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I'm wondering when Americans are going to hit the streets ?? must be too stupid and fat... till the food runs out next

I'm wonder if the UN hypocritic Ban Ki Moon and omamba will say the same thing when the corruption protests start in America ? Yeah I also understand it will take American's food being stripped away first before they get off their fat lazy asses to protest.

But while watch the Egyptian protest against corruption taking place I was listening to ban ki moon demanding that the egyptian government listen to the people's arguments and to make the transitions of power peaceful and quickly. Then hearing omamba basicly saying the same thing.


When Americans start down this road...will the same words be heeded ????

 Oh and before any of these criminals are arrested and tried the elites/tptblow will must be taken down. and guess where that MUST happen First ! cuz they are the ones financing all of this MASS MURDERING around the world from borrowed money/credit from the chinese oooppppps rothscum bags.... hmmmm can you figure out who(s) needed to be protested against and demanded to resign so they can ALL face trial for TREASON yet ?.....

ahhh sorry you are too  busy watching the brain dead waste of time super blow.

Hope your enjoying your final meals......

"... To summarize, U.S. aid to Egypt has been the lifeblood of the dictatorship and the ruling party associated with it, while leading opposition figures have no interests in confronting these powerful interests, only removing their current figurehead. ..."



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So EXACTLY how does SHIT for Politics Work when it comes to these A-Hole Banksters? Like this.......... *LINK*
I'm wondering when Americans are going to hit the streets ?? must be too stupid and fat... till the food runs out next
If anyone thinks I'm being too harsh
Too many people waiting on Ron Paul to save the day...
Yeah right...like waiting for Santa Claus and the easter bunny
At least THEY delivered...
At least Germany delivered to snizrael submarines instead of planes this time...
Probably leak...
People still diggin' out from the snow & yeah it's StuporBowl Time. TPTB control it all...
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