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Daily Summary - Vatic Project - February 5-6, 2011
** Due to increased harrassment by the powers that be we will be skipping sunday daily summaries.  They are wearing me out.  I need a day off so I took it yesterday and it made a huge difference for me, so hopefully you will bear with me as we adjust to their increased efforts to undermine the net and flow of information.   We all must be messing up their plans so stay tuned. 
Vatic Note:     UPDATE  on Australia's Cyclone and flooding.  Just read that Australia will indeed be without food this next harvest season due to the unprecedented rains and storms.  Have not heard from my contacts directly involved in the cyclone since Feb 2.   Waiting till they get back on line.


Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Feb 5-6, 2011

I.  Post:          Huge Coronal Hole on the Sun, turning towards Earth..... 2-5-11 
Vatic Note:   Just keep in mind we have a super secret top high tech military weapon floating around up there as well. Rumor is it’s a top of the line one of a kind laser, which would match that kind of hole if used to make it. Just a reminder. One never knows with these people what is real and what is not. It could also be exactly what they say it is, but since I do not trust NASA it would be great if an independent scientist confirmed what we are reading here.  There are two related articles and both are real news at least to me who is not a scientist even though it is a hobby interest of mine, especially cosmic issues.  We have had this happen before and it did not last 2 or 3 thousand years...... I am somewhat suspicious of that contention but then I do not know.   Acheological records do not support that length of time  of  horror, although  they do support "some" amount of time.  Read it and watch the videos and decide for yourselves.  Jesse Ventura does a good job in finding experts and science explanations are very good.  However, once again, remember, use discernment since we already have had scientists lie to us for profit and gain.  Its good to listen to this one.....by Jesse because he interviews scientists who expose an unknown fact NASA told us about it late.  Click link above for remainder of article

II.  Post               
Zeitgeist Moving Forward - 2-6-11   

Vatic Note:     The best part is the beginning and after that it gets into globalizing without dealing with the globalists that have already created the mess we are in.  So I quit after a few minutes of that stuff.  Ant colonies, no middle class, survival as the only consideration and not quality of life...etc.  However,  Zeitgeist series is a fascinating series that makes you really "think", No matter what parts you agree with or disagree with, you must take the time to think about it before deciding and that is rare these days in productions and movies.   What this film did that disappointed me was treat the subject on a superficial level.  It made many assumptions about markets and how they work, WITHOUT DISCUSSING who controlled it and made those decisions.  Instead they make the leap that its inherent in the system instead of inherent in those that control the system.  That is why I liked the film, it makes us think about what is the real problem and what is it we need to do about fixing it and what alternatives do we have in lieu of what we have alway had.  I believe privatizing is part of the problem especially since the creation of the Federal Reserve.   Prior to that our economics was based on the more conservative idea of quality, responsible purchasing, little or no debt.  WHEN THAT WAS THE CASE WE DID VERY WELL WITH way less highs and lows in the condition of the nations health.

Paying cash for what we wanted, and savings was encouraged and promoted.  What is the difference?  The difference is the FEDERAL RESERVE and wall street brokerage houses that manipulated what we had available rather than the market determining.  Manipulation is the by word and the key to how we got here.   We have to change it.   The good thing this film does is highlight all these issues and gets us thinking and talking about it whether we agree with some parts and disagree on others, its getting us discussing how to fix it and change our paradigm.  Corporations, businesses also have to have civic responsibility as well as social responsibility and environmental responsibility.  Now can that happen???  Not with the the Cabal and families of the illuminati who intentionally set this all up just for the purpose of making the human race into a slave work force with them in total control.  As long as that is the case, it will never change.   WE HAVE TO FORCE THE CHANGE.  These people speaking on this recommends change that would result in a socialist economic system and that is as bad under these same cretins as the free market system.  ANY SYSTEM WILL NOT WORK IF THE SAME PEOPLE CONTROL IT ALL and that was the case in Russia and is the case in China, so that is out.... for sure.    No, we have to think outside the box.  Listening to this its no different than what is being proposed by the NWO advocates.   Control, manipulation, and absolutely no freedom.    Here is what they recommend, " A GLOBAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT" system, and yet, they don't mention most of the land in Africa has moved into the hands of the wealthy.  No mention of their control of those that would build the wind farms,  etc. etc. etc.  NO MENTION THAT 1% OF THE GLOBAL POPULATION NOW HAS 50% OF THE GLOBES WEALTH.  It also doees not mention that we lost our manufacturing because the companies moved to child slave labor countries and we did not boycott their products.  That is what we have to do.    Amazing,  but the outline of the problems of this video is excellent, but their recommendations simply leaves this into the hands of the same people.... crooked scientists,  sold out economist,  bankers, and corporations..... etc.  No way.  Click on link above to read rest of article.

