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Sacha Stone - Humanitad Foundation MUST READ! *PIC*

Sacha Stone - Humanitad Foundation
Dedicated to Hal F. Uplinger (1929 - 2011)

Sacha Stone is founder of the Humanitad Foundation, Executive Director of the Exemplar-Zero Initiative and Executive Producer of the MDG Awards which launched at the UN General Assembly Hall in 2009. The work of Humanitad is committed to defining and developing conscious models for human and planetary well-being. Sacha travels widely, engaging with political, spiritual and thought leaders. He grew up in the Zimbabwean war for independence and was educated in the fine-arts in South Africa during apartheid. He was a recording and performing rock-artist before establishing Humanitad in 1999 and lives for most of the year with his monkey `Cosmo', four dogs and many cats in a South East Asian jungle retreat.

____________ _________ _________ ____

To Our International Leadership,

As seven billion souls enter the year 2011 under your care, any seeker of truth amongst them will likely be blinded by the glare of a great dazzling rainbow of deception. A hologram permissioned by most of you - which seeks to pervade and undermine every real hope, every real dream of a greater world. It renders us paralysed - hopeless - enslaved to the notion that Homo-sapiens are in dire need of saving - from ourselves.

A glance at the international headlines - anywhere on spaceship Earth - and we are confronted with lies, lies and lies. Each resounding untruth - spat out by a machine which elevates fear and control to the status of salvation. Each lie tailored to deflect any grasp on the real status quo: of world economy, health, welfare, genesis of humankind, biosphere, global security, archaeology, astronomy, the very laws of physics which govern the Universe…

We are informed that terrorism lurks around every corner, we should not talk to strangers, that the world food supply is flat-lining, water on our planet is scarce - that exotic new viruses emerge spontaneously in our midst to steal family and friends away. We must surrender our arms, submit to your vaccination programs, your microchip programs, your weird, weird obsession with hacking all freedom and self-reliance into oblivion. We are shocked and awed by stories of climate-meltdown and extinction of species. Coffee-shops and internet cafes from Soweto to Moscow buzz with tales of apocalypse, NWO takeover, economic collapse and nuclear stand-off between 'us' and 'them'. We are informed by hysterical media and syndicated networks that our fragile planet is vastly overpopulated - our slim resources are vaporising. That we are in free-fall.

Alternative media relate stories which make the blood curdle. Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson exposes government sponsored bio-warfare: chem-trails raining poison upon us - causing bizarre illnesses like Morgellons Syndrome (look it up), HAARP triggering seismic events and causing the real climate-change (look it up). Military giants like Lt. Col. Bob Bowman (grandfather of the Star Wars program under Reagan) alerting us to the truth of 9/11. Former Defence Minister of Canada Paul Hellyer - telling us of sinister agendas connecting your disastrous military complex to 'alien' visitations. Apollo 12 astronaut Dr. Brian O'Leary prising the lid of our long history of technology-suppress ion. The former commanding general of US Army Intelligence and Security Command Albert Stubblebine and others coming forward - stating what Eisenhower and JFK tried to tell the world over half a century ago.

We learn of seed-vaults, multi billion-dollar underground military bases and emergency protocols for safe-harbouring the ruling elites - we witness the continued hijacking of developing nations and their assets - the procurement of silver and gold reserves in anticipation of what is to come. National Emergency Centers, FEMA camps and mass coffins (look it up) prepared in readiness for what appers to be a wholesale triage of the common citizenry. The sequestering of real quantum solutions and technologies which could make all the difference. Black budgets. Black operations. Black hearts. All true of course.

And that is before we even start on the 2012 theme.

Your elegantly engineered contractions of world economy and steady flow of legislations and regulations, covering everything from health to global security - belch out from the UN and the EU - towing behind them multilateral associations overladen with fatuous diplomats and idiot mandarins. These caretakers of our lives and our planet - cocooned and pensioned within intergovernmental organisations, stealthily honed into position to thwart the efforts of NGOs - are programmed to pick up the slack - and 'harmonise' the human condition into a ghastly hornets nest of self-serving bureaucracy. The steely eyed central bankers and comptrollers of the wealth of nations in your ranks - cough and splutter under congressional and parliamentary hearings. They dare to urge us caution and tell us we must tighten the belt - lower expectations - as though money was a force unto itself - with its own mind - its own reckless agenda.

