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'OpenLeaks' -- The New Cherry-Picker Married to Director Government Relations at Microsoft Germany *PIC*

Strange how THEY have "Confirmed" that WikiLeaks is a Gov't Disinfo Op & Julian Assange is a useful idiot -- isn't everything & everyone to one degree or another?...but I'll be sure to hang onto every word of 'OpenLeaks' since it will be Leaked from the Heart of Germany probably diverted from the Bowels of Rome, rabidly anti-Israel & dripping with Jew-Hate.  Personally I don't think WikiLeaks has revealed anything most thinking people didn't already know or suspect and is LAME & TAME compared to the mountain of information that Assange probably could have disclosed about Israel, the U.S. & many others, but it's 'OpenLeaks' that promises to be the real Destroyer with Extreme Prejudice.  I can hardly wait for the 'Confirmed Truth' to come gushing forth as to be presented by Daniel Domscheit-Berg (previously known under the pseudonym Daniel Schmitt), 'married to Anke Domscheit-Berg, Director Government Relations at Microsoft Germany in Berlin' (see 2nd article below)...Since Julian Assange has apparently been on the run for a good part of his life from some freaky Ratline/Nazi/CIA/MK-Ultra Mind Control Cult whose base foundation & operation is the raping of little childrens' minds & bodies, it could possibly explain what this Daniel Domscheit-Berg refers to as Assange's "slave driving siege mentality and authoritarian style" -- WikiLeaks Payback Time???  Should be interesting to see what the Domscheit-Berg's own "slave driving siege mentality" conjures up for 'OpenLeaks' in an attempt to offset & neutralize Assange's WikiLeaks  -- 'cause it's time to circle the wagons in defense of the baby-raping, mind-shattering Mother-Cult with its own unique brand of seductive little shamanistic droppings it calls "love, wisdom, discernment & ascension" -- a sort of New Age mystical farce, bridging your mind to your arse...

Confirmed: Wikileaks is Government Disinfo Operation
Kurt Nimmo
It is now obvious Wikileaks is an intelligence operation and its frontman Julian Assange is a useful idiot...



Daniel Domscheit-Berg (previously known under the pseudonym Daniel Schmitt) is married to Anke Domscheit-Berg of Microsoft Germany, according to the New York Times?  Are they Jewish?



*Daniel Schmitt, who has revealed that his true name is Daniel Domscheit-Berg, says WikiLeaks has a structural problem. “I no longer want to take responsibility for it,” he says.

*Daniel Schmitt — the 32-year-old German ex-spokesman for WikiLeaks who is also the organization’s best-known personality after Julian Assange.

*Assange himself says that Daniel Domscheit-Berg questioned his power and wanted to take over leadership of WikiLeaks.

*Domscheit-Berg has written a tell-all book about his experiences with WikiLeaks, titled “Inside WikiLeaks,” which will be published in German by the Berlin-based publisher Econ Verlag in January 2011. A spokeswoman for the publisher told SPIEGEL ONLINE that there were no immediate plans to publish an English version, but that it was “entirely possible” that the book might be translated.

*After not getting more control of WikiLeaks Daniel Domscheit-Berg jumped ship and started his own website [OpenLeaks] and then came the allegation of disloyalty to the project.

*“OpenLeaks is a technology project that is aiming to be a service provider for third parties that want to be able to accept material from anonymous sources,” Domscheit-Berg said.

* Domscheit-Berg, who during his time with WikiLeaks often went under the pseudonym Daniel Schmitt, said he quit the project after falling out with Assange , I think that’s where we’ve not been heading in the same direction philosophically anymore,” he said in the documentary.
Daniel Domscheit-Berg Bio


Daniel Domscheit-Berg

A new Cherry-Picker comin' to town...?  Undecided

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