III.                     All is not What is Seems in Egyptian Clashes 2-5-11

Vatic Note:  This will come as no surprise to Vatic Readers. On one of our blogs about this issue we stated that if the powers that be wanted to crush this rebellion they could easily have done so with very little cost to them. So I asked 'Why have they not crushed it?" Two speculations were; 1. The powers that be were using this as an excuse to disappear into their underground facilities for some cosmic reason, such as nibiru is here or coming, polar shifts getting ready to occur, and 2. It was a trial run for pretending to rid the country of an elite bad guy, only to replace him with an elite controlled good guy, who would serve his masters while also fooling the people. I mentioned that this was a ploy to overthrow governments so the khazar bankers could fully take them over. Remember, studies by the various mass psych groups hav e shown that its far less expensive to manage a large group of slaves IF THEY BELIEVE THEY ARE FREE, even if they are not,  than to have them KNOW THEY ARE SLAVES and end up costing much more to control and keep down.   However, this is a mix of reasons. I based my speculation on surrounding facts and written plans that were almost 100 years old, and on the past 10 years and recent renewal of the Patriot Act that they were not going to renew, remember???? But this one is even better since he has facts that lead us to believing that in fact, the elite khazars are indeed in control of the opposition that created this revolution. We still don't know "why"? Notice the "Economist" is making remarks about this and guess who owns the economist??? ROTHSCHILD. So now we know the rest of the story. Click on title above to read more.
                                     Khazar Rothschild/Rockefeller Bankers ATTEMPTING an "ECONOMIC HIT" on the USA  2-6-11
 Vatic Note: The objective of the article is to show where all this spending and throwing money around  and wars, and bails outs are really all about,  which is the stealing of the assets of the American people as a nation once shoved into insolvency INTENTIONALLY.  And to show how its being done exactly the same way as these "same" Goldman sachs rothschild vampires did to third world nations, leaving them worse than third world if that was even possible.  Its the agenda for us now that all that practice is completed and ready for us in the big time.  The war games are over and the real McCoy is about to begin.  I can't imagine what the bonuses will be  if these cretins pull this one off.  Probably in the trillions.  It all began when I ran across an article on the Intel Hub that grabbed my memory of a similar scenario sometime back, showing  how the IMF got third world countries into serious debt for whatever promised growth they would experience from it, and the experts for the IMF hired to do this, were from "GOLDMAN SACHS" which were SUMMERS AND GEITHNER. Ring a bell??? Remember Argentina?  Remember Indonesia screaming bloody murder about this?   What they did was "exactly" the same as  Bernanke and Geithner are trying to do to us right now and have been since taking office, which is raise the debt ceiling, obtain more and more debt to meet obligations that the bankers encouraged us to take on.  To increase that debt requires massive spending.  Its been difficult to extract all the wealth this nation has..... that we, our forefathers and all Americans have built over all these past 250 years.   Click on link above to read more.
V.                                      Mossad Losing its Reputation of Invincibility

Vatic Note:   I find this very interesting.  Remember we and Israel are suppose to be the new German nazi's, and Italian corporatists under Mussolini and we are both slated to be hated and reviled and thus the entire world now, through the work of the Rothschild bankers are set to aid in bringing us down to the same condition Germany and Italy faced after WW II.  Occupied and begging for food with foreign military bases all over the country.  Remember the allies,  Britain and the US bombed UNARMED CIVILIANS IN DRESDEN to the tune of killing 500,000 civilians that one week, pregnant women, children and seriously old people.  Both sides will be funded by the bankers just like Hilter and Mussolini were.  NOTICE WITHIN THIS ARTICLE WHO SUPPLIED MOSSAD WITH THE FAKE PASSPORTS AND CREDIT CARDS FOR THE ASSASSINATION OF THE HAMAS LEADER IN DUBAI???  The AMERICAN "PRIVATE" FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS. Can you say Goldman Sachs???  Since when did the internation bankers get authority to act on behalf of one nation against another especially when the nation the bankers are from are not enemies of those that were murdered???? THIS SUMS UP WHO THE REAL ENEMY OF THIS NATION AND THE GLOBE really is. Who promotes all this chaos, drama, destruction, attack on human life,  food, water, air, and religion.  Its now clear as a bell.  Its the Khazars hiding behind the Jewish people in their name.   

Please visit the site dates of 2/5/11 and 2/6/11 for the rest of the articles.  Sorry, but I did not want to eat up all your bandwidth sending them all at once.  Thanks

I AM AMERICA - Kristan Branch  -  Click on link and scroll down to the first video.  ITS WELL WORTH IT.  Music tells us who we are.

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