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GREAT COMMENT to this article *LINK*

I love the comment to the earlier post on PrisonPlanet.com:

BibleBible Reply:

I think Ron Paul is still too soft. He won’t stand on all the issues all the time.

However he is probably the best we got for now; but it may be too little too late…

Maybe Alex Jones could give him a crash course and teach Ron the WHOLE elitist agenda:

Eugenics: Wanting to kill 80% of the population on earth is BAD.
GMOs: Having Monsanto messing around with the genetic code of our food is BAD.
Chemtrails: Putting Aluminium and Barium in the air is BAD.
Fluoride: Putting Fluoride and 100 chemicals in our water supply is BAD.
Money: Handing over the issue of currencies to the Federal Reserve is BAD.
Police: Having a police state grid ready for the American people is BAD.
Oil: Having a small group of globalists dictate the price of commodities is BAD.
Terror: Having false flag staged terror attacks like 9/11 is BAD.
MSM: Main Stream Media lying and spinning the news is BAD.

Loving your neighbour is GOOD.
Eating organic food is GOOD.
Cleansing your body from chemicals is GOOD.
Having a sound money system is GOOD.
Having the police protect the weak is GOOD.
Having a fair price for products is GOOD.
Having peace is GOOD.
Telling the truth is GOOD.

COME ON Ron, educate yourself and go all the way. You can’t go wrong by telling the truth.

You have exposure in the Medias, you could wake up millions of people.

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Ron Paul On Verge Of Announcing 2012 Presidential Bid *LINK*
GREAT COMMENT to this article *LINK*
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