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What in the world are they spraying?

AN EMAIL from LifeWalker777

This is the first documentary I've seen about chem trails that presents scientific data about
aluminum concentrations in soil.  The makers of film teamed up with radio and film producer Dr. Ed Griffin

to set aside for now, other aspects of chem trail program, and focus on sprayed aluminum in atmosphere and its buildup in soil. 

Soil scientists are interviewed showing soil ph has been altered by chemtrails and is killing soils.

The silence and ignorance around 'geo-engineering' is displayed by interviews with congresspersons.
The conspiracy fact about chemtrails is highlighted by Monsanto having patents on crops that
are aluminum resistant
.  (Bill Gates recently bought 500,000 shares of Monsanto, indicating his support
and hope Monsanto succeeds and also has Monsanto on his  Gates Foundation board) 

This is not the future, this is happening now.  The soil is being altered now,
everywhere, croplands, national parks, forests, so Monsanto can control all food.  (The aluminum component
of chemtrails is just one aspect of the spraying program)

I suggest getting a soil analysis for aluminum and barium concentrations if you own property.

This video is a must see and all elected representatives
should be contacted and asked, "What is your position on soil aluminum buildups due to chemtrails?"
The scientific evidence makes the conspiracy-theory-label moot.  I found the impacts on Hawaii shocking.
here are links to the video...
Ray Songtree

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