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Chinese Envoy: "We Admire Israel" (and their knowledge & technology :D)...AND Chinese Want to Invest in Israel...(Now that the U.S. is going to throw Israel under the bus)... *PIC*

The Chinese also love AFRICA, same as Blackwater/Xe (USA & Vatican), Russia, Germany, Great Britain, South American drug cartels, et al...AND Israel is a landbridge to three continents (Europe, Asia & Africa) -- a very wise investment for a budding Empire...and of course the Chinese will need to jump on board with or tippy-toe around the Men in Black wearing backward collars who control the "holy sites" in Jerusalem...

Chinese Money Seeking Israeli Technology

Israel has knowledge, technology; China has funds. Jay Young, an investor specializing in locating Israeli business opportunities for Chinese market, explains why two countries work together so well and how to overcome cultural barriers...

Chinese Envoy: We Admire Israel


After three years as China's ambassador to Israel, Zhao Jun is in love. 'You have created miracles for 62 years,' he says. In Yedioth Ahronoth interview, he talks about warm relations between two countries, his government's ties with Iran...

Didn't you have any prejudice against Israel?

"When the supervisor informed me that there was an available position for an ambassador to Israel, I immediately said yes. He said, 'Think about it for one night; consult your family.' I told him there was no need. I am interested in the position. Like others, I thought it was a country constantly in a state of war.

"When I arrived here I discovered a wonderful country. What captured my heart was the residents' friendly attitude. The friendship between Israel and the Chinese people has been going on for over 1,000 years, including during the Holocaust when Jewish refugees were given shelter in China although China was in dire straits, under a Japanese attack."



Confucius Say:  Some on Landbridge to Three Continents while others still on Bridge to Nowhere...

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