In this case - of course - they are absolutely right. Money is a force unto itself - and does have its own reckless agenda. It just happens to share the same agenda as these central bankers and their Babylonian calendar.

The Shaman and indigenous light-keepers from Amazonia to the Aboriginal outback, in league with the Hopi nation, Mayan council and countless other noble indigenous wisdom-circles - tell us a similar story of apocalypse - but with a twist.

Amongst your ranks - our international leadership - emerges the dark-suited patriarch wearing silken cloth and the hang-mans noose around his neck - to impress upon the common herd - that we are the culprits, responsible for everything from carbon overload to devising nuclear bombs in back-packs. So you invoke 'measures' - fingerprint us, make us line-up like cattle, probe our anuses, radiate us with scanning devices and put mindless goons in black helmets with stun-guns on our streets. Selling us the percolated idea that humans are essentially warmongering, blood-lusting, porn-obsessed, greedy, incompetent "useless-eaters" - and that we surely need the steady hand of a benevolent Father.

The indigenous sages in jungle, mountain and desert offer us a humble counterpoint. They speak of the eternal Mother - of Gaia. They tell those who will enquire - that indeed, we are standing at a precipice. They tell us, however, what each of us know to be true: that we are sovereign in our predicament - and can change the entire hologram in the blink of an eye.

They urge us to filter out the 'machine' and return instead to the wisdom of ages - transmissions of love, light and lucidity which emerge from the crystalline core of our ancient earth. The same wisdom which issues from the inter-dimensional portal at the centre of our galaxy and courses through the matrices of every sentient atom in the universe. The same wisdom which repairs broken minds, bodies and hearts - provided we open the doors in the sanctity of our inner silence. The wisdom which refutes and rejects any notion of our weakness, our ugliness, our stupidity and our helplessness, and reminds us instead of our sublime nature, infinite beauty and strength. The wisdom which invites us to wake up from our long, long sleep-of-ages, to put down the Cup of Lethe - forgetfulness - reclaim our lives - as we take the seat upon our own thrones. The wisdom which urges us to reject contaminated water, food and medicine sold to us by the same serpentine elements which manufacture disease, poverty and scarcity in our world.

The same boundless wisdom which screams "TRUTH!" - truth about 9/11 and 7/7 (same thing) - about the secret rouge factions within our military - truth about WWI and WWII - truth about Vietnam and Cambodia - about Afghanistan and the world drug-trade (same thing) - truth about `communism' and `democracy' (same thing) - truth about Palestine and Israel - truth about the 'Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion' and about the Moloch worshipping Canaanite ritualism underpinning Whitehall and Washington - truth about Iraq, oil and covert archaeology (same thing) - truth about the US Presidency and European Monarchies (same thing) - about organized pedophilia and the real numbers of missing children - truth about Little Bighorn, Pearl Harbour, Waco, Oklahoma City, Pine Ridge, Columbine - truth about the Texas mafia and the Gulf oil-spill - truth about the real space program - the origin and nature of the moon - about the murderous nature of ALL vaccination programs - truth about HIV/AIDs - the 1939 Cancer Act - about the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England and every other central bank on earth - truth about you and me - and where we stand - on this precipice.

The indigenous flame-keepers motion us toward this place of truth - within ourselves - inviting us to smoke a gentle plant - drink Ayahuasca tea - chew a cactus or mushroom and forget our own banal drama, as we peek beyond the veil. Thus millions of good and courageous seekers move beyond their personal story - and marry their higher purpose to a unified perspective - embraced within the bosom of Natural Law. In this sanctity of being - they learn a greater alphabet, embrace a deeper set of values and attune to a more resonant song. And this song enters the heart and teaches a universal tenet - that there is no separation. Never was. There was only an idea of separation, which, through the laws of fractality begat another idea of separation - and this idea was never truly ours. Never belonged.

And the song of oneness courses through us and slowly lifts the veil of our mutant reality matrix - unmasks the great deception - and renders it impotent. And where we have the stomach to hear (for all true sight and sound are divined in the gut) we begin to learn that the stories we are told in the 'real' world - are just that. Stories.

