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VINDICATED: :D Julian Assange NOT Mossad -- RUMORS of "Deals" with Israelis DENIED by Daniel Domscheit-Berg ('OpenLeaks')... *PIC*

But the LIES will continue because it's the nature of the MSM & "Alternative" News BEASTS.  Old Nazi lies never die, they just fester and spread...




21 December 2010

Daniel Domscheit-Berg Denies Rumor of Assange-Israeli Deals

Daniel Domscheit-Berg writes [with permission to publish]:

21 December 2010

I have been notified about the general rumour a few weeks ago, and shortly after about the appearance of me as involved in those allegations. I have never spoken to anyone at syriatruth or that reporter that is making these claims, nor do I know anything about any deals JA has allegedly made with Israelis.

Given what is appearing in the Scandinavian area with the involvement of Shamir and Wahlstrom I wouldn't actually expect that to happen either. In any case, this latter statement is just my personal judgement.

I once received a test mail from a nizar.nayouf@syriatruth.net, and then a followup regarding OpenLeaks questions. A contact request to him after hearing of the allegations was not replied to.

In the last week or so I have been contacted by Israeli TV about this, as well as French Le Point today. Those are the only media outfits so far that seem to have taken interest. Other than that it seems to be mainly spreading via weird Russian and religious forums, at least from as much as I am aware of.

As I read somewhere that this alleged reporter I allegedly talked to works for Hareetz, I have asked the folks from Israeli TV if they could help find out who that is, and how to contact her. They replied that there doesn't seem to be anyone by that name. So obviously, which was my gut feeling also, that person does not exist. Why that rumour is circulated, I dont know. I have my feelings about that and think we should give it some more time to uncover itself.


Sample of many reports of the allegation:



I just read this "Ed Abington, former US consul-general in Occupied Jerusalem, mentions ‘a special channel US embassies use for very sensitive information’ which WikiLeaks has not had access to."

I had seen the substance of it before but never put quite so clearly. I believe it, as you no doubt have gathered from my posts and comments...


Syria Truth Stands by Article, Calls Daniel Domscheit-Berg Liar?, and Will Release Emails



Syria Truth said that it would release the email(s) "tomorrow evening." That would have been the evening of the 23rd, December, 2010. Well, it's now December 24th, and I don't see anything on their site in the way of any such email(s). Perhaps I'm just missing it. If it's there and someone can provide the link, I'd appreciate it. Just leave the link in a comment. Thanks.

Otherwise, is this standard operating procedure for this site to be so shoddy? This is perhaps the only article that has ever put them on the "Western" map, even though it's not been much. You'd think they'd be extra diligent about putting the emails out there.

Julian Assange Is Not Mossad, Promises to Release 3,700 Cables Dealing With Israel


Julian Assange: Proven Zionist, Israeli, Mossad Agent? Prove It.

Of course, if they do, they better include all the headers. We need to see the servers that were involved. It's that important to global peace and justice.

In my update yesterday (UPDATE 4) of my article, "December 14, 2010 Steps: Daniel Domscheit-Berg (OpenLeaks) Bribery Allegations Against Julian Assange (WikiLeaks)," I wrote, "Will Syria Truth now "stand by it's article" and thereby call Daniel Domscheit-Berg a liar? Will they reveal as much as possible supporting such a claim?"

Well that's exactly their position:

    In the meantime, and as a result of noise generated by the media report the "truth" referred to, perhaps under pressure, hurried Domokht Daniel Berg to issue a statement denying that he made a speech to a colleague Leah Abramowitz. It is strange that he kept silent for more than two weeks about what appeared in the international media about his speech for "the truth", which was rejected during the two weeks, several times, the answer to questions regarding the statement of a fellow Abramovich and extended to him by means of numerous media, Israeli and other foreign. But it suddenly decided to repudiate his statement! Which will pay the "truth" to the publication of the mirror image of one of his letters to fellow Abramovich tomorrow evening includes the above and told her earlier this month.

That's the final paragraph of an article on Syria Truth about it...


It is important. The truth or falseness of the allegations that Julian Assange is a Zionist/Mossad agent who took bribes to suppress information damning to Israel is no small matter. Millions of people base their views on everything-WikiLeaks based upon this one unsubstantiated claim.

See for instance the following two instrumental posts:

Wikileaks: A Big Dangerous US Government Con Job, by F. William Engdahl, which was followed up with this: Who is Behind Wikileaks?, by Michel Chossudovsky

Those two don't use Gordon Duff's material, but the same people echoing Gordon are now echoing F. William Engdahl and Michel Chossudovsky on it.

I have agreed with all three of them on other matters before; but on this, not one of them is providing even slightly more than connecting dots where all their perceived connections can be easily explained by other possibilities. Assange is guilty until proven innocent here and these guys (except Gordon Duff flips back and forth) aren't even making clear that it's all circumstantial and unsubstantiated.

As I posed in an earlier post, I suspected then and before it that cables to and from Israel are not batched in with the rest. We all know the "special" treatment Israel and the Zionists receive from the U.S. Why should it be any different with the State Department cables? Zionists in the State Department would raise all sorts of red flags in the U.S. State Department and Israel's government if cables regarding Israel were plastered out there for some 2 to 3 million people in the U.S. government/military to read. It just would not be true to form at all that the Zionists would have stood for that.


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