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Inter Dialougue With One's Self

"Hows my grip?
Depends on what trip.
Whys that?
Afraid my emotions will scat.
Because if I am out,
tell how it all came all about...
Then I let go of my all.
I have surrendered within my walls.
I will loose myself!
I'll have nothing left!

What might happen?
Miscellaneous differing in contraptions.
So I hold on tight....
With all my mental acrobatic might.
Till my muscles ache.
I beg in mercy to relax,
chill out for goodness sake.
Oh come now this is just a state of mind*@#?
In thoughts and behavior is what I find!

To call it quits is loosing with egos mental fits.
The battle is then lost.
Look what it has cost.

Is it worth all that?
Where tension manifest itself inside...
Twisted distortions emotionally knotted physically sat.

Now intellectually I analyze and categorize this mind trip.
With different things my mind brings with mental acrobatic flips.
Like Chinese handcuffs pulling hard,
fingers caught in the woven mesh tightly inward.
A knots in my shoe,
pulling and twisting to get it through.
It gets even tighter,
so I pull and tug like a fighter.

I can't swim against the current with any assurance.
I remember how to survive!
So tired I want to stay alive.
Hey the dead mans float!
My body is a boat.
And all my struggles...
Gently go out to sea with no trouble."

That's all God ask of me.
To let go of it all and give it to him and be free.
Yes I hear you God!
You are my wake up call".......

Copyright © March 2004 Cathy Hill

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