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At least THEY delivered...

Since the U.S. always starts OUR wars with SHIPS and we're sending ships over there now, they may pull a false flag or just lie like LBJ about that ship being fired on in the Gulf of Tonkin to escalate the war in Vietnam.  Whatever happens, if anything, we won't be told the truth.  I sometimes wonder how much people really care.  Just pour out that syrup of love & if ya throw on a few feathers we can flap our wings & float to a higher vibrational level...or maybe the ETs will come & save the day.LOLOLOLOLOL please don't make me laugh when I'm pissed , ya mean like that obviously fake POS ufo over the temple mount ? the one that some F'n idiots are claiming removed a nuke from there LOLOLOLOL..More like the Benedictoid in his levitating Popemobile trying to steal the Ark of the Covenant... :D we've been so brainwashed it's pathetic.  If any violence ever breaks out over here, people will probably think it's a holiday. ya it will be a holiday alright.....21st century American Kristallnacht for the new snizraeli attack they if our ships are hit again ie USS Liberty because if our ships are hit again IT WILL BE NO OTHER THAN AN ATTACK BY THE JEWS AGAIN !  Since LBJ ordered the Israelis to send the USS Liberty to the bottom of the sea hoping it would involve us in the Israeli-Egyptian war that was going on, I would hope that today the Israelis would have enough sense to tell Obama to blow up his own ship or stick it where the sun don't shine, because it would give Obama all the excuse he would need for the U.S. to fire on Israel.  I really don't think the Israelis will make that mistake again, but I sure wouldn't put a false flag attack past Obama & then blame it on Israel because we all know how he feels about Israel...and he knows he'd get away with it & the whole world would believe it.

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So EXACTLY how does SHIT for Politics Work when it comes to these A-Hole Banksters? Like this.......... *LINK*
I'm wondering when Americans are going to hit the streets ?? must be too stupid and fat... till the food runs out next
If anyone thinks I'm being too harsh
Too many people waiting on Ron Paul to save the day...
Yeah right...like waiting for Santa Claus and the easter bunny
At least THEY delivered...
At least Germany delivered to snizrael submarines instead of planes this time...
Probably leak...
People still diggin' out from the snow & yeah it's StuporBowl Time. TPTB control it all...
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