Through the journey of awakening we begin to see that this world is abundant, prosperous and overflowing with beauty and creative expression. We learn that we can cure all diseases without money and its mutant offspring profit, without men in white coats and manufactured toxins. We learn that we can clean our air, our water and our soil by a few simple measures - by falling back into natural rhythms. We learn that we can turn salt-flat deserts into food-forests within weeks - with water harvesting and permaculture. That we can positively effect climate - with invocations, geomancy and the conscious application of sacred geometry. We learn that we do not need money at all - that human creative expression IS the only real currency - and that the realization of our greatest dreams are not dependant on concrete, oil & gas, fiat currency, polluting infrastructures and peculiar men in dark suits - telling us - selling us - lies, lies and lies.

Well - you can imagine how this kind of language deeply offends the central banker, corporate thug, the political-bunny, the technocrat, the white-coat - the intercessory. Indeed this kind of awakening castrates the intercessory, revokes all privileges, and sends them scurrying back from whence they came. Makes many of you nervous. As it should.

Where witches and warlocks were historically exterminated for rendering up natures own potions and cures - the same thing happens today: courtesy of our Ministries of Health and murderous technocrats amongst your number. You dare to criminalize the use of natural health supplements - closing down our capacity to cure ourselves. This year - that bastion of collectivism the EU, start the end-game on our health and wellness - by classifiying herbs as illegal drugs via their EEC6565 protocol. That means an early death - for millions of souls. The UN intends to roll-out the big game via a ghoulish plan devised on the back of the Third Reich - Codex Alimentarius (look it up). Central bankers (many of you), their overlords (many of you) and their underlings (many of you) are engaged in detonating the world economy in order to collapse the common weal into their clutches. This is a cunning game of dominos which has been scheduled for a long time and will formalise no doubt with your introduction of a unified currency which embraces North America, Canada and Mexico (the Amero) once the dollar has imploded to the satisfaction of the 'cartel'.

Cheap and natural remedies and cures exist for malaria, cancer, HIV AIDs and every disease known to man - yet we are struck off, arrested, ridiculed, imprisoned or killed if we broadcast or publish these wondrous facts. Yet criminal pharmaceutical cabals have free license to market and pump their toxins into our children and our sick - ensuring systemic breakdown of the human auto immune system and generational mutation of the genome.

Masonic brotherhoods controlling the worlds agribusiness are freely given rein to mutate and contaminate practically all our available food and beverage products. Staple-grains are bleached into neutrality, divesting them of all vitamins and minerals, ensuring that whilst we bloat into obesity - we actually starve to death. Children across the globe become diabetic while parents and grandparents drop like flies - diseased by slo-poisoning induced through a culture of bad dentistry - approved and sanctioned by you. Bees (and humans for that matter) hurtle toward extinction courtesy of your paymaster Monsanto and their terrifying GMO crusade. Birds and fish are dying in droves around the globe courtesy of your criminal complicity with agendas undisclosed.

We discover sub-micron nanotech in the chem-trail particulates and tips of needles in vaccines being spun out by your sponsors (big-Pharma) hand-in-glove with global health officialdom - as they click their heels to edicts issuing from the World Health Organization. Under microscopy we discover that some of these 'nanobots' appear to contain metalloid reception devices, embedded crystalline forms containing God knows what - with occasional Serpentine glyphs inscribed upon them (look it up).

We reliably learn that the 'swine-flu' virus was planted in canisters and released in key locations around the world in concert with the signalling of pandemic alerts. Forcing all world nations into compliance with your protocols - billions of dollars of public funds spent on the remedy. We learn that before the stealth-panic was made public - the toxic 'remedy' had been manufactured and distributed in readiness by the same corporate gangsters (your sponsors) who drive both public and government policy with their silver dollar. They apparently go about their business with your full blessing, to maim and cull humanity with impunity - via a lethal pharmacopeia of slow-death - whilst many of you are compromised into their occultist business-plans.

What on earth is going on? Who is the man we should speak to about all of this? Or woman?

Is there a massive global depopulation agenda afoot? A mass sterilization program? A sacrifice of the blood of innocents? Or are countless brilliant researchers and concerned citizen 'conspiracy theorists' merely in need of a gin and tonic - or perhaps arrest and summary execution - as some of you are now demanding? Should we not be concerned? Should you not be concerned? Should we not be deeply concerned about your lack of concern?

