any sense?  Maybe, if real, the aliens  were disarming the nuke that was laid at the Dome of the Rock.   Hope we run across other such videos.  Will let you know when we do.  Some of you may have had the good fortune to see this video before it was pulled.  At least you know it exists and I was impressed with it.  I have been a fence rider about this, but this video shoved me over further to the side of existance. 

Vatic Note:  I asked earlier if this was the reason for all ambassadors being called back to washington.  Do not forget the khazar bankers have spent a lot of time and money on this final act to get us to buy globalizing based on a false flag threat from aliens.  In fact, according to Cooper, there are good aliens and the bad guys want us to help fight them, so in either case we will not cooperate anyway.   They are on their own.   NO GLOBALIZING under Khazar bankers, ever.  This herd of cattle will not cooperate at all.   See the video and you decide.  As I said, there maybe aliens, but there maybe both good and bad ones.... and if that is the case, the last thing we want is to help the bad ones take down the good ones.   Odd, isn't it?  With the Khazars its always war isn't it?   Well, globalizing simply isn't going to happen in this life time. 
Click on link above to read rest of article.

III.                           Egypt - Creative Destruction For a "Greater Middle East" for ? The Promised Land?? 
http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2011/02/egypt-creative-destruction-for-greater.html         Vatic Note:   saw just such a map laid out for the New Israeli empire being planned and implemented. With some exceptions, these, showing below, coincidentally were the borders of the New Israel Empire. What a coincidence. Mubarak received billions in pay offs to do this to his own people. Wonder which one in our country will become a billionaire when this is over here as well. The illusion is destroyed that we are free. Thus they will have the problems with slaves that they know they will have for those who do not believe they are free and do believe they are slaves. They say this is the US Gov and I believe them, and they have developed a high tech way to create a "soft revolution", but also remember who controls and runs our government.  Its Israel. 

What you really need to get from this is just how massive an effort and coordinated and global it has been to take over all these third world countries.   Now the Middle East is next. And they are preparing the gound work for taking us over next after they finish with the middle east.   I am just curious when they will take over Western Europe.   Remember Yugoslavia and how it got broken up through rebellion right????  Well, now its fully owned and controlled by Rothschild.  Soros was the man who came in and finished it up.  That is why we cannot be divided as a nation since its a heck of lot easier to bring down one state at a time than a whole nation.  Keep strong and keep united.    Click on title above to read more.
                                           Keiser Report: Fiat Food
 Vatic Note: I love this guy...... he is so direct and honest and calls it exactly as it is.  He does so without any doom and gloom or depression etc,  instead he is filled with righteous indignation over it all.   But most of all he is funny, hilarious and entertaining while doing all of it.  Great reports and great satire and sarcasm.  He even called for global revolution against the bankers, not countries, but the bankers in the countries and that is exactly what we have been doing on the vatic project.   Great stuff.  I laughed myself sick.  A market Player with ethics and a sense of the criminal.... how refreshing.    Click on link above to read more.



V.                                             Man Behind The Curtain: Zbigniew Brzezinski-Part 1of 2


Vatic Note:   We decided to keep this one up and emphasize just how important this man is in working jointly with Soros in bringing this nation and others down to third world status.   Hunger and starvation are the tools instead of bombs and artillery.   This is up to show us just how forward thinking and planning these khazar international bankers are. Its what happens when thousands of players working for a foreign gov spends full time doing nothing but "BY DECEPTION" conducting war against us to win and take away our country and all that it holds, instead of doing it by real war tactics where we have a chance to fight back, but then psychopaths are notorious cowards aren't they?   He speaks about Obama and what he thinks, yet he was Obama's advisor and teacher during the entire primary campaign and remember that is when we first heard about attacking our good ally, Pakistan, which is also in that book mentioned below. IT'S NOT THE FIRST TIME HE HAS SOLD OUT A PRESIDENT TO MAKE HIM A ONE TERMER AFTER USING HIM.  So, he is ruling and controlling what Obama thinks and says. He is telling us in 2008 what they plan to do to us in the future and its all come true. Either its planned or he is prophetic and that is not an option since you have to have some soul to be prophetic, which he clearly lacks.  So my question is "Why are they throwing Obama to the wolves?"  Who do they plan on using to bring us down?  Its a legit question.  Anyone got an answer???  Hitlary maybe? 

I AM AMERICA - Kristan Branch  -  Click on link and scroll down to the first video.  ITS WELL WORTH IT.  Music tells us who we are.

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