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Message from Robert Hitt 2/9/11 *LINK* *PIC*

Message from Robert Hitt

From now 2-11-2011 until 10-28-2011 is a 260 day period of chaotic change. This period will be chaotic because the vast majority (98%)  do not have a clue as to why this is happening and that being the case this time we enter will tend to generate "negative" manifestations.  The crazier people become the more chaotic  the events will become. This period is NOT being caused by the normal drivers of human events ...  the movement of planets around the sun..   the cycles that people are used to  as "normal" come from that..  What we have at hand now can be considered a galactic (fractal sacred math) influence and is NOT connected directly to astronomical alignments.  

The Mayan calendar themes all over the net regarding 12/21/2012 are to me a red herring. The date of what is thought of as "the shift" is actually 14 days after the completion of the underworlds on 10/28/2011.  That is the moment of unlimited change in NO AMOUNT OF TIME and it falls on 11/11/11. This is what is worth being prepared for. 

So if you were me. Would you spend your time over the next 260 days working for people attempting to game the markets? Markets that have completely disconnected from reality?  Markets driven by computer algos that are dominated by criminals??  A bit like playing poker on the deck of the titanic.. Have fun with that.  Some will accumulate a massive horde of imaginary "money" during this chaos.. Good for you.. BTW you cant take it with you. 

The winner is the one who dies with the most toys? Ya right. 

I do NOT expect the "end of the world".. in fact I suspect that even when this period has fully past by once we get into 2012 that only a few more percentage of the world population will have realized what has actually taken place. The changes will be subtle but the effect on the outside world going forward probably not. As we move down the timeline beyond 2011 the wheels of time will grind illusions into dust. . 

My choice is to serve the group of young people who are born without ANY collective power during this lead up into the time of the shift.  Ya those .. who will inherit the mess that the 3 generations before them have left for them to clean up.  That group was born with natal Pluto in Scorpio 83-95. Keep in mind that the previous generation born with Pluto in Scorpio was born in the MID 1700s and grew up to be the founding fathers and mothers of the USA. 

The current crop of Pluto in Scorpios are destined to become the founding fathers and mothers of a NEW RACE..  Some call this new race "homo knoweticus".  Some of that group now evolving beyond homo sapiens is already here in the form of INDIGO CHILDREN.  The indigos already living right now are who I intend to work for this year. They are the so called BALL CARRIERS and they will be the ones that do the bulk of the work educating their peers. 

The current dominance of the race called homo sapiens will fade (maybe suddenly) and history will label them as homo psychotic as a more descriptive moniker.  They will be known later in our history as the race that attempted to commit mass suicide. And the reason they did this ultimate stupidity was because of an ILLNESS called BELIEFS. 






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Walk on Water

End of time.. as we know it?






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