Then again, why bother - when there are far larger issues about to erupt into the reality matrix - like the ExtraTerrestrial and UFO software being installed into the holo-machine. But we will not go there right now - as that subject will raise its own head later in the year - almost certainly by the start of 2012. In fact we will go no further into the labyrinth which has duped humanity for millennia - defiled us and sought to usurp us. We will humbly lay aside the serpentine code - and invite it to continue its own journey into supernature - without vicariously living through us, our hopes, our dreams and our destinies.

We will instead whisper.... "cease and desist". Command the old order, maintained by so many of you - to enter the realm of the great human heart and transcend its own Luciferian complex. Or "get thee behind us"....depart. Now is the time. And time is fast diminishing to zero-point.

As Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria and Jordan fall in line with that great plot of Empire: the 'Clash of Civilisations' dreamt up within Fabianist cloisters and a thousand smoke-filled rooms over the past century - let us bear witness to what actually appears to emerge despite any social and cultural engineering. Let's bear witness as light absolves the darkness. As indivisible fractal forms of sublime and precise geometric order begin to emit from the true 'event-horizon' situated in the centre of each simple human heart.

These subtle forms - join hands across the ether - lock together - and embrace the human family within a morphogenetic grid of transcendence. And thus the quickening begins - and where we are steered toward civic rage - incited to take up arms and cannibalise one another - something else happens instead. People, the common herd, take to the streets, pick up the debris, singing, dancing, chanting, demanding - insisting - on change. Not the franchise of 'hope' peddled by the Obama/ Clinton roadshow - when the world was inveigled into a sardonic new era of control and fear - which was about as honest as the oil spill in the gulf of Mexico was accidental.

This egress on the streets of Amman and Cairo indicate the source-code of a new humanity - emerging from an ancient chrysalis. The flesh and blood Gods of old appear to have lost their charm - their dominion - and so have the old patriarchal codes of power and rule. About bloody time.

Arise Homo-spaiens- sapiens arise!

You - our international leadership are free to join us in the galactic celebration, as we hurtle toward the real genesis of humankind. As we enter the slipstream of our eternal birthright - our multidimensionality - our DNA upgrade. Join us, as we remove our dark glasses and sunscreen lotions - look to the skies - and salute the majestic solar flares which are NOT our great enemy but rather our redemption within a principle of love eternal.

Join us as we kick off our shoes, those rubber soles which ensure a disconnect between us and a conscious Earth and instead permit our toes to remember the sweet grass, the sand - the mud of our own physicality. As we rip up the asphalt, mutant infrastructures - steel and concrete prisons of our 'civilisation' and honour instead the trees, the breathing soil and healing radiance of inner earth. As we tear off the condoms - surgical masks and the armory of conceit - burn those vapid insurance policies and reinsurance policies which feign to protect us from our own existence.

Join us, as we evolve beyond being the only species in the universe required to 'pay' to be on the planet we are born into!

Join us, as we now take a long hard look at those birth 'certificates' , death 'certificates' , marriage 'licenses', national 'identity' cards, passports and social 'security' documents - and see where they dovetail precisely into a Babylonian business-plan. A business-plan which defines us by literally trading our lives as cattle on the floor of stock exchanges. As we see our own small part in the greater part of the collective story - and have the guts to hit the pause button - reboot the software, and then change our lives and the things we do with our ceative expression.

Join us, as we pull the drips from our arms - kick away the crutches - spit out the sodium fluoride and other deadly poisons you would drip-feed to us, reject the needles, the probes, the x-rays from violating the sacred groves of our beautiful - pitiful forms. As we choose to override the mutant thought-forms and reality constructs of fear , protectionism, defensiveness, manipulation, control and despair.

As we command the decommissioning of your mad, bad, trillion dollar war-machinery - and where we demand that you exchange it instead for a blessed chance at prosperity, abundance and a bright new world - exploding not with atomic clouds - but with human creative potential.

As we cup our hands over the flickering flame of remembrance, within the shadowlands of our own sweet human nature, and gently blow that fragile flame into a roaring inferno of renewal - of upliftment - of enchantment - with ourselves - with one another - with our earth - and with our true Divinity.... .

In this place. Only love.

CopyLeft/ Permission to print, publish and distribute (pdf file attached for forwarding)

Gabriele Fröhlich, MD
www.global-develop. com
Ph +61-8-9467 7687 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +61-8-9467 7687      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Director of Networking and Conflict Resolution
Humanitad Foundation
www.humanitad. org

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