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Daily Summary - Vatic Project - February 7, 2011
** Due to increased harrassment by the powers that be we will be skipping sunday daily summaries.  They are wearing me out.  I need a day off so I took it yesterday and it made a huge difference for me, so hopefully you will bear with me as we adjust to their increased efforts to undermine the net and flow of information.   We all must be messing up their plans so stay tuned. 
Vatic Note:     UPDATE  Just received notice from one of our contacts in Australia.   They have been trying to reach us with information on what is going on there and the emails giving us the status are being blocked.   The ones telling us anything but information  on the condition of the country are making it through, so the PTB do not want us to know what the current status there is or they would have blocked all emails instead of only those with status.   Anyone else from Australia, please try to contact us about conditions on the ground there right now.  Thank you.   Lets see if its only those regulars who are being blocked. 


Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Feb 7, 2011

I.  Post:          
Chile is a wholly owned subsidiary of the New World Order.
   Vatic Note:   Again, in keeping with our commitment to sharing info and commentary from other countries, we have put this up to educate the world as to what  is going on elsewhere.  Please read this carefully, as it matches what we discussed in the take over of the USA by foreign interests (Khazar international bankers, Rothschild/Rockefeller) without firing a shot, they have taken control and own our nation and we will be landless in the home of our forefathers.   This came in as a result of the blog we did on the Chilean people that confronted Rockefeller on his arrival to Chile for some meeting down there.  Further,  the President of Chile was in the car with Rockefeller who should not be hobnobbing with private billionaires instead of his own people.   They called him a traitor, so this resident of Chile has given us an inside birds eye view of what is really going on down there.   This fascist globalizing is as bad as we thought and we are definitely not alone in the problems its creating.  Read this and see what I mean.   I am beginning to have a lot more compassion for those as helpless as we are but trying to do something about it.  The good news is there is definitely fertile ground for rebellion globally against the bankers and private corporate interests as we can see from reading this.   Something to consider in taking advantage......  Click link above for remainder of article

II.  Post                   
All Ambassadors Called Back to Washington!
Vatic Note:     Something big on the books.  Is it the cosmic event they have been expecting or is it Israel's move to begin their middle east empire building with the take over of the nile river for their water needs and oil in the arab states?  Maybe its both? Hard to know until we find out what the Official propoganda line will be.  Whatever it is, then we will know what it is not.  LOL   
Article Excerpt:   In an unprecedented move, apparently one that has never happened before, nearly all U.S. Ambassadors to all nations have been called back to Washington for a summit conference this week. (VN:  this alone shows you who is running our government, because only Israel recalls embassadors from all over the planet).   Politico.com reports, “Ambassadors from almost all 260 U.S. embassies, consulates and other posts in more than 180 countries are expected to convene at the State Department for what’s being billed as the first meeting of its kind.” (Notice the lack of concern over expense? That is no accident, its intentional, run up those debts, indeed)   Click on link above to read rest of article.

III.                             The Egyptian tinderbox: How Banks and Investors are Starving the Third world (with the US next)
Vatic Note:  What is being described below used to be illegal under any circumstances at the worst and unethical at best.   So what we have actually done is away with concepts like "ethics",  " social responsibility",  "Civic duty", that used to be the norm for good corporate citizens, but when you no longer see yourselves as belonging to any nation or peoples,  rather only to an international no borders class of the wealthy, you lose all that  and begin only to work for your class.   That is the big change we are seeing.  IN FACT, ITS A GREAT VIEW OF WHAT A FASCIST GLOBAL SYSTEM WILL LOOK LIKE IF WE LET IT.  I am hoping we all can see how we can't let that happen.   I suggest we, as a nation, and as a globe provide appropriate incentives for those corporations, banks and khazars, to behave themselves by hitting them right were they live.   I suggest any corporation, bank, or otherwise that engages in unethical, unsavory, and criminal behavior be put on notice that, LIKE DRUG RUNNING, their assets will be immediately confiscated.   Further I also suggest that if they try to confiscate our assets, like forest land, parks, infrastructure,  through bankcruptcy that we confiscate them right back again.  They can use their criminal system and we can use our "right of domain" system to do  so.   We need to seriously start thinking outside the box and doggone soon, too.  They are getting ready to bring down the hammer.  You can feel it with this copper situation.   When you read this below,  and remember they are monetizing our debt which is a guarantee to bancruptcy,  that is when you have to decide if you want foreign nations owning and controlling all your land and natural resources.  That is what will happen and you WILL BE SERFS ON YOUR OWN LAND WORKING FOR THE LORD OF THE MANOR.  Click on title above to read more.
We're All Indians Now!!!

 Vatic Note:
My goodness, he is right. We are now just like them and soon we will be on reservations or what I call Ant Colonies. You should see the models I saw of how they intend to house us. See, in this new global world, we will not be able to own land. Rural living will not be an option since they sustainable 21 UN program will prohibit any humans from living in the rural areas. I just watched the Zeitgeist moving forward and I almost croaked when I saw what this documentary film maker was recommending.... globalizing, society more important than individuals and no real life or future, just survival, and also socialist planned economy which my husband had already experienced living in Poland. He said they had to wait in line one a week for toilet paper, and a different day for meat, and a different day for veggies. It was so horrible that he and his mother left and came west. So Russell is wise and understands fully what is going on since they have had to live it for decades.   The lakota have started their own bank and they use gold and silver as the foundation for their currency.  They also withdrew from their treaty due to US violations and are claiming thier lands back.    He has a great understanding of what we are going through.  Amazing.   Click on link above to read more.
V.                                       Man Behind The Curtain: Zbigniew Brzezinski-Part 1of 2

Vatic Note:   This is up to show us just how forward thinking and planning these khazar international bankers are. Its what happens when thousands of players working for a foreign gov spends full time doing nothing but "BY DECEPTION" conducting war against us to win and take away our country and all that it holds, instead of doing it by real war tactics where we have a chance to fight back, but then psychopaths are notorious cowards aren't they?   He speaks about Obama and what he thinks, yet he was Obama's advisor and teacher during the entire primary campaign and remember that is when we first heard about attacking our good ally, Pakistan, which is also in that book mentioned below. IT'S NOT THE FIRST TIME HE HAS SOLD OUT A PRESIDENT TO MAKE HIM A ONE TERMER AFTER USING HIM.  So, he is ruling and controlling what Obama thinks and says. He is telling us in 2008 what they plan to do to us in the future and its all come true. Either its planned or he is prophetic and that is not an option since you have to have some soul to be prophetic, which he clearly lacks.  So my question is "Why are they throwing Obama to the wolves?"  Who do they plan on using to bring us down?  Its a legit question.  Anyone got an answer???  Hitlary maybe? 

I AM AMERICA - Kristan Branch  -  Click on link and scroll down to the first video.  ITS WELL WORTH IT.  Music tells us who we are.

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