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If anyone thinks I'm being too harsh

one more Question for ALL of the supporters and writers
Why are they not Jumping on our hypocritical POS gooberment ie omamba who is speaking out his ass about abiding by CONSTITUTION in Egypt but yet this POS gooberment is trashing ours ????????????????????????????????????????????

Or haven't any of you noticed that our POS gooberment does NOT obey our Constitution called a G'Damn piece of paper by the traitor before omamba, bush, or have you all forgotten ....where is omamba's birth certificate ????? Or the new group of neo-con victs as repukes now in congress ? Did they listen to us say...NO Omamba death/heath care ??? how about the time we said NO to th banker bailouts actualy it is more like bribery of the wall street THIEVES and federal reserve thieves   
will these patriot groups sell us out too ????????????

Is the US military being sent to Egypt to shoot on the protesters because Egyptian soldiers won't ???

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So EXACTLY how does SHIT for Politics Work when it comes to these A-Hole Banksters? Like this.......... *LINK*
I'm wondering when Americans are going to hit the streets ?? must be too stupid and fat... till the food runs out next
If anyone thinks I'm being too harsh
Too many people waiting on Ron Paul to save the day...
Yeah waiting for Santa Claus and the easter bunny
At least THEY delivered...
At least Germany delivered to snizrael submarines instead of planes this time...
Probably leak...
People still diggin' out from the snow & yeah it's StuporBowl Time. TPTB control it all...
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