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Probably leak...

That's why Germany was forced to give snizrael submarines ! you betcha ! they'll sink every thing in the water this time...there will be no one seeing shit coming ! and then if they do get caught/blamed so will Germany for giving them the gun and bullets. Considering what the Germans really think of Israel, they probably gave the Israelis a fleet of Hitler's old WWII U-boats -- probably sink to the bottom the first time a torpedo is fired... Surprised  If the Arabs have any brains left afterwards...Won't matter, they'll be so busy goin' apesh*t -- teeth, hair & eyeballs everywhere... Undecided  they better point their swords at the elites and tptblow's heads and off with them ALL for financing this bullshit. paint the vactican and city of london red with their blood. Then the God damned rothscum will have every right to be known as the shield of red in actuality. they've earned every pixel of red !   Yeah, they may decide that letting them flood into Europe for a little Multiculturalism wasn't such a good idea after all... Yell


I really don't think the Israelis will make that mistake again, but I sure wouldn't put a false flag attack past Obama & then blame it on Israel because we all know how he feels about Israel...and he knows he'd get away with it & the whole world would believe it. I'm not so sure that will fly these days any more, not with the interNET, Not with all of us watching.  Are you kidding? All they have to do is mention the word Mossad and it wouldn't matter what happened...   This ain't the 1940's....OR the 1960's, but even with the Internet today, people are dumber than ever...  Even that bullshit vid of a ufo didn't fly with the Arabs,...that's because they deny ANYTHING that comes out of Israel...but the Timing was a little Fishy...gearing everyone up for the big Alien Invasion...?   if it was real that would have and would be all you would hear about any where and every where on the net/Main Shit Media, EVERY ONE would be talking about nothing else BUT that !...well, they're still waiting for Scotty to come Beam 'em Up before TSHTF...but they don't wanna jump the gun.  Timing is Everything ya know... Cry



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So EXACTLY how does SHIT for Politics Work when it comes to these A-Hole Banksters? Like this.......... *LINK*
I'm wondering when Americans are going to hit the streets ?? must be too stupid and fat... till the food runs out next
If anyone thinks I'm being too harsh
Too many people waiting on Ron Paul to save the day...
Yeah right...like waiting for Santa Claus and the easter bunny
At least THEY delivered...
At least Germany delivered to snizrael submarines instead of planes this time...
Probably leak...
People still diggin' out from the snow & yeah it's StuporBowl Time. TPTB control it all...
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